Buying Cars

Josie was shopping for a car. She was lying on her back in a used car-yard, underneath an SUV, looking up at the underneath of it. She was trying to do in a way that gave the impression she knew what she was doing, and shouldn’t be trifled with or ripped off. She hoped that lying down there, peering, would do that.

She was looking too. She knew enough to look for rust and fresh welding marks on the vehicle’s frame, and to check the engine didn’t make smoke, but that was about all.

The asphalt underneath her was warm and scratchy on her back, and there was a fair bit of traffic noise from the main road outside the yard. It was actually quite relaxing, lying there on her own, thinking about cars.

She was peering past dirt and oil and deciding the car she was looking at seemed good, when someone cleared their throat beside her.

“I’m fine,” Josie called, and then looked sideways.

She saw shoes. She saw fabulously high, strappy, flattering, bright red open-toe shoes.

Josie might be wearing jeans and a tank top and be lying underneath a car, but she liked shoes enough to be completely impressed.

To be impressed, and slightly smitten as well, just from the shoes.

She saw legs too, rather nice legs, or ankles and calves at least, before they disappeared out of sight behind the car above her. She saw toenails that perfectly complemented the shoes, a slightly darker shade of the same red which actually managed not to clash. That impressed her. Whoever was standing there, she’d either thought about nail polish and her wardrobe a few days ahead, or she redid her nails every day. Either way, it was fairly committed, and fairly tricky to pull off, and she had.

Josie liked that she had. She had a crush on the nails as well as the shoes.

She lay there, and looked, and was quite glad to be able to admire for a moment, with whoever was standing there unable to see her stare. She was pretty much assuming this was unrequited looking, and that the woman beside her wouldn’t be interested. Josie just assumed because she was pessimistic and assumed things like that.

It was nice to look, though.

“Hi,” the woman in the shoes said.

Josie had to assume she was one of the car-yard sales staff or she wouldn’t be bothering Josie.

“Hold on,” Josie said, and started to slide out from under the car.

She moved a little, to make it obvious that she was, and then stopped. The owner of the shoes was standing beside Josie’s legs, on the side of the car Josie was sliding towards. Josie expected her to move.

She didn’t.

After a moment, Josie kept sliding, and the woman with the shoes still just stood there.

She stood there while Josie slid out from under the car next to her feet.

Josie couldn’t help herself. She looked upwards.

The shoes were fabulous and the legs were nice as well. The legs ended in a fairly short skirt, and a suit, and a saleswoman. Josie was a sucker for a woman in a suit.

Josie lay on her back, and looked upwards, and the woman in the shoes just stood there and looked back at her.

She stood there, and Josie had to assume that was on purpose. No-one in a skirt that short, with someone lying on the ground next to her feet, could possibly not realise how much she was on display.

The saleswoman stood there, on display, so Josie looked.

Wonderful shoes. Wonderful legs. Also underwear that matched the shoes and the toes. Josie had never thought of matching her clothes in quite that way, and was rather impressed.

Josie looked up. “Hi,” she said, after a moment.

The saleswoman grinned. “Hi. I’m Felicity. Are you interested?”

“In the car?”

A pause. A significant pause. “Yep.”

“I think so.”

Felicity nodded, and kept looking at Josie. After a moment she glanced around, very casually. She glanced around, and then she moved her foot.

Further apart. So more of her was showing. So it was very obvious how carefully she’d matched her outfit.

Josie actually started to blush. Felicity was far more direct than Josie had ever met before, and it was a little unsettling.

Josie could feel herself going red, and suddenly thought that she matched Felicity’s shoes too. Which was good, when she was lying next to them. Thinking that, she wanted to laugh, but it was only nervousness, so she made herself not.

Felicity kept looking at her.

“So,” Felicity said. “You like the car. Too.”

“Too?” Josie said. Her mouth was dry.

“Yeah,” Felicity said. She moved her foot again, sliding one toe on the ground. “Too. You like the car too.”

Josie swallowed and nodded.

“Want to come,” Felicity said. “On a test drive?”

Josie looked up at her. She couldn’t quite believe how obvious Felicity was being. It was completely obvious. There was an obvious pause and a very odd, very obvious emphasis on the word come. She had to mean what Josie thought she meant. It couldn’t be anything else.

So Josie nodded.

“Come on,” Felicity said. “I’ll take you.”

Josie blushed again, bright red, feeling a little helpless, in the face of such determined bad puns.

This time, though, Felicity suddenly grinned. Grinned as if she’d been holding it back while made her awful jokes and had suddenly lost control of her smile.

“What?” she said. “Too much?”

Josie shook her head.

Felicity held out her hand, and said, “Come on,” and Josie almost took it. Then she changed her mind.

“Dirt,” she said, thinking that, but also the shoes, because she didn’t know how well Felicity was balanced, and whether she might somehow pull her over by mistake.

She stood up on her own instead, and Felicity held out the car’s keys.

“Don’t you want to see my licence or something?” Josie said.

“It’s quiet. I’ll just come with you.”

Josie looked at her for a while. “You’ll come with me,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure I will,” Felicity said. “I plan to.”


“Unless you don’t want me to,” Felicity said, still looking at Josie, and not quite grinning. “Unless you’d rather come on your own.”

“No,” Josie said. “I want you to come with me.”

She had trouble not laughing as she said it. Felicity’s lip twitched, and then Josie did laugh. “Sorry,” she said.

“Yeah, it was going so well until then.”

“I can’t believe…” Josie said.

“Worked on you.”

Josie had to admit that was true.

“So do you want to?” Felicity said. “Come with me?”

“Stop it,” Josie said. “I said yes.”

Felicity grinned, and handed Josie the keys, and went and got in the passenger side of the car.

They drove. Josie just drove, and didn’t bother trying to decide if she liked the car. She was fairly sure it didn’t matter right now. She opened her window because the smell of air freshener was fairly strong, and she fiddled with the air conditioning because the car was a little warm after sitting in the sun all morning.

“Down there,” Felicity said, after a few minutes, and then, “Turn here.”

A sports field, empty at this time of day. A block of changing rooms with a row of car parks in front of it that would help hide them a little.

Josie understood. She thought she understood. She drove to the end of the parking spaces and turned around, so they were looking back the way that anyone about to interrupt them would appear.

She switched off the engine, and they sat there for a moment.

“Is this where you ask if there’s anything you can do to help me decide to buy the car?” Josie said.

Felicity shook her head. “You’re going to buy the car.”

“Am I?”

“Do you care? I mean, more than you’d already bothered looking at?”

“Not especially.”

“Want a warranty?”

Josie shrugged. “Sure.”

“There you go, done.”

Josie looked at her for a moment. “So what is this?”


“Oh,” Josie said.

“What,” Felicity said, and seemed a bit surprised. “You didn’t think…?”

Josie suddenly realized how wrong this could go, if she said the wrong thing. “Of course not,” she said quickly. “God, no. I just… wasn’t sure you’d want to at work. Rather than meeting up later.”

“Now’s fine. Now’s good.”

Josie nodded slowly. “Yay.”

“Yay indeed. So…?”

Josie leaned over kissed her. It was fairly obvious that she was meant to. She kissed, and put her hand on Felicity’s arm, and started thinking about legs and skirts and matching underwear.

Then she started thinking about dirty hands.

“Shit,” she said. “I’m all dirty.”

“Yep,” Felicity said, and pointed out the side window.

The changing rooms, Josie realized. There were public toilets there.

“You think of everything,” Josie said, impressed.

Felicity grinned. “I know.”

“Just one second,” Josie said. “Please don’t go anywhere.”

Felicity shook her head. “I won’t.”

“Don’t,” Josie said, and kissed her again, and then dashed into the bathroom and washed her hands carefully.

She came back out, and got into the car, and Felicity seemed to have just been sitting there, looking out the window, thinking while she waited.

She went right back to kissing as if Josie hadn’t disappeared. She was practical, Josie thought. She liked that.

They kissed, and then Josie started stroking Felicity’s legs. Sliding her hands up them. Usually she’d have taken more time, and been slower, and enjoyed the rest of Felicity. Usually she wouldn’t have been so hurried, but this was near-anonymous quickie sex in a public park in a car that smelled like air freshener, so it didn’t really seem worth taking her time.

“Is just hands okay?” Josie whispered, as she kissed Felicity, and Felicity nodded and murmured a yes. It was just easier that way, Josie thought, with someone she didn’t know, while risking being caught.

Josie reached up Felicity’s skirt, and pulled at her underwear, and slid fingers inside her. Felicity was wet, and sighing, and her hands were on Josie, undoing Josie’s jeans, pressing and sliding in the exactly same way.

Josie liked this. She liked Felicity, and how direct she was about this. It was quick and emotionless but it was somehow friendly too. Because of the actually liking, Josie thought.

Josie came first, and kept rubbing for a moment, but she wanted to go down on Felicity. Even though she’d said only hands.

She hesitated, and glanced around, and decided they were alone.

She pushed Felicity back in the seat, and slid up her skirt and leaned over and bent down.

“You said hands,” Felicity said, but she didn’t seem to care. She moved her knee, and put her hand on Josie’s shoulder, and as Josie licked her, she said something that might have been thank you

Felicity tasted nice. Josie liked giving head after she’d already come, just tasting other people and feeling them in her mouth and enjoying them without quite the same urgency. She went down on Felicity because of that, and also because the whole situation seemed a little wrong. That she was a customer, and it had happened like that, that bothered her slightly. It just seemed better if Josie went down and Felicity didn’t.

So Josie did.

And Felicity pressed back in her seat, and put one red shoe up on the dashboard, and twisted her hands into Josie’s hair, and sighed and gasped a little.

And came.

When she had, Josie sat back up, and sorted out her clothes. Felicity was doing the same. She smooth down her skirt with one hand, the one that hadn’t been in Josie, and then looked at her hands, thoughtfully. As if wanting to wipe it, quickly.

They were in a car, cleaned to sell. There were no tissues or anything else to use.

“Use me,” Josie said, and stretched out the side of her shirt towards Felicity.

Felicity grinned, but said, “Or we can go in there.”

The bathroom, Josie realized. Felicity really had thought. They got out together, and rinsed side by side, and that was actually kind of sweet.

“I guess I’m buying a car,” Josie said, as she washed her hands.


“So it’s good this is here. The bathroom.”

Felicity looked over at her, puzzled.

“I might’ve needed to wash my hands before I sign things…”

Felicity grinned. “I think of everything.”

“You do.”

Felicity shook her hands dry, and came over and kissed Josie again, and then said, “Come on, let’s go.”

“Hold on,” Josie said, and kissed her again, with the last taste of her still in her mouth. Kissed, and savoured it, fairly sure she’d never see Felicity again.

Just for a moment.

Then she went and bought a car.