New Non-Smut Daily-Writing Stuff on Wattpad

So real quick, and belatedly, because I forgot to say here, and then someone reminded me, and then I forgot again and someone else reminded me again… So anyways…

There’s three new mostly-daily-updating things on Wattpad, because I’m stuck with what I’m meant to be doing, so trying doing different and entirely new and several things at once to fix being blocked on Losing Everything and Love Letters, because that worked last time.  Sort of.

So anyways, the new things are…



(Epic fantasy, no smut, kind of religiousy only in the sense it’s, well, about the garden of Eden)

Ashlin dies, and then wakes up, very surprised that she has.

She remembers dying, remembers it precisely, and is completely certain that she did. She is equally certain that she hadn’t expected there to be anything else afterwards.

But yet, here something is.

She is somewhere. A place she doesn’t understand. A place whose very existence doesn’t quite make sense, and which is equal parts horrifying and magical, beautiful and cruel.

With very little other choice, she explores this new world, trying to find a place for herself in it.

Slowly, she begins to work out where she is, and what is happening around her, and what she needs to do to find peace.

Oh, spoilers, if you’re reading it over there… the city is built on top of the garden of eden! urban sprawl comes to paradise! ha!

This is here.


Fame (Except Not)

(Kind of gxg celebrity fanfic, just to try.)

I meet someone famous. And I lend her a dress.  And then she kisses me, and then things get really complicated.

This is here.


Adventures in Heroland

(Sort of epic fantasy-ish but also slightly silly)

Harriet Ironspike is a tax collector, but not the exciting kind. Not one of the highly-skilled operators of the Special Assessments Office with their ultra-light chainmail and automatic crossbows. Harriet is only an initial assessor, a form-filler, who has to call in the SAO when things became complicated or tricky. Which means that the SAO always get all the credit for the most interesting audits she does.

Harriet doesn’t mind that. She doesn’t mind her job. In fact, she actually quite likes it, even though working where she does is sometimes tricky. She is in the difficult in the northern province of Karmelt. Or Heroland, as everyone calls it.

Karmelt is in the northern marches, and is full of heroes. And bandits. And dragons. And orcish raiding parties. Which the all heroes fight endlessly. And that fighting is all very well, and like all the residents of Heroland, Harriet is glad someone does it, but it does create certain complicated issues around their taxes. Like irregular incomes and capital gains and deductible expenses for dragon hordes.

Any cash-based employment with haphazard accounting needs to be treated with a certain care by the tax authorities, and unfortunately, those tax authorities are Harriet.

Only Harriet.

For the whole province of Heroland.

And it isn’t just heroes she has to deal with, either. It’s heroes, and orcish mining corporations, and elvish agricultural collectives that everyone knows are growing illegal narcotics off in the woods, and worst of all, it is doing audits of dragons.

Harriet hates doing audits of dragons, but tax season is coming and she knows she is going to have to before the financial year is out.

And this one I’m pretty much writing from the blurb!

This is here.

Tiny Flash Fictions

I was just bored and blocked and tried this!  Um, stories as short as can possibly be…



Unlike Orpheus1, he did not look back.  It made no real difference.


Visiting the Fey

In the end, terribly hungry, knowing it is unwise, I eat a little of the food.  And although there must be an end to this story, as I sit here, chewing, I know I shall never know what it is.

Confessions in a Lifeboat

And then there were only two of us.  And in the end, hungry, I ate a little of the meat too.

Airship Cthulu FSM Action-Smut!

In truth, it makes no sense, not even to me, but this is the world we have now. There are gods. They are powerful. They feed on fear, and also, sometimes, on us.

We don’t know where they came from, or why they are here. Some say they awoke from the depths of the sea. Some say they fall from a star which passed by our own.

I do not know, none knows, and it does not really matter now.

They are here. And we fight as best we can. And without our savior and his pastary blessing we would be lost.

Lost, long before now.

But wait. I must explain. What I write makes no sense, and this journal will be worthless if I am not clear.

The dark gods came, and they are terrible. And we must defeat them to survive. And it is a sign of the madness of this world that the greatest power there is to stop them is in another god, a good god, but one who it is difficult to accept as real. For it is because of his unrealness that he has power. He is a god we made as a joke, to tease one another with, and which was never taken seriously, but he is also a god who has never been theirs. Who is entirely our own. And as it happens, that is what matters. That our pastary savior was never theirs.

Our pastary savior beings us goodness, and light, and so we hold his blessing close to us, and fight them with him in our hearts.

As I do now. As I am about to do now.

For I am what I am, a fighter for the world, exactly because I can believe as I do. Because I have my faith.

I have it now. I am standing on the bridge of my airship, hanging half out an open window, with a rope around my wrist, looking downwards at that horror which is beneath me, waiting for the right time to strike.

I stand there, feeling the goodness of my pastary god’s touch. I feel his noodley appendages embrace me, and smell the beautiful scents of the foods I know only by faith, by hope, but which I never did taste in the old world, the world now gone, foods such as cheese and olive oil and tomato. All foods that are lost to us now.

I feel his embrace, and I feel strong. I feel warm, and full.

I glance down, as we drift closer in the wind. I steer a little, and hope the wind will not change, and that the horror below will not notice me.

Then I realize what I am doing, and snap my mind away before my thoughts draw its attention, and all is lost.

I concentrate on my pastary lord. I concentrate on what I am feeling. Warm slithery touches inside my clothes. The scents of cheese and salt, and warm pasta in my mouth. I feel pasta slip between the buttons of my waistcoat, and beneath the hem of my skirt. I feel it slide its way up my legs, and inside my neckline, and within the cuffs of my sleeves. I feel pasta sliding against my skin, comforting me, caressing me. I feel it spreading my nether lips, caressing its silky oily way inside me. I shift my feet, to let him reach. I sigh, and feel his embrace. I feel pleasure. I concentrate on nothing but pleasure, and on the sheer joy of his touch.

My airship floats silently over the dark one, and as I near it’s centre, I near my climax too. And as I do, as I feel myself come close to orgasm, I reach out and tug on the rope. The rope I cannot think about, which connects through pulleys to a cradle which holds the weapon beneath the airship, and which, at my tug, drops the weapon loose below.

The weapon falls, and I still dare not think on it, and concentrate on the touch of pasta inside me.

I concentrate on that, and not on what is falling towards the horror below, even now, as my orgasm begins.

What is falling is holy blessed pasta. A large bowl of it, upended from beneath the airship. A bowl sanctified to his name, a blessed bowl, which is the only thing in the world which can defeat a horror such as this.

The pasta falls.

It lands.

It splatters across the horror. It drips and splashes and runs down its sides, and the horror feels his blessed pastary touch, and shrieks in pain, and writhes, churning up the sea.

I care not. I am lost in pleasure of my own. Lost in his holy noodely touch. I feel the culmination of my pleasure, and close my eyes in delight.

I concentrate on pleasure, because it is the only way my mind can resist the waves of horror emanating from the dying god. To be distracted, as I am, by the simple goodly pleasure of my orgasm.

I sigh, and moan, and feel his blessed slippery caress inside me, and feel pleasure, a wonderful pleasure, which goes on and on. By the time it is finished, by the time I pay attention to the world around me once again, the horror below me has died.

I sit down inside the airship, at the controls, with shaky hands and knees, and gasp for a moment for breath. Then I turn the airship back towards land, to collect another sacred weapon, so I may begin the search for another horror.

As I will, over and over, until all such monsters are gone.

There’s another one here, is why.  Um, kind of why :)  Also, this is like a one-year anniversary special! Oh my!

Lazy and Apples and April (Why I haven’t written anything in ages)

Oh, and also, I know I went quiet again, and it started because dramas, but now its mostly just the mid-autumn seasonal-affective-disorder too-much-apple-sugar April glug.

I hope.  I assume.

Um, back soon, anyways.

And April-apple-glug because i just realized it happened last year too, so maybe its just me.  Which is a bit alarming, but never mind.

But nows I must go and write a thing for the other one.  And if you don’t know there’s another one, um…  read this first, but there is :)

Weird SFF-Satire-Flash-Ranty-Preachy Story: Offering the World

This is a bit weird.  It’s not smut.  It’s also probably triggery and maybe offensive to religious people.  But I hope the good kind of offensive, like the offensive that hints at something which might be worth saying.  I hope anyway.

Um, if not, sorry.  Like actually really sorry.

But its SFF and fantasy, so no-one should be offended.

Or satire.  Maybe its satire.

I’m really not sure.

But anyways, here, have a weird flash-fic SFF story thing!


New BxG Story: Older Men

And also one for the, um… not-wattpad list…  so boys, basically.

Or, well… men.

Um, kind of older men…

Obviously.  From the title.

So I don’t really know why, except why not?  And maybe because rewatching old Sex and the City episodes, because all Big and Samantha’s hotel boss and all the suits and smugness and sophistication…  so all of that!

But anyways, its here!

And Two More Stories, both Wattpad-Safe :)

So it seems like it had been ages since there were actual new short stores, because yes the other thing, and novels, and whatever, so anyways, here are two more!

Emily and Megan hook up in a hotel gym,

and Caitlin and Alyssa do kinky with candle wax.

And yep, I keep thinking about sweatiness at the moment, and nope, I don’t know why.  Oh well.

And um, the second one is a bit bdsmy, but not horribly so.  As in, probably okay if you only read here and not the other.  So just candle wax, basically.

So there you go!


So I put some stuff on literotica, really just to see.  Mostly because someone else on another blog said about it and I remembered!  And yep, I should have ages ago, but its just that their sign-up page the first time I looked anxietied me a bit because its kind of nosey.  Yes, like about the obvious things which I’m a little uncomfortable answering.  Because labels.  Because too specific.

So anyways.  I looked again and realized oh wait, actually, those aren’t required questions.  So maybe I should.

And then, because I was thinking that, I did!

So stories are here.

But just to say, these are all old!  Like, older stuff that is already on here, or is free ebooks on Smashwords.  So please don’t get excited!  It’s just to have things up in different places is all.  So there’s no real reason to go running off there, and this is mostly just saying in case anyone is on there, and suddenly sees it, so you know that it isn’t new stuff.  And also, basically, what is on there is a bit disorganised at the moment, so a mix of stuff from here and the other one, and shorter and longer, because I’ve no real idea what people like to read there.  Although it seems kind of way kinkier than I usually am, so it probably doesn’t matter! But mostly just kind of randomly chosen.  And at the moment comments and anonymous talking to me and everything is off, because, um…  well… its me…  But votes are on, because ego.  But I might maybe turn off the voting if that gets weird.  Maybe.

So anyways, that’s all. Just to say.

And yes, this was kind of a weird post.  Like, hi this is an announcement that there’s nothing to announce.  That, basically.

But also, if you just got here from literotica, um, hi and thank you and welcome!  Because it seems like some of you are turning up!  So that’s really kind, and thank you, and just to say clearly, because everything here is completely disorganized because reasons, um, gxg is here, bxg is here, and confessional-bdsm-whatever is here.

And thank you to the people who are looking!

Here, have a free book, like a real one. Yes, this is a coupon.

Um, seriously, I’m bored and its sunday and you all just read ads, so why not!

This is a coupon.  For Debt Collectors War.  For Smashwords.

It has to be from Smashwords and it has to be for Debt Collectors War.  And it’s not my fault it it doesn’t work!  But it should.  And its only for a day, until midnight tomorrow night, California time, so 29 December 2014.

But if you would like to try some SF I wrote, then um, go here.  And put it in the checkout.  And then make an account or something, I suppose, if you haven’t before?  I’m not actually sure.

Anyways, get to the checkout, and then put in this code:


And Debt Collector’s War should be free.   Until 29 December 2014.  Which is tomorrow night.  But not after that!

So there you go!

So mostly this is because you’re all sweet, and read this website, and listen to me go on, and it’s hard to say thank you properly, so here, have this!  Which is kind of self-serving, but still a thank you!  And also because how the Amazon people were just getting told there’s stuff for them, so now other people can have stuff too!  And also because I never do this kind of promotey because the feeling dirty, but really, I should!  And I’m vaguely curious, too, because I think most of you are smut and romance people and probably won’t care!  Ha!

Anyways, that’s all :)