So partner is in the fairly shitty position of having a writer around the house who only does ebooks, and ebooks don’t have dedication pages.  And even if they did, there’d be no point, because I write smut, and partner doesn’t read smut.

So this needs to go here.

This is for all the books, and all the posts, and basically anything any good I’ll ever write in my whole life.

This is also completely personal, and isn’t meant to make sense to the rest of you.


Um.  Here goes.

Partner.  Dude.  I love you.

You were going to get some shitty poem about how I’m like ash that gets burned up by you and what’s left behind is better, but that didn’t really work out.  Maybe one day.

So instead, there’s this.

You’re you.  You’re perfect.  You’re everything to me.

You make my life worth living, and keep me who I ought to be, and you saved me.  You just fucking saved me, and you know exactly why.

You’re the bravest, strongest, smartest, most wonderful person I ever met, and I’m completely fucking in love with you.  Completely.

So just fucking thank you, dude.

And even though you don’t read these, they’re still for you, and anything good in them is about you, and because of you, and I just couldn’t without you.  I couldn’t.

Fuck, now I’m actually crying, you fuck.