Erin’s Anniversary

Lauren was late home. She unlocked the front door and pushed it open and saw candles. The hall was full of candles, scattered along either wall. Candles and rose petals on the floor. There was music playing in the lounge, drifting through the house. Something with violins she thought she recognized as one that Erin liked.

Lauren went inside, and put down her bag, and looked for Erin.

“Hey,” she called. “I’m home.”

“Up here,” Erin shouted, from upstairs.

There were candles up the stairs. There were rose petals leading into the bathroom. Erin was sitting in the bath, even though she hated baths. She didn’t see the point taking more time than a shower took to clean herself, or in washing once she was clean. She only got into baths for Lauren’s sake, when Lauren asked her too, and now she was sitting in a bath, waiting for Lauren to come home. There were rose petals floating in the water with her, and frothy bubbles too. Steam rose from the surface and filled the room and drifted out into the hall.

Lauren looked at her, and had no idea what to say. Her heart felt full. Her eyes stung a little from how intensely tender she felt towards Erin.

“Like it?” Erin said. “Ta-dah.”

“You,” Lauren said. “Shit. Just shit.”

Erin grinned, and looked pleased.

Lauren thought about the date, about what this might be for. After a while she said, “I forgot the anniversary, didn’t I?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Again,” she said. “Fuck.”

They’d been together six months. Erin had made a fuss at three, and Lauren hadn’t realized then either. That had been about three months ago.

“It’s fine,” Erin said.

“Shit,” Lauren said. “It’s not.”

“It’s really fine. It’s a six month anniversary. It’s not important. I just felt like doing something.”

Lauren looked at her for a moment, then went over and kissed her.

“I love you more than fucking air,” Erin said. “I want to do something nice, because I fucking love you, but that doesn’t mean I care if you notice what I did.”

Lauren thought about that and decided she actually meant it. It wasn’t some little dig, it wasn’t backhanded. Erin wasn’t like that. She really meant what she’d said.

Lauren felt like her insides were too full again. She felt like she didn’t deserve this. “You’re too good for me,” she said.

“I’m not.”

“You are, but I’m not going to have a fight about it.”

Erin smiled, and swished her hand in the bathwater. “Get in.”

Lauren took off her jacket and threw it back into the hall, took off her clothes and threw them after it.

She got into the bath. It was hot. It was hot enough she had to lower herself in slowly, and hot enough she almost shivered as she did, as the water slid up her body, at the intensity of the warmth.

Erin watched, and kissed Lauren as her face went past, and seemed happy.

“You like?” Erin said.

Lauren nodded.

Lauren liked being in a bath with someone. She liked the way wet skin slid against skin, and the heat and steam and lying there woozily half-asleep, just touching.

She’d hoped, once, when she’d first been with a woman, that relationships with women would mean she got to sit in a bath with someone more than if she was with a man. It turned out no. Not with Erin, at least.

Erin was watching her.

“Thank you,” Lauren said. “This is… wonderful.”

“There’s wine and strawberries downstairs, for later.”

Lauren leaned forward and kissed Erin. Kissed her, then sat there, looking at her from very close. Close enough Erin’s eyes flicked from side to side, and crossed a little, trying to look back.

“I love you,” Lauren said. “I love you like you said. You’re like fucking air and water to me. I need you.”

“I know,” Erin said, and kissed her back.

“I’m sorry,” Lauren said. “I don’t know why I can’t remember.”

“Because it’s not a real anniversary.”

“Still. I should have come home earlier.”

“Stop it. I don’t care.”

They kissed some more, then sat for a while, then Erin had Lauren turn around so she could scrub Lauren’s back. She scrubbed, and stroked, then hooked her leg around Lauren’s hip and pressed her heel backwards into Lauren, rubbing slowly, so Lauren ended up turned on rather than relaxed.

“You like?” Erin whispered, her lips tickling Lauren’s ear, making her shiver.

“I do. Are you ready to get out?”

“I could be.”

“Want to?”


“Come to bed.”


There were more candles in the bedroom, more roses on the bed. The whole house smelled of melting beeswax, and faintly of roses. Thinking about the effort Erin had gone to, Lauren had never felt more loved than she did right then.

They lay on the bed, on top the covers, and kissed. Erin had been careless drying herself. Her skin was still warm and a little damp from the bathwater.

Erin stroked Lauren’s face, and kissed her breasts, and after a while slid over on top of her. Moved her leg, so it was between Lauren’s, moved all slow and slithery. Moved her leg, and opened her mouth, and got ready to fuck.

“Wait,” Lauren said.

Erin stopped.

“Not so quick,” Lauren said. “Turn over. Lie down. Let’s not hurry, okay?”

Erin nodded, and lay on her back.

Lauren knelt between Erin’s legs and kissed her. Kissed her mouth, and kissed her breasts, and then slowly licked her way down Erin’s tummy. Slow enough to make Erin desperate. Erin was sighing, and murmuring she wanted Lauren, and stroking Lauren’s hair.

Lauren licked a little more, and waited a little longer, before she kissed Erin’s pussy. She kissed. She spread Erin’s lips with her hands, and opened her mouth, and kissed Erin like she was tongue-kissing Erin’s mouth, except on her pussy.

“That’s nice,” Erin said.

“I know,” Lauren said, into her. Inside her.

Nice, Lauren thought. That was it. Not sexy, exactly. Not unspeakably good, but nice. Like they loved each other, and wanted each other, and she would kiss anything of Erin’s as carelessly as she would Erin’s mouth.

She kissed again, then felt Erin’s hands getting firmer and decided to stop teasing. She shifted a little, to get lined up, and lapped. Licked, then sucked gently, and Erin sighed, and twisted one hand into Lauren’s hair, and held Lauren where she was.

Lauren breathed in as she licked. Breathed through her nose, so she could inhale the smell of Erin. She slid her tongue inside Erin to taste her, tasting to enjoy it for herself, not for what Erin felt as she did.

“I love going down on you,” Lauren said, her mouth still against Erin.


“I really fucking love it.”

Erin pulled at Lauren while sitting up, making Lauren stop and lean forward and kiss her.

“Good,” Erin said, then pushed Lauren back down.

Lauren ate Erin out for a while, licking her carefully, licking her exactly how she knew Erin liked. Slowly, so nothing happened too quickly, so it lasted.

“Maybe tonight we do something else,” Lauren said, after a while. “Something you like.”

Erin murmured agreement.

“Because of all the trouble you went to for me,” Lauren said.

“If you want to. It isn’t like a deal or anything you have to keep.”

“I know,” Lauren said, and licked a little more. “Something like the night you said you loved me.”

Erin hitched up on her elbows and looked at Lauren.

“You remember that,” Lauren said. “Right?”

“I remember. You said you loved me too.”

“I did. And I said it first.”

“You did.”

“I was brave that night,” Lauren said.

“You were.”

“I might want to be brave again.”

Erin seemed unsure. “Okay.”

“Lie back down.”

Erin did.

Lauren licked around Erin’s pussy. She licked the top of Erin, near her clit, and made Erin sigh. She licked the sides, slowly, and Erin whispered something that might have been I love you. Lauren wriggled back a little on the bed, to reach more easily, and licked all the way down to the bottom of Erin. Licked the folds where Erin’s pussy finished, where it turned into skin.

Licked that particular skin, smooth and strangely forbidden, halfway back to Erin’s ass.

“I think I want to do something for you,” Lauren said, without looking up.


“You know what, right?”

Erin hesitated. “I can guess.”

“I think I want to,” Lauren said. “But I’m not sure.”

“Because you forgot the anniversary?”

Lauren was surprised for a moment, and didn’t know what to say. Erin was shaking. She realized Erin was laughing.

“Sorry,” Erin said. “I didn’t mean that. If you want to, then you should.”

“I’m not sure. But I want try.”


They were both quiet for a moment.

“I love you,” Erin said.

“Me too,” Lauren said. “So turn over.”

Erin rolled sideways, and reached for a pillow. She folded her arms, under her head and leaned on the pillow.

“Like that?” she said.

“Yep,” Lauren said.

Erin had her feet apart, her knees apart too, a little way, as they’d happened to be when she lay down.

She moved her knees further apart. Obviously apart.

“And like that?” she said.

Lauren didn’t answer. She moved between Erin’s legs, and stroked her slowly. She felt Erin’s skin, warm and smooth all down her back. Down her back, and over her ass, and around the curve down between.

She looked at Erin’s ass. Looked, and leaned forward, and kissed Erin’s ass cheek.

Erin’s legs were apart. Lauren could see her pussy between her thighs. Could see her asshole above it.

She looked at it for a while, thinking.

She’d seen Erin’s pussy so many times she knew it by memory. She thought she could find it in a line-up of photos, if she had too. She knew Erin’s pussy well, but hardly knew her ass at all. It was a foreign thing to her. She knew the soles of Erin’s feet and the dry skin behind her elbows better than she did Erin’s asshole.

That didn’t seem right, now she thought about it. Especially when Erin rimmed her all the time.

Lauren decided she wanted to do this. Erin did it for her. Erin did it, and liked doing it, and Lauren liked the feel of her mouth, back there.

Erin loved her, and Lauren loved Erin, and Erin wanted this. So Lauren would.

Lauren didn’t know why it was so difficult.

She thought about Erin, and Erin’s pleasure, and Erin’s body all tangled with her own, fucking.

She thought about how Erin looked, after she rimmed Lauren. A little sad, a little hurt that Lauren wouldn’t do it back, but making herself not ask. She never asked, and Lauren never offered, but she looked sad, every time.

Lauren stroked gently. She traced Erin’s body. Put the tips of her fingers on Erin’s pussy, so Erin sighed. Slid her fingers backwards, over Erin’s asshole, so Erin sighed again.

Erin lay there, waiting. Patiently. Not asking if Lauren was going to, not wanting her to hurry. Not even looking back, wondering. Just waiting until Lauren was ready.

Lauren leaned forward and licked Erin’s ass.

She licked Erin’s asshole, the asshole she told herself she loved as much as she did the rest of Erin. She licked, and tasted, and slid her tongue around.

She’d been nervous. She’d been worried what she might taste.

It didn’t taste of much at all. Bubble bath and soap. Erin’s skin smelled like Erin’s skin did everywhere else, and her ass tasted like nothing much, and Lauren suddenly didn’t know why she hadn’t done this long before now.

She licked again. She put one hand under Erin, and pushed her fingers into Erin’s pussy, and held Erin’s ass with her other hand, and lapped at her.

And loved her. Showed she loved her, like she ought to have before now.

She felt relieved and guilty and turned on, all at once.

Erin moaned. She reached backwards, behind herself, and stroked Lauren’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she whispered, and Lauren didn’t answer.

Lauren fingered Erin, and licked her ass, and was in love.

Lauren had worried she wouldn’t know what to do, but it wasn’t that hard to work out. She had some idea what Erin did to her, enough she could guess what to try. She lapped fast, and Erin moaned. She lapped slow, and Erin sighed.

She pushed her fingertip inside Erin, inside her ass, felt it slip inside with spit as lube.

Erin felt different, inside there. Her ass was hot, warmer to touch than her pussy. The insides of her ass felt smooth, all hot and slick and smooth, where her pussy felt like little slippery folds. Lauren found that odd.

Erin lay still. Lauren realized she wasn’t pleasuring Erin, exactly. She was more exploring, touching and feeling.

“Sorry,” she said, and started licking again. She slid her finger a little deeper inside Erin. Up to her first knuckle, then almost to her second. Erin felt almost dry. Like a pussy, when it was first touched. Like she was wet inside, but not on the outside. Like she was needing more spit, and not quite ready yet.

Lauren wasn’t sure if that mattered.

“What do I do,” she said suddenly.

“This is good.”

“Is my finger okay?”

“It’s fucking wonderful.”

Lauren decided Erin wasn’t going to be much help. She wouldn’t want to criticize, and probably couldn’t tell exactly what Lauren was doing anyway.

Lauren slid her finger back a little, and licked again. Licked Erin’s ass, and around her finger, moving her finger in and out. Twisting and slipping until it felt slithery again.

Erin wriggled back against Lauren, and sighed. Lauren decided she must be doing all right. She went back to lapping, and tried to remember what Erin else did to her.

She had one finger in Erin’s ass. After a while she put a second finger in Erin’s pussy, and squeezed the two together.

That was weird. It was almost so weird she snatched her hand away. She could feel her fingers, feel one finger-tip pressing against the other, but through Erin. She could feel precisely enough to tell where each finger was, and be aware of their movement, like she was rubbing her fingertips together inside thick gloves.

Thick, warm, slippery gloves that were the deepest parts of Erin’s body.

It was strange and unusual and, after a moment, deeply beautiful.

Lauren felt like she thought a surgeon might, holding part of another person in her hand. Not a heart, or a mind, but still a part of someone.

She had part of Erin in her hand.

She felt terribly close to Erin, doing this. Stroking Erin’s body from inside. Listening to Erin’s sighs, smelling the warmth of her skin, and feeling the slick wetness deep inside her body.

Doing this made her feel more deeply in love, more completely happy with Erin.

Lauren wanted more. She wanted to do more, to have more of Erin in her mouth, to taste Erin as much as she could.

She pushed her hands onto Erin’s ass, and spread it as wide as it would go. She bent again, and licked, and pushed her tongue inside Erin.

Sometimes before, going down on someone, Lauren had thought how strange it was to put the tip of her tongue inside someone else’s body. A finger made sense. Fingers were long and thin and made for poking things. A tongue wasn’t for poking. It was meant to stay in her own mouth, really. It was part of her mouth, used to taste, and it wasn’t really something that stuck out on its own.

It ought to be odd to put her tongue inside someone’s pussy, even though people did it every day. This wasn’t odd. It was satisfying. It was simply satisfying to put her tongue inside Erin’s ass.

She pushed her tongue into Erin, against Erin, and slid it around. Erin sighed, and moaned, and pushed back against Lauren’s mouth.

“That’s so good,” Erin murmured into the pillow.

“I love you,” Lauren said, as quickly as she could, and kept sliding her tongue in and out.

“Me too,” Erin said. “Oh fuck, me too. Like life and air everything I need.”

“Happy anniversary,” Lauren said, and Erin almost laughed.

Lauren thought about what Erin would be feeling, and what she felt when Erin did this to her.

“Kneel up,” she said. “I’ll get you off.”

Slowly, almost like she was sleepy, Erin did.

Lauren started to lick more quickly, using both hands, sliding her tongue over Erin rather than pushing it inside. She bent a little, so she could reach all the way from Erin’s clit to her ass in one go, lapping up and down and inside her pussy as fast as she could.

She mostly used her tongue.

She was careful not to cheat too much and just get Erin off with her hand.

In a few moments Erin came.

Lauren stayed where she was, and licked slower, and let Erin melt into her as she finished.

Erin turned around, and kissed Lauren, and hugged her, and seemed to be about to cry.

“Thank you,” Erin said. “Fucking thank you. I love you.”

“Me too.”

Erin looked at her for a moment, then said, “I don’t know what else to say.”

“Don’t say anything.”

“So this has been the best six months of my life. Ever. With you. You know that, right?”

Lauren nodded. “I’m glad.”

“And tonight has been the sexiest night. Like the best, sexiest night.”

Lauren nodded, and kissed her back, and didn’t know what to say either. “Me too,” she whispered in the end. “Doing this to you. Me too.”

They held one another. Erin seemed to want to hug.

After a while, thinking out loud, Lauren said, “That wasn’t as bad as I was worried it would be.”

“Told you,” Erin said.

“It was good.”

“I feel like I should be offended.”

“I would again,” Lauren said. “If you want. Sometime special.”

“Like when you forget an anniversary?”

Lauren looked at her.

“Sorry,” Erin said, and kissed her. “Want me to do you?”

Lauren nodded.

“Want me to do you like that?”


“Lie down.”

Erin licked Lauren, all hot and slithery and wet. Licked Lauren, and licked her ass, while Lauren lifted her hips up towards Erin’s mouth.

“Want me to fuck you?” Erin said after a while.

Lauren shook her head. “This is fine.”

“Want to fuck me?”

“If you like. In a bit.”

“Want me to get you off?”


“Want me to do this all night?”

“Can you?” Lauren said, and opened her eyes. “Is that possible?”

Erin was smiling.

“I will if you want me to,” Erin said. “Do you?”

Lauren lay where she was for a moment, “Okay,” she said. “So try.” Then she said, “Not really.”

Erin smiled some more. “I love you,” she said.

“Me too.”

“You’re all I want. Ever.”

Lauren bent around so she could reach to kiss her. “Me too.”