Erin’s Birthday

Lauren arrived at the restaurant first. She kept her coat, because she felt a little self-conscious, like she might want to grab it and put it back on at any moment. She hung it over the back of her chair, and sat, quite deliberately, with her back to the room, even though it meant she wouldn’t be able to see Erin arrive.

She’d planned this out carefully enough that she had an idea of how it ought to go. Where she needed to be, and what she wanted to happen.

Lauren had forgotten two three-month anniversaries in a row, so she was going to make completely sure she remembered birthdays, and made birthdays special.

It was early in the week, and it was early. Lauren had booked early on purpose, so the restaurant would be quieter. Booked early, and said she wanted privacy, and could she sit apart from other people, please. There were only two other tables occupied at the moment, both couples, both well away from Lauren. That was part of the plan. Lauren had told Erin to meet her right after work, and get there as quickly as she could. Erin had probably realized something was up and was hurrying, but she sometimes got held up leaving work, and had to get across the city, so her getting there might take a while.

Lauren waited, nervous.

The waiter kept hovering, because it was so quiet. Lauren got a drink to make her go away.

She sat, and waited, and hoped Erin would hurry up, so she didn’t get so anxious she changed her mind. She already almost had half a dozen times. She had a horrible feeling this was going to go badly wrong, even though she wanted desperately for it all to work.

Then Erin arrived.

Lauren heard the door, then heard Erin’s voice, talking to one of the staff across the room.

Lauren was relieved, but she didn’t turn and look. She just sat as she was until Erin came over.

“Hey,” Erin said, and kissed her, and sat down. She was busy for a moment, taking off her coat and putting down her bag, ordering a drink from the waiter and making sure she had her phone.

Lauren waited until she was done. Until Erin looked up, smiling, and reached over and took Lauren’s hand.

“So,” Lauren said. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Erin was grinning a bit. The grin that meant she expected something, that she had worked out something was going on, from the way Lauren told her to turn up here.

“There’s a couple of things,” Lauren said. “Because it’s your birthday.”


“But wait a sec.”

Erin looked confused.

“Just wait.”

The waiter would be coming back with Erin’s drink, and Lauren didn’t want to start until that was out of the way. She sat there, looking at Erin, smiling, silent, until the drink had arrived, and the waiter gone again.

Erin was curious. She almost seemed impatient.

“So first thing,” Lauren said, “I’m not wearing anything under the dress. Nothing at all.”

Erin looked down, at Lauren’s chest, even though there wasn’t much to see. Lauren had picked a thicker dress, not one where it would show too obviously.

Lauren was pleased, though. It was nice that Erin looked. It was sweet. After months together she could still make Erin look.

“Nothing?” Erin said. “Seriously?”

“Shoes.” Lauren leaned forward a little. “Nothing else.”

Erin looked at Lauren’s tits a moment longer, then looked up. “Cool,” she said.

“Done?” Lauren said.


“You like?”

“Ah, yeah, actually. That’s really hot.”

“Thought you might think so,” Lauren said. “But wait. There’s more.”

She pushed her fork towards the edge of the table. Pushed slowly, while Erin watched, until the fork slid over the edge.

It landed on the floor with a soft clatter.

“So I’ve got the nothing on underneath,” Lauren said. “Right?”

Erin nodded.

“Could you get that for me?” Lauren said. “Please?”

Erin bent over. As she did, Lauren moved her knee. There were tablecloths, and Lauren was facing the wall, exactly as she’d planned.

She moved her knees, spread them under the table and let Erin look.

She felt herself open up. She felt, surprisingly, a sudden chill.

She’d been thinking too much about her plan, and what she was going to do. She was turned on, was wet.

She had damp parts of herself bare to cool air.

The unexpected cold surprised her. She hadn’t thought of that. It almost surprised her enough she changed her mind about everything.

But Erin was still bending down, was taking her time, supposedly reaching for the fork, and Lauren liked she could get Erin to look like that. When Erin she sat back up she was smiling. Smiling like she loved Lauren, and wanted Lauren, and Lauren was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

So Lauren stayed. And stuck to her plan. And smiled back.

“So,” Erin said. “Yeah. Absolutely nothing.”


“Nothing at all.”

Lauren shook her head.

“I love how you look,” Erin said. “I really fucking do.”

“The dress?”

“You,” Erin said. “Under the dress. You look beautiful.”

Lauren was pleased. She improvised a little. She pushed her spoon, slowly, sliding it towards the table edge, pushing until it fell too.

Erin bent and picked that up as well. And took her time doing it.

When Erin sat back up, Lauren said, “So there’s another part. A second thing.”


“Because it’s your birthday.”

Erin nodded.

“To make sure you never forget this.”

“I won’t.”

“Pick three things you’ve always wanted to do with me. I’ll do one of them.”

“What kind of things?” Erin said, looking confused, like she was suddenly thinking about skydiving.

Lauren looked at her, and loved her for that. Loved her like it hurt. “Sex things,” she said. “You idiot. What do you think?”

“Oh,” Erin said, and started to grin some more.

“Yeah, oh.”

“That kind of makes more sense.”

Erin glanced around, and seemed to realize they were off against a far wall and no-one was near enough to overhear.

“You know what I like,” she said quietly.

“I know one thing you like. And I seem to remember it was kind of a big deal telling me.”

Erin looked at her.

“There must be something else,” Lauren said. “So tell me that too.”

“And you’ll do it?”

“I’ll do one. Of the three.”

Erin nodded. “I love you, do you know that?”

“I know.”

“And you turn me the fuck on.”

“I know that too.”

“Just as long as you do.”

“I do.”

“So three things,” Erin said. “Like three wishes.”

“Exactly like, yeah.”

“Anything I pick, and you’ll do one of them?”

“I promise.”

“Shit,” Erin said, and sat there smiling at Lauren.

“Happy birthday,” Lauren said. “This is what you get.”

Erin still seemed to be having trouble deciding. Perhaps with pre-agreeing to be kinky. Lauren supposed Erin had spent her life trying to sneakily rim her girlfriends without them realizing, and the idea of actual communication might be a bit of a surprise to her. She loved that about Erin too, even though she probably shouldn’t.

“Tell me,” Lauren said. “Please.”

“I’m thinking.”

“Even if I change my mind and say no, what do you have to lose by telling me?”

“Yeah,” Erin said. “I’m actually thinking. I just haven’t thought yet.”

“I can wait.”

Erin looked at her, and really did seem to be thinking. Like she had a list, and she was trying to pick a top three. Lauren wondered if she should come back to that another time, and see how long the list really was.

“Tell me,” Lauren said. “Please.”

“In a minute.”

“Tell me now.”

“No,” Erin said, “Waiter,” looking past Lauren’s shoulder.

Lauren looked down at her napkin, and fiddled with it while they waiter came over. They heard about specials. They got asked about entrees, and mains, and drinks.

“Whatever you’re having,” Lauren said to Erin, suddenly too nervous to think again.

Erin ordered something. Lauren wasn’t sure what.

The waiter left. Lauren looked at Erin, and waited.

“So you already did the thing I’d probably have said,” Erin said. “If you’d asked me this ages ago.

Lauren nodded, assuming rimming. “Yep,” she said, and suddenly felt smug, not worried at all.

“So something else,” Erin said.

Lauren nodded, and sipped her wine. “Yep.”

“Okay,” Erin said. “Sex on a beach. At sunset.”

Lauren looked at her, a bit started. That wasn’t quite what she’d expected. It was more romantic, less just sex, than she’d expected Erin to be.

“On a beach?” Lauren said.


“I don’t have a beach.”

“I noticed. You asked, and that’s always been a thing. I never have.”

Lauren nodded. “Okay, so for next time we’ll get a beach. What’s next? The second thing?”

“A threeway.”

Another surprise. Erin had never even hinted at that. This wasn’t going quite where Lauren had expected. She had a whole, complicated plan, and Erin was taking this three-things conversation seriously enough it might go in an odd direction and completely upset things.

“Okay,” Lauren said. “So that one’s a surprise too. Really?”

Erin shrugged.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lauren said, thinking. “I mean… Who?”


“What if no-one goes for it? What if we hit on someone and get turned down.”

Erin grinned. “Yeah, I don’t know. That’s why I never have.”


“You asked.”

“I did. And I’m glad I know.”

“Would you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Depending who.”

“It wouldn’t drive you crazy to see me with someone else?”

“I suppose not. Not if I was with her too.”

“Cool,” Erin said. “So that’s a maybe.”

“The beach is a maybe. This is a possibility. What’s the third thing?”

Erin sipped her wine, and thought. Lauren waited, anxious, worried her plan would come unstuck.

Apprehensive. Hoping she knew Erin as well as she thought she did.

“Okay,” Erin said. “Third thing. Sex in the bathroom here.”

“You’re sure?” Lauren said, relieved.

Erin nodded. “Yep.”

Lauren breathed in, and suddenly realized she’d been holding her breath. She sat there and smiled for a while, while Erin looked at her.

“What?” Erin said.

Lauren felt smug. She wanted to boast. “I so fucking knew you’d say that,” she said.

“You did?”

“I so did.”

“How? Because I only just thought of it then.”

“I know you.”

“I guess you do.”

“You’re obsessed with doing everything any ex ever did with me,” Lauren said. “Especially if the ex is a man.”

“No I’m not,” Erin said, but like she didn’t really mean it. After a moment, she said, “So?”

“I told you about Brendan.”

“Who’s Brendan.”

Lauren sat there, looking at her, until Erin said, “Yeah, maybe. So you’re creepily clever and know me too well. Go you.”

Lauren grinned.

“So we’re going to fuck in the bathroom?”

“Yep,” Lauren said. “We so are. Just one thing, though. What kind of sex?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean what kind of sex do you want to have in the bathroom.”

“Sex. I don’t know. Any sex. Just sex.”

Lauren looked down. Her bag was beside her chair. A bag a little bigger than she’d normally take to dinner. She put her foot against it, pushed, slid it over to Erin.

Erin watched.

“Look inside,” Lauren said.

Erin reached down and picked it up.

“Look inside carefully,” Lauren said hurriedly. “Don’t drop it.”

Erin did. There was a strap-on harness inside and a dildo, neatly bundled up. The harness that Erin could wear and sometimes come with, that pushed the base of the dildo back against her in just the right way.

“So I guessed you might want to fuck in the bathroom,” Lauren said. “Because I’m really fucking clever.”

“You are.”

“And I’m right, aren’t I? That you want to fuck me in a bathroom?”

Erin was looking at her, playing along, getting a little turned on by talking about it, Lauren though. “I want to,” Erin said.

“Not have sex,” Lauren said. “Fuck me. Fuck me like a man.”

Erin looked at her for a moment, almost like she was going to argue.

“Like a man,” Lauren said. “So I know there’s nothing you can’t do to me that a man could do. If I was ever so stupid as to want one again, which I don’t, because I have you.”

Erin didn’t say anything, but she was grinning.

“You do,” Lauren said. Pushing a bit, making sure Erin got what they were doing. Playing a game, dragging it out a little, to make Erin wait, all anticipatory, now she knew what they were going to do. “You think like that. You always tell me which you’re doing, while you do it.”

“Not always,” Erin said, still smiling.

“A lot of the time.”

“Some of the time.”

“I know you’re thinking about it when we’re just fucking normally.”

Erin looked at her, thinking.

“I can see it on your face,” Lauren said. “I can see when you’re off thinking about something else.”

“You know what?” Erin said, after a moment. “You’re a bit too obsessed with how different people might fuck you.”

“I’m obsessed?” Lauren said.

“I think you are.”

“Maybe. So how do you want to?”

“With this.”

“A-ha,” Lauren said, and leaned forward a little bit, intent. “But where? Where do you want to put it in me?”

Erin hesitated a moment, unsure, then understood. “You know where.”

“So tell me.”

Erin looked almost embarrassed. She looked around. Their end of the restaurant was still empty.

“Whisper it,” Lauren said.

“In your ass,” Erin said.

“I knew that too,” Lauren said, smug again. “I knew that because I know you well. And I’m clever.”

Erin was smiling at her, tender now.

“Tell me I’m clever,” Lauren said, playing to that a little. “And I know you well.”

“You are and you do.”

Lauren took her napkin off her lap, and put it down on the table. “Lets go.”

“What, now?”

“You’re predictable. I guessed that would be one of the three.”

“I got that.”

“Yeah. So I’m ready to go right now.”

Erin was looking at her, unsure.

Lauren sighed. She had lube up her ass already, but she didn’t want to actually say that. “I’m ready,” she said. “Fuck. Think about it.”

Erin did, then said, “Right.”

“Yeah,” Lauren said. “So there you go. You’re still noticing my cleverness, right?”

“I’m noticing.”

Lauren she stood up. That was enough teasing. She liked the teasing sense of power, the making Erin wait, but she didn’t want to take so long they had an actual discussion rather than sex. “You coming?” she said.

Erin stood up too.

“Being the bag,” Lauren said, and walked away.

Walked away hoping none of the staff thought too much about them both leaving the table together. It probably looked normal, because sometimes people did that, and of course they’d take their bags.

But that was the weakest part of her plan. Getting noticed, and someone coming to check on them.

Lauren just hoped.


Lauren had picked this restaurant because the bathrooms were down a separate hallway, away from the kitchens, and were always fairly clean. It was a good restaurant, the kind that put out little cloth hand-towels rather than an air-dryer or paper. She hoped that meant it also had a separate bathrooms for staff and customer, too. So the staff wouldn’t be barging in on them while they did this.

The toilets were down a short concrete corridor, out the back, and no-one else was around. As Lauren walked down it, she lifted her dress up a little and swished it from side to side. Almost dancing. Hoping only Erin was behind her.

She went into the women’s toilets, and Erin followed.

Erin put her hand on the door and looked around. She seemed to be trying to find something to block the door with.

“Leave it,” Lauren said. “We might get caught.”

“Yeah, that’s why…”

“We might get caught,” Lauren said, again.

Erin understood, but she hesitated.

“It’s better,” Lauren said. “Please.”

Erin nodded. She looked around. She was still holding Lauren’s bag. Lauren leaned on the counter and looked at her.

“Um,” Erin said. “Hey.”


They kept looking at each other. Like they were at home. Like they were about to fuck any other time. Starting by just looking, turning each other on with stares, waiting, getting needy and horny.

It wasn’t any other time, and they were in a public bathroom.

And Erin was nervous.

Lauren couldn’t quite believe she’d found something that unsettled Erin, that made her less than completely confident, all the time.

She liked that. She actually really like being the daring one, pushing them along.

“You still want to?” Lauren said, suddenly worried she’d taken this too far. That Erin was actually uncomfortable. “We don’t…”

“I want to.”

“Okay,” Lauren said.

“I do.”

“I heard you.”

Erin kept standing there.

“So go put it on,” Lauren said.

Erin grinned, and kissed her quickly, and went into a stall and closed the door.

“And maybe kind of hurry,” Lauren said. “You know, since someone might turn up any moment…”

She heard a zipper, heard cloth rustling.

“Hey,” Erin said. “This is new.” The dildo.

“It is.”

A pause, then a low buzzing.

“Oh,” Erin said. “Shit. It does that.”

“Why yes it does.”

“For both of us.”

Lauren smiled to herself. “Yep,” she said. “Happy birthday with that, too, I guess.”

“Um, thanks.”

“Are you coming out here or not?”

“Hold on,” Erin said, but after a moment she opened the stall door.

She was in her work clothes. A suit, with trousers. What she always wore. She’d undone the pants, and pulled them down enough to get the harness on. She was mostly dressed, with just the dildo sticking out through the front.

Lauren was mostly dressed too, since she had a dress. She pulled it up while Erin watched her, lifted it up to her hips.

That was part of the plan as well. Lauren could look innocent in a second, and Erin, hopefully, in two. And the actual bathroom door was around a corner, out of a direct line of sight. They would have a moment from when it opened to rearrange their clothes.

So Lauren hoped.

They might almost get away with this if someone came in.

At least, that was the plan.

The only problem was the vibrator. It was switched on, buzzing. The noise was loud, obvious, even over the fans and dripping pipes in the bathroom.

Lauren reached back and turned on a tap, and let the water run. It helped a little.

Erin looked around, and didn’t seem sure. “Ah,” she said. “So where should we?”

She’d never been quite like this before. As unsure, almost nervous, as she was now.

“Kiss me,” Lauren said.

Erin came over, and kissed her. Kissed her, and slid her hands up and down Lauren’s bare legs, and seemed suddenly to relax. To be herself again.

Lauren put her hand on the dildo, and pushed. Pushed it back against Erin, gently. Pretending she was holding a cock and was rubbing it, in case Erin cared, but actually just pressing the vibrator’s base against Erin, the way it would press if it was inside Lauren.

Erin sighed.

“Fuck me here,” Lauren whispered. “Right here. Where we can watch each other.”

There were mirrors along the wall, behind her. She kissed Erin a moment longer, then turned around and put her hands on the counter.

Erin watched her in the mirror, and kissed the back of her neck.

Erin was herself again. She didn’t seem nervous any more. Lauren was glad, watching her. One of them shaking with worry was enough.

Erin reached down, and touched Lauren between her legs, from behind. She slid a slippery finger along Lauren, so little tingles went all through her. Slid it along Lauren, teasingly slowly, slid backward to Lauren’s ass, already all slippery with lube.

Slid her fingertip inside, carefully. Reach with her other hand and rubbing Lauren’s pussy at the same time. Lauren closed her eyes, and pushed back against Erin’s finger, and kept pressing with the vibrator, onto Erin.

A moment passed. A moment they really couldn’t afford. Lauren stood against the counter, feeling Erin’s touch inside her. She was turned on, was wanting more.

Time was passing.

Lauren opened her eyes.

Erin was watching her face in the mirror. “I love you,” Erin said.

“I know,” Lauren said. “And I don’t mean to hurry you, but…”

Erin grinned.

“Hurry up,” Lauren said again. “Seriously.”

“You’ll be okay?”


“You sure?”

“I’m fine. I’m ready. But someone could come in any minute.”

Erin nodded. She looked down, shifted her feet slightly, and got herself lined up. They did this sometimes, but not so often that either of them were very practiced at it. Usually they went very slowly, and usually they were in bed, kneeling or lying down.

They couldn’t be as slow now, and the way they were standing, something wasn’t quite right either. The dildo was against Lauren, but not so it could go inside her. It was slithering around in the lube on her skin, not staying still, pushing against the top of her leg, then skidding over her pussy.

The angle of their hips was wrong, Lauren thought. They both had shoes on, and were standing up. She was a bit taller than usual.

She leaned forward, and suddenly everything felt better.

Erin found her, and put the smooth end of the dildo against Lauren’s ass.

Lauren, watching her in the mirror, whispered, “Go on.”

Erin pushed with her hips, and Lauren watched.

Lauren liked Erin’s face as she did this. As Erin penetrated her. All horny and concentrating, and worried too. Wanting to fuck Lauren desperately, caring enough not to hurt her.

It was beautiful. That moment of watching was beautiful. It made Lauren feel as close as anything else they did together, as anything that was said.

She didn’t think Erin realized how often she watched, while Erin went into her. Erin always looked at the dildo, when they used one. And Lauren looked at her face. Her concentration turned Lauren on almost as much as the actual sex did, just for the intense intimacy of that connection.

She watched, and Erin pushed a little, gently, pushed harder and suddenly went in.

Lauren gasped, and grabbed the counter, and bit her lip so she didn’t wince. She pushed backwards herself, trying to speed it up, and get this bit over.

Erin was always too slow, always worried about hurting Lauren. Erin didn’t like being fucked this way, and didn’t understand what it felt like. She didn’t seem to get that the hurting wasn’t that bad, was almost good, and was part of this, so quicker was better.

“More,” Lauren said, and pushed backwards, and Erin pushed as well and then it was properly in, past where it stretched and hurt and just settled inside Lauren.

Everything felt tight as the dildo went in. It always did, achingly tight close to Lauren’s entrance, easier when it was deeper inside. Lauren could feel the lube thick and sticky wet inside her, could feel herself pressing oily smoothness against the dildo as it slithered up inside her. She was careful not to pull away, not to let the dildo come all the way out of her again in case it wouldn’t go back in. She felt tense enough that might happen.

Lauren was ready, but she wasn’t. Usually when they did this there’d be more foreplay. No foreplay was part of this, was what made it kinky sex in a restaurant bathroom, but Lauren felt tight. Like she was still closed up, like a vice. She was so tight it felt like it ought to have hurt, but actually it just felt good.

Because they were in a restaurant bathroom, she supposed.

The buzzing of the vibrator was quieter once it was inside Lauren. She was glad. It made them less obvious.

Erin moved for a while, but slowly. Slower than usual, anyway, and probably slower than she wanted to. She was watching the dildo, feeling whatever thoughts it was that made her want this, but was being careful, for Lauren’s sake.

“Faster,” Lauren whispered, “Fuck me. Its okay.”

She braced her hands on the sink.

“Go on,” she said, and Erin did.

Slowly, getting faster, holding onto Lauren’s hips.

“Are you okay?” Erin said. “Does it hurt?”

“Shit yeah.”

“You okay?”

“I can stand it for a while. Fuck me.”

“I love you,” Erin whispered.

Lauren smiled at her in the mirror and said, “Hurry.”

Lauren felt Erin reach down between then. Felt Erin’s hand slid past her ass, felt Erin press her fingers against herself, rubbing.

“Hey,” Lauren said, though clenched teeth. “No cheating.”

“I’m not.”

Lauren pushed at Erin’s arm. “I can feel you. Stop it.”

“I thought we were in a hurry.”

“Yeah. But you’re meant to want to fuck me like all my exes did.”


“Who are men.”


“So stay in character and stop playing with the clit you don’t have.”

Erin started to laugh, and put her hand back on Lauren’s hip. She kept laughing for a second, until Lauren said, “Hey.”


Erin was watching the dildo disappear into Lauren. Lauren could see her face in the mirror, looking downwards. She watching Lauren sometimes too, as it did, but mostly looking at the dildo.

Erin went faster. Lifting Lauren up a little with each thrust, so Lauren’s toes were still on the floor, but her heels were up out of her shoes, and she was sprawled half on the counter.

Erin was enjoying herself, but it was starting to hurt.

The dildo wasn’t as big as a penis, and its vibrations felt a lot better. Erin didn’t push as roughly as Lauren remembered men doing. More circling rather than pushing deep, but it started getting a bit much in the end.

And they really did need to hurry.

Lauren reached back, and put a hand on Erin’s tummy, and pushed her away.

“You okay?” Erin asked.

Lauren nodded, feeling her insides go back where they were meant to be. She knelt down.

Erin watched, confused, and said, “Hey…”

Lauren put her hand on the end of the dildo, and felt it all slippery and warm from her body. She held it, and leaned past it, and licked Erin, through the harness.

“Laur,” Erin said. “Hold on…”

She seemed confused about what Lauren was doing.

Lauren’s hair was out. It was helping hide her mouth. The dildo was next to her face, sitting along her cheek, and she was still holding it, rubbing it like it was a cock, pressing it into Erin as she licked her, still buzzing.

Lauren didn’t mind touching the dildo, or having it on her hair or near her face. She rimmed Erin, and kissed Erin after Erin had rimmed her.

She wasn’t going to do more than that, though.

She licked Erin. She pushed on the dildo, pressed it back in the harness and against Erin, just next to her tongue.

Erin leaned on the counter, holding onto it and Lauren’s shoulders to balance, and went quiet and still. Lauren kept rubbing on the dildo, and sucking on Erin, and suddenly, Erin came.

“I love you,” she whispered as she did. Bending over, stroking Lauren’s hair, shaking. “Fuck I love you so much.”

Lauren let her finish, then stood up, and kissed her, and said, “We should get going…”

Erin nodded. She switched the vibrator off, took it out of the harness, and put it back in Lauren’s bag. She fiddled with her suit pants, half did them up.

Then she knelt down, and kissed Lauren’s tummy, and tried to turn Lauren around.

“Hey,” Lauren said. “No.”

“Let me. I want to.”

“Later. At home.”

But Erin had already turned her around. She pushed Lauren’s dress up, and licked her ass. Licked her fast, licked the lube off her, slid her fingers along Lauren, pressing on her clit.

Lauren didn’t really want to argue. She closed her eyes, and felt the aftermath of a whole evening’s anticipation start flooding through her. Erin’s mouth on her ass after being fucked always felt more intense, as if her body overreacted to the roughness of the penetration by feeling infinitely more from the silky gliding of a tongue.

Lauren leaned her elbows on the counter, and her head on her arms, and sighed.

“Hey,” Erin said. “Um, hurry.”

“I am.”

“Do. Please. This might look really bad if anyone comes in.”

“I’m doing my best. Shut up.”

Lauren was. She was in love and being kinky and felt close to Erin, felt that everything tonight had been worth it and she’d some something important to them both.

She was close. She’d been close already, was halfway there from being fucked. And Erin knew her, knew what to do. In the end it seemed to only a few heartbeats to start. Suddenly everything inside her swelled up and burst and she came.

It went on longer than normal, and left Lauren breathless, and helpless, and barely able to hold herself up against the counter.

She realized she was crying, and Erin was hugging her, standing up behind her now, rubbing Lauren gently with one hand to help her finish, but at the same time covering them both up, pulling Lauren’s dress down, pulling her own trousers closed.

Lauren turned around and kissed Erin. Her legs were still shaky. She was leaning on the counter, almost sitting. She kept kissing Erin, kept kissing her for a long moment.

Being caught kissing hardly seemed to matter compared to what they’d just been doing.

“Oh fuck,” Lauren said. “That wasn’t meant to happen. I just meant to do you.”

“Yeah, but no.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Of course I’d do you.”

“I love you.”

“I know.”

Lauren started to think again. She remembered where they were, and that their empty table might be obvious. She’d had a plan, and Erin wasn’t going to wreck it by being all sweet.

“Go,” Lauren said, and tried to push Erin towards the door.

“In a sec.”

“Go now. So we don’t both come back at the same time.”

“We left at the same time.’

“Just go,” Lauren said, and kissed her again. “Please.”

This time Erin left.

Lauren leaned where she was, and waited. After a couple of minutes she blew her nose, and cleaned herself up, and checked for marks on her dress, and then went back to the table.

Walked back, quite calmly, and sat down, and talked to Erin about nothing, like she had underwear on and her ass wasn’t achingly tingly and nothing sordid had just happened in the bathroom.

When the waiter next came past, Lauren held out her cutlery and said, as calmly as she could, “Sorry, I dropped these. Could I get new ones?”

The waiter nodded, and went away, and brought a clean fork and spoon back. She didn’t look at Lauren especially, didn’t grin like she knew they’d just had sex in the toilets. She didn’t seem to have noticed anything at all.

“So,” Erin said, when the waiter was gone. “Do you have three things too?”


“For when it’s your birthday?”

Lauren smiled. “Maybe.”

“So what are they?”

“I’ll tell you on my birthday. If you promise to do one of them first.”

Erin was looking at her, thinking.

“That’s the deal,” Lauren said.

Erin grinned. “Okay,” she said. “So what are they?”

“Wait and see,” Lauren said.

Then the entrees arrived, and the waiter was nearby, so they talked about Erin’s day at work instead.