Flash Fiction! And Whimsy!

Because flash fiction seems like it needs an exclamation mark!  Or two!

So this page is for anything very short or very weird or very unusual.  Things that don’t quite make sense, or people might not get, or probably things that are funny, at least to me.

There’s a few already in the blog here.

There’s also an ongoing flash-fiction book on Wattpad.

And everything here is gxg except where it says [bxg] beside it!  Complicated!

Zoe 2


Not-Quite-Drabbles (again)


Airplanes Again

Making Butterflies

Fuck Club

Mile-High Club

Going Down on You in a Theatre

On a Bicycle



Pipes and Slippers and Washing Feet

So Apparently It Wasn’t After All


A Whole Conversation Without Looking Away From The TV

Stream of Consciousness


Swinging [bxg]

The Wedding

Irrumatio [bxg]

Advice From Cosmo [bxg]

Home-Made Porn

Rebecca’s First Week at Work [harassment]

Full Moon [bxg]


Also, this page and Stories of the Weekish and Not on Wattpad won’t double up, like things will be only on one of them, not all three, just because that’s too much effort and silly :)