Genre List

Broadly, I do stuff about people and stuff about sex.  So the Erotic Romance and Literary Erotica headings are basically about people, and meant to be realistic, and actual people having an especially kinky day, and the Smut stories are basically about sex, so fantasy, and a bit more over the top.

Erotic Romance
So I changed my mind. I don’t actually write romance after all :)

Literary Erotica – or something, has more plot and character development.  Is about sex, but doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of sex.
– One Plus Two Minus One
– Sharing Melissa’s Mouth
– Sharing Melissa
– Sharing Naomi
– Making Up
– Four Together
– Coming Home
– Being Home
– Something About Love
– Suburbia
– The Washing Machine
– The Massage Guy

– Everyone Has Katie
– Everyone Has Katie Again
– Everyone Has Cassie
– Showing Off
– Selling Jessie
– Strangers Come Inside

Bi/lesbian fiction
– Ashley’s Deal
– Something About Love

Bi/lesbian smut
– Erin
– Erin’s Anniversary
– Erin’s Birthday
– Pictures of Jemima

Series with the Same Characters, in the Correct Order
Just since this isn’t always clear from the titles. My bad.
– Coming Home, Being Home
– Sharing Melissa’s Mouth, Sharing Melissa
– Erin, Erin’s Anniversary, Erin’s Birthday

I’ll add to this list as I write new stories.

Ashley’s Deal she only has sex with a woman, but her partner is male, and she doesn’t leave him.

Selling Jessie, by the way, needs a bit of a warning.  I’m not sure what the fuck that is.  It starts off as smut, then goes off in a slightly weird direction and ends up some kind of peculiar empowerment shit.  I do quite like it, but it’s not like the other stuff, so just to warn you all.  Don’t go past the end of first big sex scene if you’re playing with yourself and you’ll be fine.

There’s also a list of what specific sex acts are in different stories, which I’ve separated from here because it’s kind of spoilery.  So spoiler alert, and here you go if that’s useful.