Bethany only found out she liked mouth-fucking by mistake.

She’d never let anyone do it to her before, not just thrust into her mouth and lie there passively.

One day it just happened. She’d just got out the shower, and had washed her hair, and hadn’t wanted it to get tangled rubbing around on the bed. So when Simon started groping her, because she was half-naked, she’d lain on her back with her hair hanging off the side.

She’d half assumed they’d fuck, but they hadn’t.

They didn’t fuck a lot. They did oral a lot, often sixty-nining because Simon gave better head when he wasn’t getting bored waiting for his turn.

And, to be fair, because Bethany liked head better than sex, and came better from head, and Simon didn’t seem to care one way or another.

She’d been underneath him before, but not as often. Not like this time.

He’d thrust, and she’d been a bit surprised, and then he’d thrust again. And licked her, at the same Simone, spread her and licked her and pushed into her throat.

She wasn’t sure what was happening. She wasn’t sure if having his body above her made a difference, so he was all over her, rather her than being all over him. She wasn’t sure why almost not being able to breathe, and being a little scared he’d go too deep by mistake, or what it was did it, but something did.

It turned her on. It wasn’t just sucking cock and enjoying getting head back, the lying here while he thrust into her mouth turned her on.

Simon noticed. He noticed she was still, and quiet, and not moving, and must have thought he’d done something wrong.

“Are you okay?” he said, looking down.

Bethany tried to nod with his cock in her mouth. Then wiggled down the bed a little, and slid it out, and said, “Yep.”

“This is okay?”

She lay there for a moment. “Yep.”

“I don’t have to.”

He thought she didn’t like it. He thought he was being too rough, or something.

Bethany wanted him to, but was embarrassed she wanted him too. All she wanted to say was, “Do. Please.”

He heard her tone, breathless and horny, and looked at her again. Realized it was turned on, and embarrassed by what they were doing, not upset.

They went back to it. And Bethany came when he did, which had never happened before.

Afterwards, sitting on the edge of the bed beside her, stroking her chest, he said, “So what was that about?”

Bethany shrugged.

“You came pretty hard.”

“So? I do, sometimes.”

“And all the pulling me down onto you.”

She didn’t look at him. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yeah you do. Pulling me down onto you, at the end.”

She hesitated. “Maybe I know.”

“You liked it?”

Bethany didn’t answer.

“So we should again?” he said.

Bethany lay there for a while, then sat up. “Maybe,” she said.