Meeting Her Family

This is an ongoing story I’ll update most days at @AChickLitNovel

Jen lay on her front, her arms out, sprawled where she’d landed when Mik came. Jen was hot, far too hot, from lying between Mik and the bed.  Her skin was sweaty, her hair clammy, her breath shallow and fast. After a moment, she sat up, mainly to lift herself up off the damp sheet.  The air in the room was hot and still.  The window was open, but there was hardly any breeze.  It was summer, and stifling.

It was far too hot for afternoon sex.

Jen waved her arm in front of herself, trying to fan the air around, but it didn’t help.

Mik had flopped sideways.  She was lying on her back, breathing softly, watching Jen.  She always stared at Jen when Jen was naked, which Jen found either sweet or clingy or baffling, depending on her mood.

Mik wiped her arms with her hands, and then her face with a pillow, and looked at Jen and said, “Oh wow.”

Jen grinned.

“Are you too hot?” Mik said.

“Not any more.”

“You are,” Mik said.  “You’re sweaty. I’ll put the air on.”

“Don’t worry,” Jen said, then, slightly offended, “Sweaty?”

“You kind of are, dude.”

Jen glared.

“I need cold air,” Mik said. “I’ll go do it.  I’m going right now.”

She didn’t move.

“I’m fine,” Jen said, after a moment. “Stay there.”