No it Isn’t Romance

I don’t write romance.  I thought I did for a while, but, um, nope.  The internets soon made it pretty clear I wasn’t any good at that.  Basically, because I do write about people, and their relationships, and I generally write positively and optimistically about that, so it’s kind of similar to romance, but it’s not the same structure as a romance story, and it often doesn’t end in a HFN or HEA way, so I think that’s what was irritating a lot of romance readers.  Um, that’s Happy For Now and Happy Ever After.  They’re both kind of big deals in Romance.

So I don’t do that.  At last, not always.  Instead, I try to write kind of realistically, about how I think relationships really are.  So I guess, for want of a better way to explain, erotic chick-lit.  If you don’t mind your chick-lit full of sex, and therefore a bit lacking in friendship and oh-my-the-pretty-shoes subplots because of how, well, all the sex.  But like that, as in, with the same kind of idea of strong, independent central characters, and being affirming, and maybe even some wit.

At least, that’s what I’ve decided I’m doing right now, but probably not everyone will agree, because they never seem to.

Anyways.   So yeah.  Just to be clear.  No romance.  At all.  Just erotica.  And shoes sometimes.

Um, so if it helps to explain, for example, Date Night, The Massage Guy, The Washing Machine, and the Erin stories are all basically like this, sort of to one extent or another.  And a whole lot of other stuff.  And yep, obviously there’s all sorts of others where people meet, and hook up, and sometimes where they end up together, so yeah, this isn’t completely consistent.  But I like Date Night better than a lot of others, is kind of what I mean.  So that’s what I want to say I do.  If that makes sense?

Anyways, that was all.  Blah trying to explain.  Um, thank you for looking and I hope that helps!