Not on Wattpad

So all the new non-gxg stories are here, for now.   As in, not on Wattpad.

Mostly to be tidy.  Partly just because everyone on Wattpad seems to be reading other things, so, well, doing it this way instead :)  Just because.   So, um, for being completey, because I still think someone cares…  you should read all of Wattpad, and then this page, and that should be absolutely everything except the odd little jokes and flash-fic things and poems in the blog posts.

I’m not sure these will ever be in books, either.  I think I’m kind of getting a bit depressed by how judgmental people can sometimes be, and especially like the chronic inability to get how imaginary is fantasy and you can’t catch STIs from a fantasy.  Basically.  And these tend towards that mattering.  So anyways, I’m thinking maybe it’s better not to do books, which means, these are just here, and pretty much only here, just because I wrote them, and in case anyone is interested…


Slightly Silly

(as in, what used to be called just plain old Smut)

Everyone has Zoey


Stupid Bets

Lazy Orgies

Fifty Somethings of Something

Trying New Thingsone  two  three

Watching the World Cupone  two  three    And also Watching the Commonwealth Games


Slightly Arty

(as in, what what used to be called Lit-Smut)

Older Men


Things People Like

Luke and Leahone  two  three


A Slightly Unexpected Threeway

Only Fingers

Birthday Dogging

Falling for Eli



Funny?  Probably?

Fantasies Are Weird

Billionaires and Boardrooms


True Stories

(there’s an explanation here)

My Not-Quite Threeway Story


Actual Real Fantasies

Another Actual Fantasy

Love Letter to Someone who Hurts Me

Real Me

The rest of these are now here :)


Not Smut

This is Not True



Weird Dares

The One Time She Managed







Orgy-ish: Everyone has Zoey, Birthday Dogging, Watching the World Cup

Bi-ish: Slightly Unexpected Threeway, Things People Like, Art, The One Time She Managed

Um, comments are off on all the pages here, but since wattpad people might turn up, um… here you go.

Oh, and this page and Flash and Stories of the Weekish won’t double up, like things will be only on one of them, not all three, just because that’s too much effort and silly :)