Not-Sex on Not-Dates

Becky and Liv had gone out to catch up, and have fun, but mostly to cheer Becky up. Becky was single, and utterly sick of single. She had been for months and it seemed impossible to meet anyone nice.

To meet any nice men, Liv kept pointing out, and saying it all significantly, but Becky ignored her because Liv said things like that all the time, and her meaning was fairly obvious.

They went out, and had sushi and dessert and saw a play, and it was nice. Becky felt cheered up. Then they went back to Becky’s place, because the early-morning inner-city bar lockouts had started, and Becky’s was nearer, an apartment in town, and close enough to walk. They went there for a drink, and because maybe Liv would stay over if she couldn’t be bothered going home. Or she’d get a taxi in a while, but first they could have a last drink. When they got in, Becky flopped onto the couch and took off her shoes, because her feet had started to hurt, and Liv went over to the kitchen to look for beer in the fridge.

“Thank you,” Becky said. “For tonight. It was fun.”

“Yep,” Liv said. “Good.”

“Don’t be a smartass, it actually was.”

Liv looked up from the fridge. “Don’t get weird. All I said was good. Do you want beer?”

Becky shook her head. Liv got one out, and opened it, and then came back over to the couch. “Move,” she said, and prodded at Liv’s feet with one of hers. Becky shifted, so Liv could sit down, then put her feet back on Liv’s lap.

“That was my first date with a girl,” Becky said, thinking.

“Um, that wasn’t a date, dude.”

“It kind of was. Dinner and the theatre and walking home in the moonlight.”

“Lying on the couch and putting your stinky feet all over me and making me get my own beer.”

Becky grinned. “Not even a little bit of one?” she said.

“Um, nope. Sorry.”

“Not even a tiny bit? Like, wouldn’t it have been one, kind of, if we hadn’t already known each other first?”

Liv shook her head.

“Oh,” Becky said, disappointed. She didn’t quite know why she cared, but she almost did. She always wanted it to have meant something, just for an imaginary scorecard in her head.

Liv seemed to realize. She looked at Becky for a moment, then said, “It matters whether it was?”

“Not really.”

“Except yes?”

Becky shrugged.

“Then maybe kind of a little bit of a date,” Liv said.

“Only a little bit?”

“Yeah only a little, you demanding asshole. But like a not-date, if you want it to be, rather than just, you know, hanging out with a mate.”

“I don’t know what that means. A not-date.”

Liv grinned. “I don’t either.”

“So what’s the difference meant to be?”

“I don’t know, whether you drag me back to your place afterwards and ply me with beer?”

Becky looked at Liv for a moment, and then sighed.

“What’s up, dude?” Liv said. “Why are you caring about this? You seem kind of down.”

“I’m not. I’m fine.”

“No you aren’t, so what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Becky said. “Just, sometimes I feel like I might as well just give up, because I never meet anyone, and never like them when I do, and I haven’t been out at all except for tonight in two and a half months now and it’s just starting to get depressing.”

“Poor Becks,” Liv said, and sipped her beer.

“Yeah,” Becky said. “Even though you don’t mean that.”

“I kind of do. It’s sad. I feel sympathies.” Liv grinned. “I could set you up with someone if you want.”

“Someone like a girl?”

Liv shrugged. She started grinning again.

Becky looked at her, then said, “Don’t be mean.”

Liv shrugged. “Or not. If you’re just going to be rude.”

“I’m not being rude, I’m being hopeless.”

“I said poor Becks.”

“Stop it, I’m kind of serious. That was the best date I’ve had in months, even if it wasn’t a date. It might have been the best in years.”

“Oh,” Liv said. “That isn’t good.”

“No it isn’t,” Becky said, a little sadly. “I mean, tonight there was no weirdos, no odd silences, no listening to someone go on and on about shit I don’t care about it. It was just fun. You were lots of fun. So thank you and I wish it had been a date after all.”

Liv nodded slowly.

“Tonight was fun,” Becky said, thinking. “It really was. I mean, if that was all there was to going out with girls, then right now I’d be completely set.”

Liv patted Becky’s foot, sympathetically.

“God,” Becky said, thinking. “I almost wish I could. Like, have nights like this, and do stuff with you, and just, well, have fun. Then I’d just need to work out how to get laid, and everything would be sorted.”

Liv didn’t answer.

Becky sat there for a moment, and then sighed. “Yeah,” she said. “I know.”

“We can go out,” Liv said. “Whenever you want.”

“But that isn’t quite the same.”

“You have fun.”

“Yeah, but fun, and getting laid…”

Liv nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

Becky sighed again. “Oh god,” she said. “That’s the worst part. I really, really need to get laid. It’s been way too long since I did.”

“So get laid,” Liv said, and sipped her beer.

“Oh, I’ve been trying.”

“Not enough, apparently.”

“Well, I keep looking, and I’ve got internet profiles, but I still can’t meet anyone…”

“And I didn’t meant that.”

Becky looked at Liv, wondering quite what she did mean. “What are you on about, weirdo?” she said.

“That you can, if you want.”

Becky thought. She sat up, and shifted her feet off Liv, and looked at her quite carefully. “Um,” she said. “What do you mean?”

“That you can,” Liv said again. “If you want to. The not-date could end with not-sex.”

“What the fuck is not-sex?”

“The kind we pretend didn’t happen in the morning.”

“Oh,” Becky said, weakly. “Obviously.”

Becky was startled. She was pretty sure Liv had just offered her sex, and she wasn’t quite sure what to say. Liv had, she decided. Liv had just carelessly offered her a fuck, completely matter of factly, like it wasn’t even a big deal, and now she was sitting there waiting to see what Becky said.

Liv was pretty calm about it, Becky thought, so maybe it wasn’t actually a big deal. Maybe it wasn’t, and maybe Becky should consider it, just give up on what wasn’t working for her, and try something new. Maybe she should.

Becky was almost tempted, except that she was almost certain Liv was teasing. The way she teased about Becky not being able to meet men, and that Becky didn’t understand why her boyfriends did things, and how Becky would be better off without them.

Liv talked a lot of shit, sometimes, so it was hard to tell when she was serious.

“You’re joking, aren’t you?” Becky said.

“Um, no.”

Becky sat there, looking at Liv.

“What?” Liv said, and sipped her beer again. “You want a fuck. I’d fuck you. What’s the problem?”

“Um, I’m not into women…”

“Says you. Have you ever actually checked?”

Becky didn’t answer.

“So no?” Liv said.

“You know it’s no.”

“So why not find out?”

Becky didn’t answer.

Liv moved. She turned sideways, so she was facing towards Becky, and put her hand on Becky’s bare leg. On Becky’s thigh, carefully, so her fingertips were just touching the hem of Becky’s skirt. Then she stroked once, slowly, down over Becky’s knee. And then again, even more slowly, so Becky shivered a little, despite herself.

Becky shivered, then desperately wished she hadn’t, because Liv noticed as soon as she did. Liv grinned, and sipped her beer, and watched Becky shiver as she stroked. She watched, and kept on stroking, slowly, touching Becky’s knee, caressing Becky’s skin. Slow, silky thoughtful caresses, Becky thought. Not entirely sensual touches, but not completely unsensual either.

Becky watched Liv’s hand, unsure what else to do. She didn’t want to look up at Liv’s face. She watched Liv’s hand moved on her leg, and decided Liv’s hand felt nice.

“What are you doing?” Becky said, after a moment.

“Nothing,” Liv said.

“Oh,” Becky said. Her mouth felt strangely dry. She reached over, and took Liv’s beer, and sipped a little herself. Then she gave the bottle back.

Liv watched, still stroking Becky’s leg.

“You’ve never done nothing like this before,” Becky said.

“We’ve never been on a not-date before.”

“You’re being an asshole,” Becky said. “You’re just teasing, aren’t you?”


“Yeah you are.”

Liv shook her head.

“You’re being kind of weird,” Becky said.

“I’m asking if you want sex.”


Liv shrugged. “I’m curious.”

Becky didn’t understand. “About what? How I fuck?”

“Whether you actually will.”

“Oh,” Becky said, and sat there for a moment, staring at Liv. At Liv’s smug grin, and the odd brightness in her eyes, and the way she was teasing, but not quite. Every other time Liv had said something like that, Becky had told her to fuck off. This time, Becky didn’t. This time Becky was actually thinking about it.

“You’re serious?” Becky said.


“Are you?”

Liv shrugged.

“Make up your mind,” Becky said. “Because if you don’t stop, I actually might.”

Now Liv looked surprised. She bit her lip, and her hand went still, although she didn’t take it away from Becky’s leg. She hesitated for a moment, looking at Becky carefully, as if she was waiting for Becky to laugh and say she’d got her, but Becky didn’t. Becky just sat there, waiting, to see what Liv would do.

“That isn’t funny,” Liv said.

“Neither are you. So stop it unless you’re serious.”

Liv thought. “I don’t know if I am.”

“I don’t know either.”

“You can’t be,” Liv said. “You aren’t into…”

“And neither were you once, as far as you knew.”

“I knew…”

“You wondered. And now I’m wondering too.”

Liv shrugged slightly. She seemed a little flustered. She took her hand away from Becky, and folded it into her other one, resting on her lap.

“What?” Becky said. “Why are you getting all weird now?”

“I’m not, I’m…” Liv stopped. “I don’t know what I am.”

“You’re completely right is what you are,” Becky said. “There is only one way to be sure. You keep saying that, and it’s actually true. You’re right, so maybe I should try. I mean, just since you’re offering and everything, maybe I owe it to myself to check.”

Liv bit her lip again.

“And yep,” Becky said. “I’m horny and lonely and sad, and yep I envy how you seem to find people way more easily than me. And yep I like you, and I always kind of have, and I know there’s always been a little flirty thing going on…”

“I never…” Liv said.

“Whatever. I flirted back. It’s not important.”

“All the same, this is kind of a big deal…”

“Yep, of course it is. Except no, probably not. To try, that isn’t a big deal. It’s just trying. It might not work out.”

Liv opened her mouth, then closed it again.

“Because,” Becky said. “I mean, being honest, it’s probably just a sign of how horny and desperate I am, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know. How would I know?”

“Because you’re done this before. The wondering part. And because you know me. And, well, because I am.”

Liv didn’t answer.

“Hey,” Becky said. “Are you okay?”

Liv nodded.

“Were you serious about this?” Becky said.


“But now you’re weird?”

“I didn’t think you’d say yes, that’s all.”

“So why did you…”

“I don’t know. I suppose in case you did say yes, but I didn’t think you would.”

“Oh,” Becky said.

They looked at each other for a moment, and Becky wasn’t sure what that look meant. Liv was looking at her, and seemed to be thinking, but Becky was trying not to think.

“If we do,” Becky said suddenly. “I’m not taking my top off. Just so you know.”

“Um, all right… why…?”

“You have nicer tits.”

“I really don’t…”

“Don’t be an asshole. You do.”

“They’re small.”

“And nicer.”

“How do you know? I haven’t ever…”

“I know. They’re nicer. Stop arguing now or go home.”

Liv shrugged, but stopped.

“Sorry,” Becky said. “I’m just saying, that’s a thing. Just so you know. If you’d like to try showing me how we could fuck, then that’d be wonderful and I really like you to. But if you do, and we both get naked, then I know myself enough to know I’ll just be comparing and worrying and not actually enjoying it. And I don’t want to do that, so instead, I’m not taking off my top.”

“You might just, um, enjoy what we’re doing and not think so much…”

“I won’t. You know I won’t. I’ll compare, and hate you, and get upset because mine are a funny shape.”

“They’re not.”

“They’re funny compared to yours.”

Liv sighed. She sipped her beer. “You know you’re perfect how you are, right? I mean, I like you exactly as…”

“Stop it.”

Liv thought. “And you know you’ll probably just get into everything and not think so much about stuff like that once we start…”

“I won’t. I’ll think.”

“You might not.”

Becky shook her head. “I will.”

“And you know this for sure how?” Liv said. “Since you’ve never been in this situation before…?”

“Um, because I’ve thought about this once or twice, and thought carefully enough to work that out.”

“You’re thought about this. About us…?”


Liv seemed surprised. “Oh,” she said, and sipped again.

“I’ve thought about it, like on my own, in my special alone time…”

Liv nodded. “Yep.”

“You know what I mean?”

“Um dude, of course I know what you mean. Fuck.”

“Good,” Becky said. “Because, well, haven’t you…?”

“What, about you?”

Becky nodded.

“Um, no,” Liv said. “Because that would be creepy, and really rude too.”

“Liar. You just think you have to say that, right?”

Liv shook her head. “Nope, it’s true. I never have. I never will.”

“You can if you want to.”

“Wow, thanks, but I’m still not going to.

“Don’t be an asshole, I mean it. I’d like you. Especially since I already did about you…”

Liv didn’t answer.

There was another silence. A more comfortable silence, Becky thought. A silence like they’d decided now, and were just waiting while Liv finished her beer before they had sex. Becky was excited, and not just because it had been a while. New things were interesting, she’d decided as she sat there. New was exciting. New might be some wonderful thing she’d been missing all her life. And as well, she’d known Liv long enough, and been curious about what she did but too embarrassed to ask, that now she was actually looking forward to finding out for herself.

Becky sat there, watching Liv sip beer, and suddenly realized that Liv’s other hand was back on her leg. It was just resting there, not moving, but Becky was surprised all the same. She hadn’t actually noticed Liv put it back.

She glanced down at it, and Liv did too, and then, ever so slowly, Liv began stroking again. Stroking, sliding her fingers up the inside of Becky’s leg, a long way up, a silky smooth tease, so her fingertips disappeared beneath the edge of Becky’s skirt, and Becky shivered again.

Liv grinned, smug, and Becky pushed her hand away, back down to Becky’s knee.

“Well?” Becky said, a little breathlessly. “So do you want to or not?”

Liv looked at her, still grinning, but didn’t actually answer. On purpose, Becky thought, just teasing because she thought it was funny.

“We should try at least, shouldn’t we?” Becky said, ignoring Liv being difficult. “Like have a go for five minutes or whatever, and stop if it turns out to be a terrible idea?”

“What, stop and never talk about it again if it is?”

“Oh god no. Talk constantly if it’s terrible. Like tease the shit out of each other.”

Liv seemed surprised, and Becky was quite pleased. Being able to be surprising was quite satisfying, and she was fairly sure she was right, too. “What?” she said. “Teasing’d be healthier, don’t you think? Like talking it out, not letting it loom there, all horrible and unspoken?”

“Yeah,” Liv said. “Actually, you’re probably right.”

“So do you want to try this? And see what happens?”

“For five minutes?” Liv sounded amused. “Like a time limit?”

“I don’t know. Why not?”

“A time limit?”

“Fuck, dude, whatever, no time limit…” Becky said.

“I think that’s probably best.”

“We can take as long you like, but my top stays on. Okay?”

Slowly, Liv nodded.

“And we need to be careful not to fall in love or anything too,” Becky said.

Liv coughed, and put her beer down on the floor. Becky waited, hoping Liv was only laughing. She seemed to be laughing, but Becky didn’t quite know why.

“What?” Becky said. “Isn’t that a thing that might happen. You’re always going on about how women fall for each other in ten minutes…”

“Some women. Not me.”

“Well I might be one.”

“Yep, you might be,” Liv said, still grinning.

“Why’re you laughing at me?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m never going to fall for you, dude. Just never.”

“Why not?”

“Um, because you’re you. I know you too well.”

“Oh,” Becky said, a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry,” Liv said, sounding almost half sincere. “I mean, it’s awful to hear, but I’d hate to lie to you and do this under, um, false pretences or whatever.”

“So what is this? Just using each other for sex?”

“Um, pretty much. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Well, yeah,” Becky said. “I suppose. But I mean, you do still want to do this if it’s going nowhere? Like, you haven’t got some kind of secret crush on me, have you?”

Liv laughed some more, then said, “Oh god, I’m sorry.” And then laughed again, while Becky sat there watching her.

“I guess not,” Becky said, in the end.

“Um, nope. Not at all.”

“So just sex?” Becky said.

“If you can manage to stay crush-free too.”

“Oh I can manage,” Becky said. “I haven’t got any in months, remember?”

“Yep, I know. And poor you again.”

“Yep. So we should start. Quickly. Whatever it is we’re doing that’s so complicated I can’t work it out for myself.”

Liv looked at her. “Um, what?”

For just a moment Becky regretted trying to be funny right then. Then she decided she’s just say it anyway. “Um, the whole showing me thing,” she said. “Kind of patronizing dude, like fingering and licking people out, that’s just so complicated I couldn’t possibly work it out on my own…”

“Some of it’s complicated,” Liv said, quite calmly.

“I’m sure. Licking and fingering.”

“Oh, there’s more than that.”

Becky hesitated. “Really?”

“Heaps more. You might find out.”

“I might?”

“Yep,” Liv said. “Because I thought we’d start with the simple stuff, and see how you go.”

“Simple stuff?” Becky said, suspiciously.

“Licking you out, I’d thought,” Liv said. “If you wanted me to.”

“Oh,” Becky said, and felt a wet little shiver just hearing that. A sudden excited wetness she hadn’t quite expected. She was surprised, a little, by how direct Liv had been. Surprised, and excited as well. “Really?” she said, and her voice felt oddly breathless.

“Um, yeah,” Liv said, grinning, as if she’d noticed Becky’s breathlessness too. “If you wanted me to?”

“Oh I do. I mean, if you didn’t mind…?”

“Um, no. Not at all. I’d really quite like to. Why? Don’t you want me to or something?”

“Of course I do.”

“So why are you being so… um, weird?”

“I don’t know,” Becky said. “In case you weren’t serious, I suppose. About any of this. So you have a chance to go ha ha funny joke and stop if you want to.”

“Um, no. I wasn’t going to do that. Why, were you?”

Becky shook her head.

“You’re sure?” Liv said. “You seem weirdly reluctant. I mean, for someone who just got offered head for no real reason…”

“I think I’m just confused. I’ve forgotten how this goes.”

“Um, you’ve never done this before, so have you forgotten…”

“Head,” Becky said. “From anyone. Like I haven’t had that in about six months. Or more.”

“Seriously?” Liv said, actually sounding shocked. “Fuck.”

“Seriously, because boys, but we should talk about that later if you really care.”

“I don’t think I actually want to know.”

Becky grinned.

“Except that, well, that’s kind of awful,” Liv said. “Other than that.”

“You’re about fix that, though, right?”

“Um, yep. I was.”

“So never mind.”

Liv grinned.

“Because right now,” Becky said. “You’re supposed to making that right. But, for some reason, you aren’t, and I’m really not sure why…”

Liv kept smiling, like she thought Becky was teasing.

“I’m serious,” Becky said. “Why aren’t you?”

Liv still sat there, still smiling, still apparently misunderstanding.

Becky sighed, and pulled Liv over, and kissed her. She kissed Liv, and Liv began to kiss back, and Becky felt brave and proud and happy. Liv tasted like lip gloss and smelled like shampoo. Like Becky’s shampoo, actually, because they used the same one, because Becky had found it and told her and Liv had kept on using it. Not that she should be thinking about things like that now.

Becky opened her mouth, and closed her eyes, and Liv opened her mouth too. They kissed for a moment, kissed terribly intensely. Then, unexpectedly, what seemed like far too soon, Liv stopped kissing and slid onto the floor. She whispered, “Licking,” as she did, and took a cushion with her to kneel on, and then pulled Becky sideways so she could sit between Becky’s legs.

“Um,” Becky said, surprised how abruptly that had happened. “Right.”

Liv looked up, and seemed suddenly unsure. “What wrong?”

“God, nothing. Just, that was sudden…”

“Oh, what, you’ve been waiting six months and now you want lots of kissing and making out…?”

“Um,” Becky said. “No.”

“I was trying to be considerate. To hurry for your sake.”

“Okay. Um, go on.”

“I don’t have to yet if you don’t want me to?”

“Um no. You’re fine.”

“Okay,” Liv said. “So I should start?”

Becky nodded.

“You’re sure?” Liv said.

“Stop it,” Becky said, and Liv laughed.

Both Liv’s hands were on Becky’s knees, where she’d had them to arrange Becky on the couch. Liv moved her hands, slithering them up Becky’s legs, a warm slippery tease so exciting that Becky’s breath stopped.

“Start like that?” Liv whispered.

“Um,” Becky said tightly. “Yep, that’s quite nice, actually.”

Liv grinned, and slid her hands all the way up under Becky’s skirt, up to Becky’s hips, and then said, “Lift up.”

Becky did, and Liv pulled Becky’s underwear down, slowly and very carefully. Gently, Becky noticed, making sure she didn’t tug too sharply and hurt Becky as she started. It was probably the nicest way anyone had removed her undies ever, Becky thought. Liv pulled, and kissed Becky’s legs as she did, then lifted Becky’s feet up, and kissed them too. She pulled Becky’s undies free of her ankles, and threw them away somewhere Becky could see, then shifted Becky’s feet, moving them apart, so she could kneel between them and reach Becky more easily.

Becky let herself be shifted, a little uncertainly, suddenly feeling very bare and spread and exposed. She was sitting with her heels lifted off the floor already, and her knees up off the couch as well, keeping her legs tight. Liv had nice legs, so without quite meaning to, Becky had started making comparisons again. She told herself to stop. She told herself that Liv didn’t really seem to be noticing legs, right now. She wasn’t sure if it was better or worse, but Liv seemed to be looking fairly fixedly at Becky’s pussy instead. Looking right at it, seeming strangely interested. Staring, so Becky suddenly felt quite self-conscious again, right there, under Liv’s nose. She wanted to blush, or shriek, or hide her face. She wanted to kiss Liv some more, or pull Liv against herself and feel her mouth, or maybe just run away and hide. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but being stared at wasn’t it.

She wanted Liv stop. She cleared her throat, but Liv ignored her.

“Hey,” Becky said, and Liv looked up, for a second. Liv smiled, and then looked back to Becky’s pussy.

“Dude,” Becky said. “Stop staring.”

“I’m not.”

“You kind of are. You’re staring, and it really isn’t that interesting.”

Liv smiled. “It kind of is.”

“Um, no, it really isn’t. And you getting all obsessed like that is just a little bit weird.”

“Sorry,” Liv said, looking at Becky’s face, sounding as if she meant it, but even as she spoke her gaze was flicking downwards.

“Please?” Becky said. “Couldn’t you just…”

“Sorry,” Liv whispered, and leaned forward, and kissed Becky instead.

Becky sighed. Liv’s mouth felt good. Anyone’s mouth felt good, Becky supposed, especially when you knew you were about to get licked out, but Liv’s mouth felt especially nice. It was a sweet, gentle kiss, a kiss with promise, and Becky sighed, and wanted more.

Liv kissed twice more, and then touched Becky with one fingertip, sliding it slowly down Becky, stroking, touching, seeming almost curious, then she leaned forward, and licked Becky, and Becky almost melted. Hot wet shivers shuddered through Becky’s tummy. She gasped, and shifted her knees apart, and tried to wriggle downwards, towards Liv’s mouth.

“Better?” Liv said after a moment. Her mouth was still pressed against Becky, so Becky felt a little vibrating trembles as Liv spoke.

“Um, yep,” Becky said weakly. “Much better thank you.”

Liv laughed, and Becky felt trembles again, and then Liv started licking her out.

Liv sucked, and lapped, and kissed as well. She used her fingers, and her nose, and pressed her face right into Becky. She seemed passionate, almost desperate, as if she was turned on by doing this, and wanted more. As if she wanted to fill herself with Becky, tasting and feeling and touching as well, filling her senses with Becky, as Becky lay there gasping.

It was good, Becky thought. Liv’s mouth felt wonderful and good. Even though it was also a little unsettling to have Liv kneeling down there. It was Liv, her friend, who was licking her out, and Becky wasn’t sure what to think about that.

Then she realized. It didn’t matter what she thought. It didn’t matter, because she wasn’t going to be able to keep thinking for very long.

Liv started a steady licking, a rhythm with her mouth, making Becky wet and breathless and unable to concentrate on anything but that. Becky lay there, gasping, lost in everything Liv did. Liv’s mouth was hot, and her hands were gentle, and there were tickly little pieces of hair escaping from her bun and wafting across Becky’s skin. Becky reached down, and put her hand on Liv’s hair. On silky smooth hair, slippery hair, right there under her hands. She’d always adored Liv’s hair. It was long and shiny and slightly curled. It was wonderful to feel it, almost as wonderful as Liv’s mouth. Becky groped around, then pulled out Liv’s clip, and then slid her fingers into Liv’s hair, holding it there, out of the way, sliding her hands through it as Liv licked her out.

Liv kept licking, seeming engrossed in what she was doing, touching with her fingertips, breathing softly on Becky too. She kissed Becky now and then, and tasted inside Becky with her tongue, and seemed all slow and sensual and wanting, taking her time, not in a hurry to finish what she’d started.

Liv wasn’t in a hurry, Becky suddenly realized, but Becky was. She suddenly felt how close she was to coming. It had happened so quickly it almost took her by surprise, because she hadn’t completely expected to, not the first time with Liv, and not this quickly. She hadn’t expected to, but suddenly she was close. Somehow, Liv was licking her exactly right, light and fast, how she needed it. Becky wondered how Liv knew. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever said how she liked being licked, but didn’t think she had, because they didn’t really talk about sex much at all. Liv must have worked it out on her own, Becky thought. Liv must have, and Becky didn’t really care any more. Liv was licking, and it was good, and Becky was too close to be able to think any more.

Becky lay there gasping, almost gone.

Becky wanted to say, to warn Liv before she did. She wanted to say it was good, not to stop, but she was too embarrassed to do so. It seemed almost too personal, as if friends shouldn’t make friends come. As if licking each other out was one thing, that was just fun, but surely Liv couldn’t get Becky off like this, and then have coffee with her the next day. It seemed almost too intimate, Becky thought, embarrassed. Too intimate and too personal, and too complicated to think about right now. She was embarrassed, she thought, but her embarrassment didn’t actually matter. None of it mattered, not any more. She was too close to coming to care about a thing. Unless Liv suddenly stopped, Becky was about to, and Becky didn’t want Liv to stop, she didn’t want that at all.

“Do that,” Becky whispered. “Oh please keep doing that.”

Liv murmured something.

“Don’t stop,” Becky whispered.

Another murmur.

“I’m close,” Becky said, feeling embarrassed. Embarrassed, and filled with it too, feeling it close, glad she was about to.

She came, and forgot where, and why, and everything except thick hot ecstasy. She came, and it filled her for brief seconds, and then it was over and suddenly she was embarrassed again. She let go of Liv’s hair. She sat herself up a little. She looked down, at Liv, who kissed her gently a few more times, and then sat up.

Liv wiped her mouth. Daintily, Becky thought, as if she was tasting as she wiped. Becky thought perhaps she was. Liv’s lip gloss had disappeared, and Becky knew exactly why. Knowing why felt odd. What they’d just done felt odd.

Suddenly, now Becky wasn’t so desperately excited any more, she felt unsure. She didn’t know quite what to think about what had just happened. What to think, or what to do next. She didn’t know whether to say thank you, or offer to go down on Liv too, or to just sit up, and keep talking, and pretend nothing had happened. Liv didn’t quite seem to know either. She sat further backwards, onto her feet, and fixed her hair, putting her clip back in and straightening it as best she could. She didn’t look at Becky while she did, perhaps noticing Becky’s uncertainty and giving her a moment to gather her thoughts.

Once Liv had tidied her hair she got up off the floor, and sat beside Becky on the couch. She sat, and looked at Becky, and then started leaning towards her. She got halfway there, then stopped suddenly and said, “Um, do you kiss after someone does?”

Becky looked at her, confused.

“Can I kiss you?” Liv said.

“Um yeah, of course. Why…”

“You’re all over my face,” Liv said. “I mean, not really, but you know…”

Becky flushed.

“I shouldn’t say it like that?” Liv said, uncertainly. “Was that too much?”

Becky thought for a moment, and then shook her head. Actually it wasn’t too much. Actually saying it so openly seemed to calm her down.

“So you don’t mind us kissing?” Liv said. “Afterwards, I mean.”

“Nope.” Becky shrugged. “Whatever you like.”

“I like you.”

“Well good.”

“And I like to kiss.”

“So do.”

Liv leaned over and kissed Becky. Her mouth tasted of Becky. It tasted of excitement, and fun, and sex. She kissed, and Becky kissed back. She felt warm and glowy and happy from having just come. She wanted to hug Liv, to hold her, but they were just friends, and this was just trying something out, so didn’t think she should. Instead she kissed for a moment, and then stopped, and then said, “So what now?”

Liv shrugged. “I don’t know. Watch a movie or something? Make coffee? Whatever.”

“Um, don’t you want me to do you?”

“I’m fine.”

Becky hesitated, wondering. “I mean, I can try if you want me to…”

“Another time,” Liv said. “If there is one.”

“It seems unfair. Like I really should….”

“It’s only unfair if I want you to, and right now I don’t.”

Becky was puzzled by Liv’s refusal. It seemed odd, unless she thought Becky would be really awful at giving head. Becky hoped that wasn’t why. She thought for a moment, puzzled, and suddenly wondered if Liv had her period. It was an odd thought to have, a new thought, the idea that someone else’s might matter for sex as well as her own. It was an odd thought, but in a way, a nice one, because it seemed like a sign of the new things she was doing. She thought for a moment, wondering, but didn’t think it was that after all. Liv tended to be quite moany, so everyone around her, including Becky, had a fairly good idea when she had it, and Becky didn’t think it was now.

“Are you on your period?” she said anyway, just to make sure.

“Um, nope. Why?”

“I just wondered. Because you aren’t wanting to…?”

“I’m just not. That’s all.”

Becky shrugged.

“Oh stop it,” Liv said. “Like you’ve never given someone head before just because you liked them and wanted them to feel better, and then not asked for anything back…?”

Becky shrugged. She supposed that was true. She thought some more, and decided that perhaps Liv was trying not to be demanding, not asking for too much at once, for Becky’s sake. If that was what it was, Becky thought, she quite appreciated it. She decided not to care. She felt happy. She felt grateful. Perhaps Liv was right, and they shouldn’t get carried away, trying things out, and risk overwhelming Becky.

Becky decided she didn’t especially care whether or not Liv wanted to keep going, not really. She was happy with whatever Liv wanted to do now.

“I’m fine,” Liv said. “Stop staring.”

Becky decided she had to offer one last time. “Are you completely utterly sure?”

“I’m sure. Don’t make a fuss.”

“Okay,” Becky said. “No fuss. Let’s watch a movie, then.”

“Find something to watch,” Liv said, and stood up. “I’ll just wash my hands.”

She went off to the bathroom, and left Becky on the couch. She kissed Becky as she went, quickly, like a habit, like saying goodbye. As if meaning that this part of it was over, and now they were just friends again.

Becky pushed her skirt down, and sat there for a moment. Her undies were across the floor, near the TV. The movies were beside the TV too.

She sat there, thinking.

She waited. A few minutes passed.

Liv had been gone a while, Becky suddenly realized. She could hear water running in the distance, but then the water stopped, and there was silence. She wondered what Liv was doing.

Liv seemed to be taking a suspiciously long time.

Becky began to wonder again about Liv not wanting sex. To wonder if Liv was looking after herself quickly, in the bathroom. She wondered if Liv was. Becky might have, if it was her.

Becky decided that didn’t seem fair. Not if Liv actually wanted to do more, and especially after what Liv had done for Becky. Becky sat for a moment, thinking, and then she stood up.

She went out into the hallway, and tapped on the bathroom door.

“Hey,” she said. “We can fuck or something if you want.”

“Um, what?” Liv said from inside.

“If you want. If you’re doing what I think you are. We can fuck if you want to. If you show me how.”

“Um, dude, I’m in the bathroom….”

“I know. I just wanted to say. If you’re doing what I think…”

“Um, what?” Liv said.

“If you’re doing what…”

“Do we need to talk about this right now?” Liv said. “Like, through the door?”

The toilet flushed.

“Oh,” Becky said.

“Hold on,” Liv shouted. Water started running in the bathroom. Liv washing her hands, Becky supposed.

“Um,” Becky said. “Yeah, sorry…”

No answer from the bathroom. After a moment, the water stopped running, and Liv opened the door. Behind her, the toilet was gurgling as it refilled.

“What the fuck?” Liv said.

“Sorry. I thought…”

“I was peeing,” Liv said. “Thank you for the privacy and everything. What do you want?”

“Was that all?”

Liv looked at Becky for a moment. “What?”

“You were taking ages, longer than seemed normal. And so I thought…” Becky stopped. She felt silly. “Um, nothing. Don’t worry.”

Liv seemed to be thinking. “What are you on about?”

“Forget it. Nothing.”

Liv seemed to realize. “Oh my god,” she said. “You thought…”

Becky didn’t answer.

“You though I was getting myself off?” Liv said. “In your bathroom?”

“You didn’t want sex,” Becky said, defensively. “I offered, and you didn’t want to…”

“But in the bathroom?”

“You might have been. You rushed off, and were in there for ages.”

“Dude. Because I needed to pee.”

“But you took ages…”

“Washing my hands,” Liv said. “Because sticky with you. And then peeing. Because too much beer. And then washing my hands again, which is what I was doing when you turned up. At least I hope I was, and you weren’t out there for ages listening…”

Becky shook her head.

“Good,” Liv said. “Because that would just be so completely unsexy, knowing you’d been listening. But washing my hands. And now I’m done. And also, oh my god, in your bathroom?”

Becky looked at Liv, suspiciously, but Liv didn’t seemed flushed, or breathless, or anything else incriminating.

“Fuck,” Liv said. “You’re still wondering?”

“I…” Becky said. “No.”

“Yeah you are,” Liv said. “Because you think licking you out turned me on so impossibly much I couldn’t control myself and just had to get myself off in the company of your scented soaps. Nice soaps, by the way.”

“Thank you,” Becky said. “And no. And sorry. It just seemed like you were taking too long…”

“Not really. Washing. Peeing. Washing again.”

Becky nodded slowly. “Yep, I get that now.”

“But hey,” Liv said. “Since you have already, I suppose I don’t mind you following me in here. Whatever you like, now we’re trying stuff out. I mean, god, you can watch me pee if you want to, if you’re into that…”

Liv was teasing, Becky was almost certain of it. Liv was teasing because she was embarrassed, and was covering that up. Becky understood. She was embarrassed too.

“I’m not in there,” Becky said, after a moment. “In the bathroom. I’m at the door.”

“I can see. Right at the door. In the hallway. Listening to me pee.”

“I wasn’t listening,” Becky said. “I was…”


“Knocking. Making sure you were okay.”

“Of course you were.”

Liv started to smile, and then Becky did too. They were still standing where they’d been, slightly too close together, right in the doorway, looking at each other. Liv still had her hand on the door, and was leaning on it as she looked at Becky. She had her mouth a little way open, as she smiled. Becky looked at Liv’s mouth, thinking. Thinking what Liv’s mouth had just done to Becky, and how carelessly willing Liv had been to do it. Thinking how good Liv’s mouth had felt, and how much more Becky wanted to try doing with her.

Liv hadn’t put her lip gloss back on, Becky suddenly noticed. Liv’s mouth was bare, but still soft and inviting. They’d been kissing a little while ago, Becky thought, and she wanted to again. She wanted to kiss Liv, but Liv was her friend. She wanted to kiss Liv, and do more with Liv, but she wasn’t sure how things were now, between them. She didn’t know what Liv wanted.

She wanted to ask, but didn’t. She stood where she was, silent and unsure.

“What?” Liv said, and touched her mouth. “Is something wrong? Something there?”

Me, Becky wanted to say, but didn’t. She shook her head, instead. “No,” she said. “You’re fine. You’re perfect.”

Liv looked at her for a moment, and seemed to be thinking. “Hey,” she said. “Are we okay? Because that doesn’t have to be complicated. It was just…”




Liv nodded.

“Helping me out because I was sad?” Becky said.

“Um, yeah, exactly.”

“I know,” Becky said. “I get it. Everything’s fine.”

“So what’s up?”

“Nothing’s up.”

“You’re still in the doorway, staring at me.”

“I know.”

“Um, so, why?”

Becky thought. She didn’t really know. “Probably I just came to say thank you,” she said.

Liv grinned. “Probably?”


“Well, that’s fine, dude. Glad to. Don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah,” Becky said. “To say thank you, and also to ask…”

Liv waited.

“So I wondered,” Becky said. “Before, when you didn’t want me to… Um, was that because you needed to pee?”

Liv seemed to be trying not to laugh. “Yep,” she said.

“But now you have.”

“Yep, I have. Which you know because of how you were listening.”

Becky sighed. “But you have,” she said. “So does that mean… has that changed, that not wanting to? Like, maybe you would want to try something else now?”

Liv looked surprised. Then she started to grin. “Oh,” she said, and looked at Becky.

Becky felt terribly uncertain. She didn’t feel like she could wait to find out. Liv was just looking at her, though, making her wait, and that didn’t seem fair. “Well?” Becky said sharply.

Liv grinned. “Yes,” she said, which wasn’t especially helpful.

“Yes it means you do want to?”

Liv nodded. “Yes,” she said. “That’s pretty much exactly what it means.”

“Oh,” Becky said. “Um, good.”

“I mean, if you’re still interested. If you like.”

“I’m interested,” Becky said. “And I like a lot.”

“Well, same,” Liv said, but then just stood there.

Liv didn’t move, so Becky waited, unsure what she was meant to do now. Liv wasn’t doing anything, or saying anything, and Becky didn’t know why. She stood there, uncertainly, not wanting to start first. If Liv was going to be all weird, Becky would too.

Becky stood there, waiting, and her mind began to wander. Back to why they’d stopped earlier, and why they weren’t having sex right now. She still felt a little silly about it all, she decided. She ought to have guessed why Liv had wanted to stop. She ought to have guessed, and the more she thought about it, the more silly she felt. She might as well just say so, she decided in the end. Since they weren’t doing anything much else except stand there.

“You should have just told me,” Becky said. “About needing to pee.”

“Yeah right.”

“You should have,” Becky said.

“Would you? Have told me?”


“Come on dude, it’s a bit unglamorous. Especially when you’re already all oh my god are you on the rag.”

“I wasn’t… I mean, I don’t care if you are.”

“Yeah, except that for all I know you were about to lose your shit because oh my god I have a period too.”

“What?” Becky said, then, “Um, no, I don’t think I was.”

Liv looked at her.

“Seriously?” Becky said. “Did you think…?”

Liv shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. Because honestly? I can’t really remember what seemed like a big deal at first any more. So I’ve got no idea what might suddenly strike you as weird, and I don’t want to take chances.”

“Oh. But that? I mean…”

Liv shrugged again. “Well yeah, never mind.”

Becky nodded, and stood there, thinking. “Take chances?” she said. That part seemed a lot more interesting. “What are you taking chances about?”

Liv didn’t answer.

“Um, seriously?” Becky said. “I kind of want to know. What are you taking chances about?”

“I don’t know. You. Maybe scaring you off.”

“Oh,” Becky said. “Yeah, I suppose.”

They looked at each other for a moment longer. Liv still wasn’t doing anything but just stand there. Maybe that was on purpose, Becky suddenly thought. Maybe Liv was teasing. Teasing sexily, letting anticipation build, or perhaps just teasing cruelly because she thought it was funny. Becky didn’t know. She didn’t especially care. She was sick of waiting, and wanted to do things now.

“We’re still standing here,” Becky said, after a moment.

Liv grinned. “Yeah you’re right, we are.”


Liv shrugged.

“But we’re going to do something soon?” Becky said. “Aren’t we? Like do more stuff with each other?”

Liv nodded. “Soon.”

Becky waited a little longer. “How about now?” she said. “Can we right now? Please?”

Liv laughed, and leaned forward, and kissed Becky carefully. “Yep,” she said.

“Thank fuck,” Becky said, and kissed back, relieved. “Why were you waiting?” she said, after a moment, worried there’d been something wrong.

“No reason.”


“I don’t know. I was just looking at you, and thinking.”

“Oh,” Becky said, and felt better.

They stood in the doorway and kissed, until Becky started feeling silly. It wasn’t the most sensible place to be doing this, she decided, and pulled Liv back into the lounge. They kissed as they moved, and kissed when they got there, back on the couch, where they’d been. They kissed quite intensely, for quite a long time, and then, impatient, Becky pulled one of Liv’s breasts out of her top.

“Hey,” Liv whispered. “I thought we weren’t.”

“I’m not,” Becky said. “You are.”

Liv laughed.

“I mean it,” Becky said. “I’m not, but I still want you to. Is that unfair?”

Liv shrugged, and didn’t seem to care, so Becky kissed her nipple. Liv watched, smiling, seeming to think Becky was funny, all nervous and uncertain, so Becky sucked instead. Then, Liv sighed and went slightly limp all over, and Becky was quite pleased with herself. She sucked some more, surprised she was actually doing this, and surprised by how gaspily Liv was reacting to her mouth. It was odd, sucking Liv’s breast. Odd, but exciting too, exciting as much for the idea of it as for anything about Liv’s tits especially, which might be a horrible thing to think. Becky sucked anyway, since Liv seemed to like it, then decided she was getting bored, and was missing Liv’s mouth. She lifted up and kissed Liv instead, and Liv seemed to like that too.

They kissed, pressing together, wriggling around each other to get comfortable, and to reach. Becky’s skirt got pulled up, and Liv’s legs were between hers, and they were pressing and pushing against each other in a way that felt quite nice. Liv reached down, and slid her hand up Becky’s leg, up beneath Becky’s skirt, and touched her gently, touching and stroking as they kissed. Becky sighed. She was still bare under her skirt, and Liv’s hand had settled onto her like it belonged there, Liv’s fingertips spreading her, slipping inside her, and Becky was starting to have trouble thinking.

Becky pressed herself against Liv’s hand, kissing and sighing, and after a while decided she ought to be doing something like that as well. She reached down, a little clumsily, and tried to undo Liv’s jeans. It took a moment, fumbling with both hands, distracted by kissing, but she managed to in the end. She slipped her hand inside Liv’s open fly, and felt around. She felt the smooth skin of Liv’s tummy, and then the top of her leg, and finally her underwear, soft warm cloth, a little surprising for just how soft and warm it felt, almost softer than skin. She moved her fingers around, touching like Liv was touching her, stroking and caressing gently, while Liv gasped against her ear. She reached further, and found a warm dip, and realized she was feeling the shape of Liv though her underwear. She stroked, carefully, rubbing Liv through soft, soft cloth in a way that made Liv sigh.

Liv sighed, and pressed her fingers against Becky, and kissed her as they stroked each other. It felt good, Becky thought. It felt wonderful, and Liv seemed happy too. Becky opened her eyes, wanting to check. Liv looked happy, she decided. Liv actually looked slightly dazed.

Becky was doing everything well enough to make Liv happy, and that was very good, but she wanted to do more. She wanted to, she just wasn’t quite certain how.

“I can do more,” Becky said.

“What?” Liv said breathlessly, her eyes still closed.

“I want to do more for you.”

Liv opened her eyes. “I’m fine.”

“There must be something,” Becky said. “Like you did for me. Don’t you want me to do that as well?”

“Not really,” Liv said. “This is good.”

“Oh,” Becky said. “But don’t you want…”

“Nope,” Liv said. “This is good. This is really quite wonderfully good. Could you shut up and kiss me? Please?”

Becky looked at Liv, and didn’t know what to say. “Is this because you peed?”

Liv seemed startled. Her hand stopped moving on Becky. She sat there for a moment, quite taken aback. “Um, dude,” she said. “You’re probably the most unromantic person I’ve ever…. Just wow. Fuck. That’s…”

“But is that why?” Becky said. “Are you worried how you’ll taste like…”

“Stop,” Liv said. “Just stop talking. Please?”

Becky looked at her, a little uncertain. “If it is that…” she began.

“Nope,” Liv said. “It’s not. And stop talking, remember?”

Becky stayed quiet.

“It’s really not,” Liv said. “I promise. Because of how I wipe…”

Becky nodded, almost embarrassed. Somehow she’d started that, and ended up here, and she really needed to stop doing this. She needed to say something else, she decided, and quickly, before the mood between them was completely gone.

“Sorry,” she said.

“It’s fine.”

“Are you worried you’ll scare me off?” Becky said. “Like if you ask for too much all at once?”

Liv sighed. “Um, nope. Not really.”

“But I’m just touching,” Becky said. “I ought to do more.”

“You’re fine. You touch well.”

“But it’s only through your clothes…”

“Just do it and stop arguing.”

Becky looked at her, unsure.

“Really,” Liv said. “Just do it, and don’t think so much.”

Becky nodded. “I will.”

“Like actually don’t think so much,” Liv said. “Your hand stops moving when you do.”

“Oh,” Becky said, and decided Liv was right. “Um, sorry.”

Liv grinned, and kissed her. “You’re good at this. Stop worrying so much and just enjoy it.”

“I’ll try.”

“You’re good at this,” Liv said again slowly, as if she was thinking out loud. “Just obviously you are. Because you’ve been practicing on yourself for years…”

Becky wanted to blush. She was a little surprised Liv had just said that.

“Practicing,” Liv added, dreamily. “And thinking about me while you did…”

Becky laughed, despite herself, and Liv smiled too. She kissed Becky, then said, “Did you really? The thinking about me.”


“A lot of times?”

“Once or twice.”

“Ten times?”

“Not ten. Um, probably. But does it actually matter?”

“Not really.”

“You can think about me too,” Becky said, after a moment. “You can think about this.”

“Maybe I will, later.”

They kissed some more, and Becky kept rubbing Liv, and after a while, despite what Liv had said, Becky slipped her hand inside Liv’s underwear and felt her all slippery hot and wet. Liv began to gasp, and moan, and whisper things about not stopping, so Becky assumed she was doing something right. She kept rubbing, and kept kissing, and after a while thought Liv might be about to come, guessing from the way Liv was moving, sort of pushing her hips up jerkily onto Becky’s hand.

Liv was about to come, Becky thought, and that suddenly seemed unfair. Liv had gone down on her, but she was only fingering Liv. Liv ought to get head too.

“Hey,” Becky said. “Wait,” and took her hand away.

Liv seemed disappointed. She actually groaned. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s fine,” Becky said. “Nothing’s wrong. Just stand up, and let me…”

Liv didn’t understand. She was looking at Becky, bewildered, almost dazed. Her hand drifted towards her tummy, as if she was desperate enough she might just touch herself.

“Stand up,” Becky said, trying to sound firm. “Or lie back. One or the other.”

After a moment, Liv stood. Her jeans were already open. Becky leaned forward, and tugged at them, trying to get them down, wishing they weren’t skinnies and wishing Liv wore more girly clothes. She tugged, but couldn’t do much, not without risking pulling too hard and hurting Liv. Above her, Liv was breathing fast, almost gasping, desperate.

Becky gave up. “Help me, for fuck’s sake,” she said. “Take these off, could you.”

Liv nodded, and looked relieved, as if she finally understood what Becky was doing. She pushed the jeans to her knees, quickly, then sat down to yank them off. Becky tried to help, pulling at the cloth, but that just tangled Liv up and made everything worse, so she stopped and let Liv do it. Liv got the jeans off, and dropped them on the floor, and Becky pushed her back onto the couch. Pushed her back, and slid on top of her, and bent over and kissed her tummy.

“Are you sure about this?” Liv said.


“Sure sure?”

“Shut up,” Becky said, and licked Liv’s tummy.

Liv gasped, and shivered, but then said, “You don’t have to if you’re not sure.”

“What did I just say,” Becky whispered, and licked downwards, tasting Liv’s skin.

“Shut up?” Liv said.

“Yeah,” Becky said, and licked far enough she felt cloth underneath her chin. “Do you really want to argue now?”

“Um, not really.”

“So shut up.”

“Yep,” Liv said, and actually did.

Becky wriggled down, so she was between Liv’s legs. Liv shifted up a little, making room. She put one foot up on the back of the couch, and the other on the floor. She was there, all sprawled, so Becky was looking right at her.

At her undies, actually, Becky suddenly realized, because they’d both forgotten to take them off.

She couldn’t believe how complicated this had got.

Liv didn’t seem to have noticed, and Becky couldn’t be bothered trying to stand her up and undress her again. Even lifting up Liv’s feet to pull her underwear off would mean wriggling them past Becky head. It seemed a lot of trouble, and Becky couldn’t be bothered.

She pulled the cloth to the side instead.

Liv sighed, and went all floppy, limp against the couch. Anticipating, Becky thought. She would have done the same.

Becky looked for a moment, almost curious, before she started. She looked at Liv and saw her spread and wet and bare. It was a beautiful thing to look at, Becky suddenly realized. She’d never seen anything quite like it before. It was beautiful, all unfolding, all open, ready for her mouth. Beautiful, and also, strangely practical as well. Practical in that it was obvious what to do. There were lips, and folds, all spread out, but lined up neatly, dainty little rows guiding Becky to Liv’s clit. It was tidy, Becky thought, and terribly organized, so very much more organized than trying to find things blindly with her hands.

Becky lay there, staring, interested, and must have been a while. Eventually, Liv whispered, “Is everything okay?”

“Sorry,” Becky said.

“You don’t have to,” Liv said.

“Oh shut up,” Becky said. “Of course I am. Especially now I’ve got this far.”

“Oh good,” Liv whispered, sounding desperately relieved.

Becky grinned up at her, quite proud of what she was about to do. Liv reached down, and stroked Becky face, and then said, “Um. Now?”

Becky nodded, and bent, and breathed in quickly, smelling Liv. She found she desperately liked Liv’s smell. A warm exciting herness, all delicate and musky. Becky opened her mouth, and pressed it to Liv, and felt hot wetness against her lips. She felt Liv, and tasted her too, somehow both at once. Liv’s taste was different to what Becky expected, and different to tasting herself. It was more an excitement and sparklyness than an actual real taste. She breathed in, and then licked slowly, feeling Liv against her tongue. Tasting a hot exciting softness in her mouth as well.

Becky licked, exploring, following the shapes of Liv, and Liv made gaspy little moans as she did. Becky licked further, and found a tiny bump, and sucked on it gently. Liv began to groan, so Becky kept sucking, smugly.

She sucked, trying to please Liv, although part of her wanted to keep exploring. She wanted to touch with her fingers, and spread things open, and taste inside Liv. She wanted to press her face against Liv, and have Liv’s wetness all over her mouth. She wanted to do all that, but this wasn’t the right time. Liv seemed to be needing her quite urgently, now.

Liv was holding onto Becky’s head. Holding quite tightly, Becky noticed, almost desperately, as if she was scared to let go. Becky wondered if she should say she wasn’t going to stop, that Liv shouldn’t worry, but she didn’t want to stop to talk right then. She sucked, and Liv reached down, past Becky’s chin, and pressed her fingers against herself. Becky assumed Liv wanted something inside her, and used her own fingers instead. They slipped in quite easily, and Liv loudly sighed. She sighed, and mumbled something about not stopping, and then began gasping, half sitting upwards, keeping hold of Becky’s hair. Quite suddenly, Liv’s taste changed. It was sweeter, and warmer, and somehow more her. Becky didn’t quite understand, but kept licking anyway. Liv began moaning loudly, and almost sobbing too, and then she suddenly went still. Still, except for a trembling all over, her arms and legs shaking against Becky’s sides, and the faintest spasm inside her pussy, against Becky’s fingers.

Liv was coming, Becky suddenly realized, feeling silly she hadn’t noticed sooner. She didn’t quite know why she hadn’t, except she supposed she’d half-expected everyone else to do what she did. Becky sucked, and tried to listen, almost curious with Liv would do. Liv’s legs were squeezed against her ears, making it tricky, but she’d never actually heard another woman come before. Liv went still, and the taste of her changed again, and she mumbled something about feeling good. Then she finished, and stopped moaning, and then pulled Becky up, against herself. She pulled Becky up, and kissed her, and Becky stopped being curious and kissed her back.

“Sorry,” Liv said, stroking Becky’s hair. “I didn’t mean to pull.”

“It’s fine. You didn’t really.”

Liv kissed again. “But I did some?”

Becky shrugged.

“Did it hurt?”

Becky shook her head.

“Sorry,” Liv said. “And oh my fucking god thank you.”

Becky smiled, and Liv kissed her some more.

“Are you okay?” Liv said. “You’ve gone all quiet.”

“I’m fine,” Becky said. “I just want to do that lots more.”

Liv smiled, and seemed pleased, and kissed Becky again, and Becky was glad Liv didn’t mind kissing after Becky had given her head. She was glad, and then wondered why would Liv mind. She’d just done the same to Becky, after all.

They kissed for a while, and then Liv ran to the bathroom again. Because of the beer, she said, they weren’t finished yet. She told Becky so very deliberately, and that she was only going to pee. Not get herself off, she said, although Becky could listen if she wanted to.

When Liv came back, she licked Becky out some more, and murmured as she did how much she liked Becky’s taste. She said it first, and seemed surprised when Becky said she liked Liv’s too. Later, Liv was surprised again when Becky wanted to sixty-nine. Becky shrugged, and said she liked it, and Liv smiled, and said she did too. That was all good, Liv said, and so they did.

It was all good, Becky thought. It was nice, and obvious, and fun, and all quite wonderful, and she was really quite surprised she hadn’t tried it sooner.