Old Friends and Speeding Tickets

Julianne knew she was going to have a bad night.  She would be lonely, and she’d probably be bored, but she went anyway because they were her friends.  Going out together seemed to be the only way for them all to stay in touch.

She wanted to see everyone.  It was good to see everyone.  It got her out the house for a while too.

For a while it was even fun.

For an hour, until they all started abandoning her.

Then it was just lonely, and a bit dull.

It was a girls night at a girl bar and Julianne knew before she left home that she’d spend hours sitting the corner, being ignored, while everyone else got laid.

Her friends usually forgot her once they got horny.  Once the night got going.  Once they’d started stalking each other in a fog of seething hormones.  Her friends ignored her, and the strangers, all the strangers, seemed to think she was someone’s straight friend and ignored her too.

It was frustrating and weird and she didn’t know why.

She didn’t look different from anyone else.  She’d gone to Melanie’s to get ready, and planned carefully, and she knew she didn’t look that different.  Not straight.  She might have a dress, and makeup, and heels too, but Melanie had all those things, and was outside fucking someone in their car right now.

Everyone was fucking someone, or kissing someone, or dancing with someone, or falling in love, and Julianne was on her own at the table with their coats, becoming increasingly upset.

Not being picked up in bars had bothered her for years, but it was really starting to annoy her now.  She’d never been fingered on the dance-floor in a club with a roomful of people around her, and she was starting to feel like it was really time.

But it never happened.

There was something about her that made her invisible.

She didn’t think it was because she was coupled, and was giving off signals that let people know.  She wasn’t, not really.  She had Crissie at home, and some people here might know that, but she couldn’t be the only one the bar who had a different kind of arrangement with her partner.  They all seemed to be doing fine.

It might be that she knew she didn’t want love, and was putting everyone off somehow that way.  But it wasn’t like anyone else was really falling in love tonight either.  They were hooking up, that was it.

Julianne wanted to hook up too.  She wanted to flirt.  She wanted to meet someone and talk to her and have the illusion it was going somewhere.

She just wanted to pretend.

She had to pretend, because Crissie was a workaholic fifty year old who never went out, and Julianne was bored and thirty, and somewhere in that, for them to work, Julianne needed this.  And Crissie needed to turn a blind eye.

Crissie did, but Julianne still got nothing.

It was hopeless.  Julianne knew it was hopeless.  She knew she would have a bad night, and everyone else would be too excited to even notice, but she’d gone out with them all the same.

It was her own fault.

She sat, and tried to decide whether she was more annoyed, or just glum.  She drank a little, but the third time her drink was empty, she didn’t even bother getting up to find another.

She couldn’t go, anyway.  She had to mind the coats, and mind her bag.  Everyone else had pants with pockets, or a skirt and boots, or big enough tits to store things in their bra.  Julianne had heels, and a bag, and had to sit in the corner and mind her own bag and even that didn’t seem fair.

She sat there, furious and glum too, wondering how long she’d have to wait before someone else came back and she could abandon the coat pile and leave.

Then someone handed her a drink.

Julianne was surprised.

She was more than surprised.  It had never happened before.

It looked like the right drink, a watered down vodka, which was a little obscure.  Obscure enough it implied plotting and watching and waiting until Julianne had finished her last before coming over.

And that implied being hit on.

Julianne was thrilled.  She took the glass, and looked up at the woman who’d been holding it out.

“I’m Nadia,” the woman said.


“Could I sit down?”

Julianne sat there for a moment without answering.  She was still surprised.  She couldn’t quite believe someone was actually asking.

“I would fucking love it if you sat down,” she said.

Nadia did.

Julianne looked at her, while trying to seem like she wasn’t.  Nadia was older.  Not as old as Crissie, but older than Julianne.  Julianne liked older women.

She liked some older women.

They were stronger and smarter and usually surer of themselves.

She liked how Nadia had just walked up to her, and how she seemed utterly sure of herself.

She liked that Nadia was talking to her at all, when no-one else was.

Julianne had always been terrible at decoding the clothing hints she was supposed to intuitively understand.  Nadia was wearing pants, which probably meant something, but she also had long hair, and possibly eyeliner, and both a bracelet and a necklace which was more jewelry than Julianne had, if you didn’t count ear studs.

Julianne suddenly had an awful feeling Nadia was an actual straight friend.  Someone who’d seen Julianne across the room, and thought Julianne was on her own too, and they may as well chat.

Worried, Julianne looked at Nadia, trying to decide if that was right.

Nadia just looked back, smiling.

“Your friends all took off,” Nadia said.

Julianne nodded.  “Yeah,” she said.  Then, because she was wondering if Nadia was really here to hit on her, “You were watching me?”

“I noticed you the moment you walked in.”

Julianne sat there for a moment.  That couldn’t be anything but a line.  It was too tacky to be anything else.

It was so completely over the top Julianne wanted to laugh, but she didn’t, because Nadia might be serious, and that would be wonderful.  And even if Nadia wasn’t completely serious, that she was even bothering still meant something.

Julianne was lonely and ignored and had been abandoned by people who ought to know better, because they knew Julianne would end up like this.  She just wanted someone to hit on her, and Nadia seemed to be that someone.

“Okay,” Julianne said.

Not sure she did, or yeah right, or that’s a bit much, dude.  Just okay.

And Nadia was grinning.

“You really did?” Julianne said, suddenly unsure, because of the grin.

“I did,” Nadia said.  “I promise.”

“That’s kind of flattering.”

“I was hoping.  Rather than frightening.”

Julianne laughed.

They sat there for a moment.  The song being played changed.

“I’m really fucking glad you’re talking to me,” Julianne said.

“I’m really glad no-one else did,” Nadia said.  “Even though that’s probably not what you had in mind.”

The last bit was odd.  Nadia said it carefully, like she was checking something.  Like she had to make sure why Julianne was here.

Julianne realized.  Nadia might not be completely sure of her, either.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Julianne said.

“Oh,” Nadia said, “Okay.”  She looked almost disappointed.

“Something I think you should know.”

Nadia nodded.

“It’s a big deal,” Julianne said.

“Yeah, okay.”

Julianne waited, until Nadia looked up at her, puzzled.

“I’m not the straight friend,” Julianne said.

Nadia started to smile.  She smiled a bit too much.

After a while she said, “Good.”

“Yeah,” Julianne said.  “I’m not.  I’m really not.  And I’m so fucking glad you’re talking to me.”

Nadia did.  They talked.  Nadia went and got them another drink each.

Julianne almost couldn’t believe someone was getting her drinks.  She couldn’t believe she was actually being hit on.

Nadia came back, and kept talking.  Talking loudly, almost shouting, taking turns to turn their heads so each was speaking right into the other’s ear.

Nadia was asking about Julianne, and then listening to Julianne’s answers.  That didn’t happen a lot at home.  Crissie was a wonderful woman, and probably the love of Julianne’s life, but she was also driven and self-absorbed and utterly consumed by herself.  She didn’t listen much to what Julianne said outside of the moments she’d set aside for them to be a couple.

Nadia was making Julianne feel good.  She was just good at this.  She was listening, and making Julianne laugh, and seemed as much to be interested in Julianne as there to hit on her.

Julianne decided she’d better say something about Crissie.

She had to be fair.

She wasn’t here to find love, but a lot of other people were.  She was there to fuck someone if she could, and flirt if she could, not to spend the evening disappointing someone who was trying to decide whether they might be falling in love with her.

It felt vain to even think it, but she wasn’t cruel enough not to be careful.

She had to explain, and make sure Nadia wanted the same as she did.

It seemed best to sort it out right away.

“Hey,” Julianne said, interrupting Nadia.  “I just wanted to check.  You’re not here trying to fall in love or something, are you?”

Nadia looked surprised.  After a moment she grinned.  “A shitty bar?  Where you can hardly hear to talk?”

“Good,” Julianne said.  “That’s really good.”

“Why?” Nadia said.

“I’m not going to marry you,” Julianne said.

“Okay,” Nadia said.

“I live with someone.  This here, you and me, this is just for now.  Whatever it is.”

Nadia nodded, and seemed to be thinking.  “How does that work?” she said.

“How do you mean?”

“Why doesn’t your partner mind?”

Julianne didn’t answer.

It worked because she wasn’t completely ready to settle down.  It worked because she was ready enough that she’d live with Crissie, in her huge apartment, and have all her bills paid, and mostly be a loyal partner.

But only mostly.  She wasn’t so ready that she hoped never to fuck a stranger again

Crissie seemed to understand that, and prefer to ignore it.  Rather than make rules, and talk it all through, and admit to herself anything was going on, Crissie just ignored it.  And for them, it worked.

Julianne wasn’t going to explain her life to a stranger, though.  Even one she was trying to fuck.

Warning Nadia, that was fine.  That was the right thing to do.

But she wasn’t going to be judged, or explain herself.

Instead she said, “So what are you waiting for?  Just ask me.”

“Ask what?”

Julianne kept looking at her.  “Ask me.”

She wanted to be picked up properly.  She wanted to be propositioned somehow.  Anyhow.

“Oh,” Nadia said, like she suddenly understood.  She grinned.  Nadia was confident, and didn’t seem to mind being asked to make the move.  Julianne liked her for that.

“Hey Julianne,” Nadia said, terribly seriously.  “Want to come home with me?”

“Fuck yes,” Julianne said.

“Want to go now?” Nadia said.

“Yep,” Julianne said, and kissed her instead.

Nadia jumped slightly, then kissed back.  And kissed well.  Slowly enough it was sexy, not just sordid, even in the middle of a crowded bar.

It was exactly what Julianne had wanted.

They kissed for a moment.  Long enough Julianne decided Nadia was good enough, and if she ate pussy like she kissed then Julianne would be fine.

Julianne pulled away and said, “Let’s go.”

And the Melanie reappeared.

She walked up, and sat down, and didn’t even look at Nadia.  She was so used to Julianne not scoring that she didn’t even seem to notice someone else was there.

They were going, Melanie said.  Someone was going to someone’s place, a couple of blocks away, it’ll be fun and hurry up.

Then she noticed Nadia and said hi.

Nadia smiled back.

Julianne hesitated, not sure.  She wanted to go with Nadia, but she was the soberish one, and she really ought to stick with Melanie.

“Come too?” she said to Nadia.  “You could, then we’ll go?”

Nadia shook her head, and said her friends, and pointed somewhere across the room.

They probably could have worked it out.  They had been about to leave, and should have been able to untangle but sets of people and work out what to do.  But the moment was gone.  Making plans and organizing wasn’t sexy.

It was probably best just to let it go, and remember that they’d talked for a while.

Julianne felt a little sad.  A little disappointed.  Disappointed, but also happy she’d got to flirt.

She looked at Nadia, and Nadia seemed a little disappointed too.

Because of that, and because they’d got on, Julianne held out her phone.   “Give me your number,” she said, and Nadia did.

Then Melanie pulled Julianne away.


Julianne had thought that was it, that she’d never see Nadia again.

She had Nadia’s number, but the next day, once it was all over, she wasn’t sure she’d use it.  She wasn’t sure they’d really got on so well, or that she needed someone new so badly, that she would actually call.

If she saw Nadia again, she decided, that would be great.  But she was off bars, and off her friends, and wasn’t planning to go out again for a long, long time.

So she’d probably never see Nadia again.  And that was how things ended, and part of the fun.

That was what she’d thought.

Then, two days later, she did see Nadia, and in a way that was actually better than at a bar.

She was in Crissie’s car, in the Maserati, on the freeway, and possibly going a little too fast.  She saw flashing lights behind her, and slowed down quickly, braked hard, hoping to lose some speed before a radar worked out a number and made the ticket worse.

She pulled over, and waited, because in a car like that you did everything right and didn’t make people jealous.

She sat, and watched in the mirror.  She hoped the cop was a guy.  Hoped, because she’d been at work, and had a fairly short skirt, and the excuse of having legs was probably worth trying.

A cop got out the car.  It was a woman.  For a moment Julianne was disappointed, until she looked again, and realized it was that woman.

It was Nadia, from the other night.

Julianne got out of her car.  She got out quickly, and then didn’t know what to do.  She leaned on the back and waited, because with a car like that right there, you couldn’t not lean and show it was yours.

Nadia walked up and told her to move off from the road.

“Hey,” Julianne said as she did.  “It’s me.”

Nadia blanked her.  Just looked at her, and said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“It’s me.  From the other night.”

“I’m sorry,” Nadia said.  “I really have no idea.”

Julianne looked at her for a moment, annoyed, then back at the police car.  There was another cop in there, watching them.

Maybe one Nadia didn’t want knowing about her private life.

That made sense.

“Okay,” Julianne said.  “Sorry.  My bad.”

“Do you know how fast you were going?” Nadia said.

“The speed limit?” Julianne said, hopefully.  She took out her phone, and looked for Nadia’s number.

“Not really the speed limit,” Nadia said.  “No.”

“A bit faster?”  Julianne said.

“A bit.  Was there a reason you were going so fast?”

Julianne shook her head.  She found Nadia’s name in her phone, and dialed that number.

In Nadia’s pocket, a phone started to ring.

Nadia looked up, and seemed to suddenly understand what had happened.  She looked at Julianne, almost glared.

“Hi,” Julianne said again.  “It’s me.”

“Don’t,” Nadia said.  “Please.”

Julianne nodded, and kept her face all worried and upset.  So the guy in the car wouldn’t notice any change.

“Want to go for a ride later?” Julianne said, very quietly, because the police car’s door was open.  “When you finish work?”

“No,” Nadia said.

“You sure?  It’s a pretty cool car.”

Nadia just looked at her.

“You have to give me a ticket, don’t you?” Julianne said.  “That’s what you’re going to say.”


“That’s cool.  But meet me for a drink later.”


“Why not?  This is fucking amazing.  This is fate.  We’re fated to fuck.  We’re like destined to meet like this and fuck forever.”

Nadia kept staring, cold, like a cop.

“Come on,” Julianne said.  “It’s pretty amazing, seeing you again like this.”

Nadia held up her ticket pad and said, “Speeding.”

Julianne shrugged.  “Okay.”

Nadia wrote a ticket, and asked for Julianne’s license.  Julianne held it out.  Nadia said, “Who owns the car?”

“Not me.”

“I know.  We checked the registration before we stopped you.  Why’re you driving it?”

Julianne stood there for a moment, then said, softly, “It’s hot when you’re all policey.”

“Don’t,” Nadia said.  “Who’s car?”

“Maybe I stole it.”

“Who’s car?”

“A friend’s.”

“Who knows you have it?”


Nadia looked up, actually seeming like a suspicious cop for a second.

“I mean not right now,” Julianne said quickly.  “But she’s cool with me driving it.”

Nadia thought about that.

“I swear,” Julianne said.  “She leaves me the keys.  She doesn’t mind.”

“What’s her name?”


Nadia nodded, like she already knew, so had obviously actually checked.  “This friend just lets you use her car?”  Nadia said.

“It just sits there.  It’s her mid-life crisis car.  She doesn’t take it to work in case it gets dented.”

“And she just lets you drive it?”

Julianne shrugged.

Nadia thought about that.  She went back to writing on her pad.

Julianne watched.

Nadia finished writing and tore the ticket off.  “I’m going easy,” she said.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t speed.  Even in that.”

“I promise.”

Nadia held out Julianne’s license, and Julianne took it.

“Later?”  Julianne said quietly, pretty sure Nadia would say no.  That this was them done, that they’d really never meet again.

Nadia looked at her.

“Come on,” Julianne said, trying anyway.  “Seriously?  After this you won’t?”

“I finish at eight,” Nadia said.

Julianne was too surprised to answer.

“Drive carefully,” Nadia said, louder, and went back to the police car.

“Yeah,” Julianne said, still surprised.

After a moment she got back in the Maserati, and started the engine and drove away.  Happy.  She was suddenly happy.


Julianne took the Ferrari to meet Nadia, just to show off.  Because Crissie had two fancy cars, and Julianne could drive either, so she might as well.

Crissie wouldn’t notice she was gone.  She was pretty sure Crissie would be working late, because Crissie was always working late.  She left a note saying she was out, but expected she’d throw it away when she got home, as usual.

She phoned Nadia at half past eight, and said, “I nicked the mid-life crisis car, want to drive it?”

“Hi,” Nadia said.  “Who’s this?”


“No,” Nadia said.  “Not seriously.  Hi.”

“Want to drive it?”


“Where are you?”

“At home.”

“Which is…?”

Nadia told her.

Julianne got there as quickly as she could, without speeding.  Rush hour was staring to ease.  The traffic wasn’t too bad.

She drove down Nadia’s street slowly, so the engine didn’t let get loud.  She stopped outside Nadia’s house and phoned her again and said, “Come outside.”

Then got out, and sat on the car.

Crissie hated her doing that, worried Julianne would scratch the paint, but Julianne was wearing a dress, and the zipper was at the side, nowhere near the car, and somehow the whole sitting thing just fit.

Nadia came out, and stopped, and looked at Julianne.

Just looked.

“What the fuck is that?” she said in the end.

“My friend’s other car.”

Nadia thought about that.  “There’s two?”


“Only two?”

“And a Toyota she takes to work.”

“Of course.  And she just lets you…”

Julianne shrugged.

“Okay,” Nadia said, like she was getting her mind around a complicated idea.  “So what’s that one?”

Julianne moved slightly so she wasn’t sitting on the badge, and pointed to it.  “Ferrari.”

“Right.”  Nadia was still standing on her front porch.  As if she didn’t want to come any closer for a moment, until she’d got used to this.  “What kind?”

“A 430 Scuderia.”


“It’s light and shit.  And goes faster.  It’s got bits of racing cars inside it.”

“Of course it does.”

“The other one’s a hybrid, so that’s boring,” Julianne said.

“That Maserati is a hybrid?”

“Yep.”  Julianne held out the keys.  “Want to drive?”

“Can I?”

“Of course.”

“Then shit yes.”

Nadia came down the steps, and still seemed a little stunned.  “How the fuck do you know people who let you drive cars like this?” she said.

Julianne grinned.  “It matches me.”

Nadia seemed confused.

“Trophy girlfriend, trophy car.”

Nadia looked at her for a while.

“Oh yeah,” Julianne said.  “There’s a girlfriend.  You and me, this is just fun.”

Nadia was thinking.

“I was going to tell you the other night,” Julianne said.


“Is that a problem?” Julianne said.

Nadia didn’t answer.

“Is it?” Julianne said again.

Nadia seemed to think that over.  “No,” she said in the end.  “No problem.  I guess not.”

“So let’s go.”  Julianne held out the keys again.

Nadia still didn’t move.  “How much does that thing cost?”

“No idea.”


“Okay, I’ve got a pretty good idea, but I’m not telling you or you’ll shit yourself.”

“You really didn’t steal it?” Nadia said.  “You promise?”

“Of course I didn’t steal it.”

Nadia was still standing there.

“She got it second hand,” Julianne said.  “If that helps.”

“Not really.”

“Can we go?” Julianne said.  “And stop talking?  Please?”

Nadia walked over to the car.  Julianne held out the keys, and Nadia took them.

Julianne got into the passenger seat.   Nadia looked at the car for a moment longer, then walked towards the other door.  She was going to go around the back of the car to reach the driver’s side.

“No,” Julianne said.  “Go around the front.  It looks stupid at that end.”

Nadia looked at her.

“Seriously.  When I get home I have to back it in, so Crissie doesn’t see its ass.  It’s kind of ugly.  She says it defeats the purpose of owning it, if you only ever see the back.”

Nadia thought about that.  “Wouldn’t everyone else only see the back?”

“Only you were driving dangerously, officer, which of course I’d never do.”

Nadia grinned, and went around the front, and opened the driver’s door.

“Do I need to do anything?” she said.

“Get in?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Hop in.  It’s just a road car.

Nadia got in, and looked at the dashboard.

“Starter,” Julianne said, and pointed.

“No clutch?”

“Just change gears.  It does it.”

Nadia looked around.  “How?  There’s no stick.”

Julianne pointed to the paddles behind the steering wheel.

“Right.  And how’s it do that?”

“Shit, I don’t know.  It just does.”  Julianne grinned.  “You excited?  You turned on.”

Nadia sat there for a moment, then said, “Yeah.”

“Go for it.”

Nadia pushed the starter.  She checked they were in neutral and revved the engine.  It warbled and growled.  “Oh shit,” she said.  Then, “Why’s the rev counter yellow?”

“No idea.”

“It looks stupid.”

Julianne grinned.

Nadia revved a bit more.

“Um,” Julianne said. “And be careful,”.

Nadia looked at her.  She seemed suddenly worried.  “It is insured, right?”

“Of course.”

“While I’m driving?”

“Does it make any difference?  If you or I crash this thing, we’re bankrupt.  We aren’t paying for it.”

Nadia looked at her.

Julianne sighed, then grinned. “It’s insured for anyone over twenty-five.”

“You’re sure?”

“Ah, fuck yes.  Or I wouldn’t be driving it around.”

“For me too?”

“I promise.”

Nadia nodded, and looked behind herself, and pulled out.

“Be….”  Julianne said, and got pushed back into her seat. “Careful.”

“Yeah,” Nadia said, and slowed down.

“It’s kind of powerful.”

“I noticed.”

“And has blind spots you can hide trucks in.”

Nadia nodded.

“Seriously,” Julianne said.  “Actual trucks.  So look out.”

Nadia accelerated, and they roared down the street.  Her first few gear changes were pretty rough, and she cornered way to hard at the first bend, but she got the feel of the car quicker than Julianne had at the start.  Julianne watched her, watched her concentration, and felt lust, or the crush, or whatever it was she’d been feeling, coming back twice as strong.

They went to the motorway, and drove slowly down the on-ramp.

“How fast can it go?” Nadia said.

“Couple of hundred miles an hour.”


“Any idea where speed cameras are likely to be?”

Nadia looked over, a cop again.  “None at all.”

Julianne grinned and took a radar detector out of the glove-box.

“That’s illegal,” Nadia said.  “It’s illegal to even have it in a moving car.”

“No shit.  Want it on or not?”

Nadia hesitated.  “It won’t work on a laser.”

“Yeah it will.”

“It won’t.”

“It just won’t work as well.  So look out for cops pointing lasers at us.”

Nadia didn’t seem sure.  Then she said, “Shit, turn it on.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” Julianne said.  “Crissie only has it in there in case she goes to Perth.”

“She drives to Perth?”

“Um,” Julianne said.  “Yeah.  Why not.”

Nadia glanced over for a second, then seemed to give up, and decide to concentrate on driving.  She changed lanes, changed down, and accelerated.  And said softly, “Oh my fucking god.”

“Yeah.  Look at the speedo.”

Nadia did.  And said, “Shit,” and slowed down.

“Pull over.”


“Just pull over and stop.”

Nadia did that too.

Julianne turned around, peered back past the engine as best she could.  “Anything in the mirrors?”


“Floor it.”

Nadia did.  She almost didn’t change in time, almost redlined the engine, then must have heard it start to screech right behind her head and shifted.  And shifted again.

“That’s a hundred k,” Julianne said, a second later.

Nadia looked.  “Fuck that was quick.”

“It’ll do it in four seconds.  You know, if the driver’s up to it.”

Nadia nodded.

“You’re not,” Julianne said.  “But you did okay.”

Nadia thought about that for a moment, then said, “Fuck you.”

Julianne grinned.  “Want to try and outrun your mates on traffic duty?”


“We could if we wanted to.”

“I believe you,” Nadia said.  “Does she?  Your girlfriend?”

“Nah, she’s terribly sensible.  She thrashes it around a track some weekends though.”


“I’m not allowed.  I tried once and went a little bit fast into a corner.”

Nadia seemed to be waiting.

“And spun,” Julianne said.  “There was grass, so it was fine, but I pretty much ruined it for everyone else.  Now she doesn’t trust anyone except her driving coach.  But I’m still allowed to play on the motorway.”

Nadia grinned.  “Okay.”

They drove in circles for half an hour, until, up in the hills, at the end of a quiet country road with a view out over the city, Julianne said quietly, “Stop here.”

“Why?” Nadia said, but her tone meant she knew why.

“Just stop.”

Nadia pulled in, and switched off the engine.  Julianne leaned over and kissed her.

“Wait,” Nadia said.

Julianne stopped.

“You have a girlfriend,” Nadia said.  “Who lets you drive her cars…”


“Her expensive cars.  And doesn’t mind you being here with me.”

“She’d probably mind, in a way.  If she knew exactly.  But she’s careful not to ask.”

“I don’t know I want to get in between…”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then how is it?”

“Not your business.”

Nadia looked at Julianne for a moment, then nodded.  “Fair enough.”

Julianne felt bad, suddenly.  She was always a little too sharp talking about her situation, when she felt judged, like this.

“It’s not as bad as you think,” she said, more gently.  “Crissie gets that I’m not ready to settle down yet, that’s all.”

“So you just go off and find other women…?”

Julianne shrugged.  “Yeah.”

“And she carefully doesn’t ask?”

“Yeah.  Want to fuck me or not?”

Nadia seemed surprised.  “Here?”

“That was the idea.”

Nadia sat there looking at her.  Like she actually had to decide.

“I want to taste you,” Julianne said.  “I want the taste of you in my mouth.”

Nadia kept staring.

“Or not,” Julianne said, thinking that perhaps this was a bit too complicated.  “That’s fine too.”

“No, I…”

“Am too busy judging my life to say yes?”

Nadia had the decency to smile.  “No.”

“I like you.  I want to fuck you.  Stop over-thinking it.”

“Just fuck?”


“That’s all?”

Julianne nodded.

“We’d never, ever be anything more than that?”  Nadia said.

Julianne looked at her.  “I’m sorry, no.”

Nadia nodded slowly.

“It’s fine,” Julianne said.  “Don’t worry about it.  We’ll just go…”


Julianne gave her another moment to think, and just sat, looking at the lights.  “Last chance,” Julianne said.

Nadia didn’t answer.

Julianne leaned over, and kissed her again.

This time Nadia kissed back.

There wasn’t much room inside the car.  Half the engine was inside with them.  Julianne knelt on her seat, and leaned over the slab of metal that was the central console and gearbox, and kissed Nadia until she could smell both of them, wet.

Nadia seemed happy just to kiss back.  She had one hand on Julianne’s arm, holding it gently.  Her mouth was open, her eyes closed.

Concentrating on kissing.

“We have to get out,” Julianne said, after a while.  “There isn’t room in here.”

“Yeah,” Nadia said, and kept kissing her.

“You have to stop, and let me get out,” Julianne said, a little later.

“I know.”

Nadia was playing it up a bit, but it was sweet she bothered.

“Open the door,” Julianne said.  “Please.”

This time Nadia did.

They stood in front the car, on the sleek slippery curve of its front.  Since she’d known Crissie, Julianne had started to get the cars and sex and smooth sides thing.

“Where,” Nadia said, looking around, like she expected a picnic table or something.

Julianne looked at the car.

“Can we?  It won’t break?”

Julianne grinned.  “It’s fine.  And we basically have to, after all this.”

Slowly, Nadia grinned too.

Julianne went and leaned on the car.  Nadia stood in front of her, and started to trying to undress her.

There was no-one around.

There was no-one around except the outside and empty sky and air, and the lights of the city below them, and that, all those things, turned Julianne on.

She took off her clothes.  With Nadia kissing her, everything came off easily.  She let Nadia undress her.  She watched the top of Nadia’s head, as Nadia kissed her breasts and gently pressed her fingers inside Julianne.

Nadia had strong fingers.  As she touched Julianne, as she slid them over Julianne’s skin and slipped them inside her, Julianne felt their strength.  It might be a cop thing, Julianne thought.  Lots of exercise.  She quite liked that idea.

She sat a while longer, slightly lost, comfortable, feeling Nadia’s mouth and hands, then decided she needed to more than just sit, being groped.  She needed to join in.

She pulled Nadia’s face up and kissed her.  She tugged at Nadia’s shirt while she did, trying to get it off.

Nadia looked around, and let Julianne pull the shirt over her head.

Then folded her arms over her chest.

Julianne was sitting on the car, completely naked, grinning up at Nadia, and Nadia was in jeans and her bra and worried about being seen.

Nadia seemed uncomfortable, was looking nervous.  Julianne tried to start kissing her again, hoping to distract her.

“Sorry,” Nadia said.  “It’s just it would be really awkward if I got caught.”

“So make sure it doesn’t happen.  Find out where your mates are, and make sure they aren’t up here.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Are they likely to turn up?” Julianne said.

“No.  I mean, I can’t imagine why…”

Julianne kissed her again.  “So stop worrying.”

Nadia was, still.  She kept looking around.

“Or leave it on,” Julianne said.  “Leave everything on.  I don’t give a shit.  It’s you who’s missing out.”

Nadia actually seemed relieved.

Julianne was surprised undressing was that big a deal.  Once it was settled, though, Nadia seemed herself again.  Confident.

She pushed Julianne back onto the car, and moved Julianne’s feet apart.  She knelt in front the car and started licking Julianne out.

Julianne liked this side of Nadia.  Her being pushy.

Her being, in an awful, sordid way, like a cop who’d stopped Julianne for speeding and was now fucking her.  Which is what she was.

Julianne thought about that for a while.

Nadia spent a lot of time on Julianne’s clit.  More than anyone Julianne could remember.  Just licking away, dabbing with the very tip of her tongue.

It was dainty.  It was kind of sweet.

Julianne stroked Nadia’s back, and watched as much as her eyes would stay open, and after a while, whispered, “That’s good.”

Nadia looked up, and Julianne almost thought she was blushing in the darkness, embarrassed.

“It’s really good,” Julianne said.  “Don’t stop.”

Nadia nodded, and licked some more, and Julianne got closer.  Close enough she wanted to be held, and touched, and kissed.

She sat up, and pulled Nadia towards her so Nadia had to stand up, and kissed her.

Nadia slid Julianne forward on the car, so she could reach, and started fucking her.

It was what Julianne needed.  Nadia’s arms and skin and being held, not just the slight contact of her mouth.  Nadia’s jeans were scratchy on Julianne’s bare skin, all down the insides of her legs.  Scratchy, but not so rough it hurt.  Nadia’s hand was over Julianne pussy, pressing strong fingers inside her, and that kept the cloth from scratching too much.

Julianne undid Nadia’s jeans, and kept kissing her.

Nadia seemed okay with that.  She kept fucking Julianne.

Because Nadia didn’t mind the jeans being open, Julianne tried to take off her bra again.

Nadia caught her hand.

She stopped moving, and caught Julianne’s hand, and held it firmly enough Julianne didn’t think she could have got free even if she wanted to.

“It’s fine,” Julianne said.  “I won’t.”

Nadia nodded.  She started to let go of Julianne’s wrist, but Julianne said, quickly, “Don’t.”

Nadia looked at her.

“Keep holding onto me.”

Nadia kissed her again.  Kissed her, and started moving against her again.

“Don’t let go,” Julianne said, and pushed her hand inside Nadia’s jeans, and kissed her as hard as she could.

The kissing was good.  The kissing was making Julianne run out of breath.  They’d barely not been kissing since Nadia stopped going down on her.  Julianne sucked Nadia’s tongue into her mouth, and pushed her body forward against Nadia’s as best she could, and tried to keep her balance on the slippery car.

It was difficult.  She didn’t have much to hold onto except Nadia.

She wriggled her fingers inside Nadia’s underwear, and pressed them against her, feeling Nadia all warm and soft and wet.

Nadia’s jeans were squashing Julianne hand, trapping it, almost holding her there.  Her other wrist was still in Nadia’s hand, and trapped too.  Her legs were tangled around Nadia’s.  She was wrapped in Nadia, being pressed back against the car.

She was trapped.

She was trapped, and being fucked, and being had by a cop.  It was just twisted enough to be sexy.

Julianne worried she wasn’t doing enough for Nadia.  With Nadia’s jeans still mostly on, and Nadia pushing at her, Julianne couldn’t reach Nadia properly.  She reached as far as she could, stretching, but was still only barely touching Nadia with two of her fingertips.

Nadia felt her trying, and whispered, “Don’t worry.”

“I can,” Julianne said.

“It’s fine,” Nadia whispered.  “Let me.”

Nadia was breathing faster, sighing a little.  She was pushing herself against Julianne’s leg, squashing both their hands into the other’s body.  Moving differently now, moving more sharply.  Holding Julianne’s wrist tighter, without realizing, Julianne thought, but enough it almost slightly hurt.

Nadia was forgetting to kiss Julianne.

She was lost.  Thinking about nothing but fucking.  She was moaning softly, her face pressed to Julianne’s neck.

Nadia came.

Julianne held on as best she could.  She concentrated on trying to keep her fingers from being tugged away from Nadia by Nadia’s movements.

Nadia let go of Julianne’s wrist.  She stopped moving.  Julianne held her.  Hugged her, and held onto her, and went back to kissing her gently.

She kept her eyes open, watching Nadia’s face.  Watched little creases around Nadia’s eyes slowly unclench, felt Nadia’s mouth become softer against hers, Nadia’s leg shift and slump, her body relax.

Nadia opened her eyes, and saw Julianne, and blinked.  She seemed surprised Julianne was watching.

“Fuck,” she said, breathing fast.  “Don’t watch me.”

“Only at the end,” Julianne said, and kissed her again.  “Do me.”

Nadia nodded, but stood there, like she thought Julianne meant in a moment, after she’d had a break.

“I’m close,” Julianne said.  “Please, do me.”

Nadia grinned, and pushed Julianne backwards again.

Julianne had meant fucking, as they were, that she’d come on Nadia’s hand, but Nadia started going down on her again, first licking, then just spreading Julianne and sucking on her until she gasped and sighed and came.

Julianne lay there for a moment afterwards, feeling all good and comfortable and happy.

She opened her eyes, and saw stars above her, and felt the plasticy cold carbon fiber under her back.

It was good.  It had been good, here, with Nadia, outside.  She was glad they’d done this.

She sat up.

Nadia was still looking at her like she was impressed Julianne was so casually naked, and Julianne was pleased by that.

“Thank you,” Nadia said, and Julianne was a bit surprised.  Since she’d got the head, and had barely done a thing back.

But maybe Nadia meant the car.

Julianne thought about offering to stay up here for a while, and maybe go again, but Crissie would be home, eventually, and sex outside on cars got awkward after the first time.

She looked around for her clothes, and slid off the car to get them from the ground.

She started dressing, and Nadia just watched her, silently.

When she was dressed, Julianne kissed her a last time.

“Thank you too,” she said.

Julianne felt happy.  Nadia looked happy enough, too, but Julianne wasn’t sure.  She couldn’t tell if Nadia was actually was, or was a little sad, or thought Julianne had done something wrong, or what.

It didn’t really matter, Julianne supposed.  She would drop Nadia home, and say goodbye, and never see her again.

“Come on,” Julianne said, and got in the car.  Nadia did too.

Julianne drove, because Nadia still seemed to be quiet, and thinking.


Julianne stopped outside Nadia’s house.  They sat there for a moment without speaking.

“I’d like to see you again,” Nadia said.  “If you can.”

“Maybe,” Julianne said.  “Can I just call you?”

“Of course.”

“I mean, rather than talk about it now?”

Nadia nodded, and opened the door.  She looked annoyed, like she thought that was no.

“Hey,” Julianne said.  “I’ll call you.  Just can we not do this now?”

“There’s nothing to do,” Nadia said, but seemed a little happier.

Julianne leaned over, and kissed her and said, “It was fun.”

Nadia kissed her back, and didn’t stop.

“I should go,” Julianne said, after a moment.”

“Come inside and fuck me again,” Nadia said.

Julianne looked at her, and decided she was serious.

“I can’t,” Julianne said.  “I have to get home.”

Nadia nodded, sad again.

“You knew,” Julianne said, feeling guilty.

“Yeah, I did.”

“And anyway, I couldn’t.  I can’t leave this out here to get scratched.”

Nadia still seemed sad.

“I’d like to,” Julianne said.  “I really would.  But I have to get home.”

“I want you,” Nadia said quietly.  “Again.”

“I want you too.  Just not right now.”

“Another time?”


“I’d really like to.  I mean it.”

Julianne kissed her again, quickly.  “Maybe.”

She meant goodbye.  She meant please don’t make this awkward, and please remember what I said.

Nadia looked at her for a moment, and seemed to understand.  She nodded, and got out the car.

Julianne waited until Nadia had reached her door, then drove away.  Roared away, so Nadia turned and watched her go.

A block down the road she pulled over, and got out her phone and called Nadia.

“Hey,” Nadia said, sounding surprised.

“I’ll call you,” Julianne said.  “Don’t be an asshole about it.”


“Really don’t.”

“I said okay.”

“So goodbye.”


Julianne hung up, and drove away, and this time didn’t stop.