Old Home Page

Um, so this is the old home page, as it was for ages, just because.  It kind of got huge and messy and a bit much, because I just kept adding to the top, so there’s a tidier one now, but this is here, just in case anyone cares.  Or something.


Update at the top: So this thing has kind of turned into an edited-up ongoing perpetually-evolving monster of a thank-you letter.  Basically.  So what I’m trying to say right at the start is fucking thank you heaps to everyone for being kind, and reading my writing, and caring enough to come here and look at this.

So thank you.  Just to still say that right at the beginning.

Because I wrote this a while back, and then I started adding to it.  Like, making corrections, and adding bits and pieces as I thought of them, and now the whole thing is starting to get a bit bedraggled.  So the original page is here. Or you can just wade on in, and it’ll probably all make sense.

And if you’re looking for the free stories I keep going on about those are here and here.  Or Wattpad and everywhere else, go read the sidebar down there!

So this part is the tour, really.  The letter is down a bit.

So I’m Tess, and like it says, I write smut.  Um, mostly.

You probably found this because of how I do that, so first, and again, I’m really grateful.  Like I’m totally, completely grateful that people out there are reading what I write, and for that just, thank you a million fucking times over.

And second, you probably want to know how to find your way around.

So there’s a blog.  That’s probably the main thing.  And this is the blog without me talking about smut.  But still with swearing, sorry.

There are stories to read.  I imagine that’s the main appeal here.  Those are free, and that’s all of them.  After trying different ways to do things, what I do now is basically put everything here free when I first write it, and at Wattpad too, and at Smashwords if they happen to still be talking to me, and then collect them into books later on.  I also in theory write novels, but for a variety of reasons, not really.  So mostly just the short fiction.  Which is in the anthology books.  That you can buy.

Um, yeah,  That was kind of clumsy hinting, wasn’t it.

So unclumsily, just saying, it’s this.  Basically, I give all my short fiction away for free in the hope you might like it enough to buy an actual collection of it.  That’s the plan at the moment.  Hence the hinting.

But no guilt.  Just to be completely, totally, fucking clear.

I’m trying to be a writer, and I’m also trying to work out a middle ground between being paid sometimes, and not being a dick about being paid.  And also a middle ground between giving away stuff so people will try it out, and not making it too overwhelmingly hard for people to give me money if they really want to.

Basically. That’s what’s going on.

So this is like shareware and try-before-you-buy.  You haven’t heard of me, so fair enough you should get to read some stuff before you hand over money.  And also, some people might not have money, and it kind of sucks if you can’t read things because of that.

So please don’t feel you have to buy anything.  Like really don’t.  Just read if you want to, and get stories where you like, and I promise, I totally fucking promise, this is only meant to be the mildest of mild hints.  So a middle-ground between making it possible for you to buy a book if you want to, and not being a total dick about it.

So anyways.  That’s all that, about the big plan.

But I was meant to be doing a guided tour.

So the tour.

There’s the stories, like I said.  Um, there’s some DVD special features kind of stuff too, like a few deleted scenes, and explanations of why I write how I do, and also why I describe people how I do – or as the case may be, not – and other bits and pieces like that.  There’s  sort of notes on recent stories, and why they are how they are, and that kind of thing.

There a little about me here, and also mixed through the blog, and an interview over here, should that be of interest.   Although I still say knowing too much about me is a little bit creepy.  Like how back in the day you might not have necessarily wanted a close personal relationship with the porno video shop clerk, and so on.  But that’s neither here nor there.

So anyways.  That’s the guided tour, on with the actual letter.

So what I used to say was, without further ado, hi, I’m Tess Mackenzie and I write smut.

Except that isn’t completely true any more.  So now it’s I’m Tess, and I write smut.  And other stuff, sometimes.

But mostly smut.

Which is to say, I try to write slightly thinky, realistic, character-driven erotica.  That’s what I think I’m doing, anyway.  People do kinky stuff, but hopefully in the way real people might, when they’re having an especially good day.  There’s some stories about people in strong relationships trying new things, like bringing in new sex partners, and there’s some stories about relationships ending, too.  People change, and develop, and live their lives, and that’s tied into the sex they’re having.

This may not be what everyone wants, so I also write some smutty wank-material as well, because that’s fun too.  There you go and you’re welcome.

Some of it is about women and men, and some of it is about women and other women.  It should be clear from the blurbs and things.

I don’t write romance.  I thought I did for a while, but, um, nope.  The internets soon made it pretty clear I wasn’t any good at that.

Except I do write about people, and their relationships, and I generally write positively and optimistically about that.  So it’s kind of similar, but it’s not the same structure as a romance story, and it often doesn’t end in a HFN or HEA way, so I think that’s what was irritating a lot of romance readers.  Um, that’s Happy For Now and Happy Ever After.  They’re both kind of big deals in Romance.

So I don’t do that.  At last, not always.

Instead, I write kind of realistically, about how I think relationships really are.

So yeah.  Just to be clear.  No romance.  At all.  Just erotica.  And I guess, for want of a better way to talk about it, Chick-Lit.  If you don’t mind your Chick-Lit full of sex, and therefore a bit lacking in friendship and pretty-shoe subplots because of how, all the sex.  But like that, as in, with the same kind of idea of strong, independent central characters, and being affirming, and maybe even with some wit.

At least, that’s what I’ve decided I’m doing right now, but fuck knows if everyone will agree.

Anyways.   To all of that.  Probably that doesn’t really help, for knowing what I write about, does it?  Probably you want details.


So basically there’s all the obvious deeds two or more people can do together, but with the emphasis on the deeds and how everyone feels about them rather than on the particular equipment being used.  Which is to say, there tends to be a bit more about, well, just sex, and oral sex, and sometimes anal sex, and also a fair bit about where these people are having the sex, and why right now of all times, and why especially with that particular person.

Instead of a whole lot about the mechanics, I mean.

So specifically, because of how people always want to know the specifically with erotica, I think more than some people I write a lot of oral sex.  There’s an explanation here, but basically because its nice and fun and most people like it.  There’s a fair bit of group sex, because, um… sometimes you write an interesting story, with strong characters confronting complex and challenging situations, and sometimes you’re just a pervert sitting at a computer making up filth.  I write about women finding out they’re into other women a bit, too, and people having threeways.  Or trying to have threeways, and it going a bit wrong.

So, strange as this sounds, it’s all actually pretty tame.  Honestly.

Basically, I write about hope and desire and love and fears and about people finding themselves. And that happens to be going on against a background of sex, rather than a background of spaceships or spy plots or falling in love with pirate dudes.

And also, sometimes I write something down just because I think it’s kind of funny.  Like this, or this.

So now you can probably work out a creepy amount about me from all that, so go ahead.  I’m just going to keep pretending you’re not.

Anyways.  What else.

I try not to describe the characters at all, because after a while, reading, I decided what happens is the author hits one wrong note and that makes the whole thing come to a screechy halt.  You give me a paragraph on exactly what the hot stud looks like, and that’s cool, except how you like, say, ginger pubes and I really don’t, and then that’s all I can think about for the rest of the story.  It seems safer not to mention details at all, and then we can all get on with our imagining in quiet satisfaction.  But if you really, really want to know what I actually think everyone looks like, you can look here, but I really don’t know if you should.

I also go on a bit about what words I use for people’s bits here, if you’re interested.  I’m mostly guessing what doesn’t seem too gross, so hopefully I don’t guess too wrong.  Because of the hot stud and pubes color thing right up there.

So also, I’m kind of shit at grammar and proof-reading, and I apologize for that.  I catch what I can, and fix mistakes when I see them, but I’m doing this all myself and copyediting really isn’t a strength.  So I’m sorry, and I am doing my best, and I will fix anything anyone tells me about, I promise.

I’m also a bit wonky about titles, and labeling stories, and tags.  I mostly write literary erotica, outright smut, or lets-just-call-it lesbian erotica so we don’t need to get mired in technicalities, and everything is one or the other of those.  But I’m also never quite sure I should actually tag something with a particular act, if the big plot-twist reveal is that they do that act.  But then again, I don’t want to force people to read something by mistake that they aren’t into.  And also, it kind of seems that if we’re pretending that warnings are actually warnings, then putting “n/c anal gangbang” for example, seems a bit like “this book contains some fucking swearing”.  And while you might not care, the blurbs and the rest are there for everyone to see, and it doesn’t necessarily seem okay to throw it in people’s faces.  I did have a list of all the deeds, but maintaining it started taking way too much time, so I stopped again.

So back to the first plan.  I’ll try and be careful to warn about anything odd in blurbs.  I promise.  Odd being very broad, and not in any way judgmental.  I want you to keep reading, not wander off thinking I’m some disgusting weirdo, so I’ll try and make it clear if anything odd is going to happen.  Because, yeah, I have stopped reading smut on the internet because I think the author is a disgusting weirdo, and I bet you have to.  And I don’t want that weirdo to be me.  So basically “adult content” means oral, some anal, maybe a little very light restraint, exhibitionism and multiple partners.  Anything else, like bdsm, spanking, whips, or consent issues, I’ll mention that specifically in the blurb.

You can get in touch if you want to.  There’s a comments page, and an email form too.  So you can tell me if I annoy you, or something went off a funny direction, or I really piss you off with an ending but you still like me a little bit anyway, or whatever.  Or if you hate reading about anal, or bondage, or whatever, or you want me to shut the fuck up about it.  Or, I don’t know, that you liked the strength of Melissa’s relationship, but not so much the sordid detail of every guy blowing a load in her mouth.  That kind of thing.  I’m sort of learning this as I go.

Um, yeah, that’s all there is for this, really.  It probably used to end less abruptly before all the changes.

So yeah.  This is me and what I do.

And just thank you for reading the stories, and thank you for looking at this, and I’m really, really fucking grateful to all of you out there.