Pick-ups and Helping Hands

The bar was a meat-market.  A gropey, sleazy, meat-market, where every guy seemed to have read one of the books that told him to stare into Stacey’s eyes and touch her arm and then give her some kind of back-handed complement to make her insecure and horny at the same time.  Or something like that.

Stacey was only there because of Cody’s crush on Charlotte.  Charlotte had said she might be there later, so Cody had to go, and wait, and hope, and if Cody was stuck there, Stacey was too, because she’d planned all week to go drinking with him.

Cody was stuck, and was obsessed enough it didn’t matter that Charlotte wasn’t there.  They had to stay.  No matter how much Stacey complained.

They were jammed in against the bar, near the middle of the room, where Cody could see everyone coming and going.

Stacey had been hit on once between the door and the bar, by a guy who had such a long pitch she’d just walked off halfway through, bored, before he got to his ending.  Something about where she was going to wake up, she thought, but she just didn’t care.

Another guy down the bar was staring at her right now, and a third, down past Cody, looked like he was trying to see what she was drinking.

None of them were hot enough to make being here worthwhile.  The problem drinking with Cody was that no-one anywhere was hot enough to make being anywhere else worthwhile.

“Can we go?” Stacey said.  “Fucking please?”

“Just wait a bit longer.  She might turn up.”

Stacey sighed, and leaned on the bar, and looked around.

The guy beside her had decided to be brave.  She could tell without looking.

“Hey,” he said, all cheerful, “I’m…”

“No,” she said, and didn’t look.

“That’s kind of rude,” he said.


The guy leaned past Stacey, and said to Cody, “Is she with you?”

Stacey was surprised.  Cody seemed surprised too.  He looked at the guy, and then at Stacey, puzzled.  Then he said, “Don’t talk to me.”

Stacey understood.  Because Cody didn’t want other men near him, getting in the way of his pulling.

The other guy didn’t.  There was some kind of code, and Cody had just broken it.  Like he always did.

So now it was the guy’s turn to looked surprised.  Everyone was going to implode into a fit of astonishment any moment now.

Stacey waited.

This was the funny part about going out with Cody.  He completely didn’t get bros before hos, because he thought he was in a ruthless war of biological survival with all other men in the whole world.

He was cover.  He wanted Stacey to be un-scored on so no other man could spill his seed in her.

He was also her friend, and that helped for her tolerating his crap.

And he was actually funny, right now, in conflict, at moments such as these.  He was entertainment on boring nights of drinking.

“Seriously,” Cody said to the guy.  “Fuck off, man.  Stop standing near me.”

“What’s your problem?” the guy said.  Getting a bit aggressive.  Because Cody was beautiful, and other men could never deal with that.

Stacey waited.  Because Cody had the perfect way out of fights, completely unintentionally.  He didn’t know he had it, and Stacey suspected he didn’t realize how often he actually needed it.  He just used it carelessly, all the time.

“Don’t hit on me, dude,” Cody said.  “I’m not into that.”

And the aggressive, angry, sleazy guy wilted.  Just wilted.  Because the accusation of hitting on Cody beat everything, when Cody looked like he did.

“I wasn’t…” the guy said.

“Just don’t,” Cody said.

The guy looked at Stacey, and looked at Cody, and then said to Stacey, all subdued and polite, “Could I start again?”

“I wouldn’t,” Stacey said.

The guy looked a bit sad, and then went away.

“Can we go yet?”  Stacey said, and Cody shook his head again.

They stood there a while longer.  Cody kept looking for Charlotte.

Another guy hit on Stacey.  The guy from down past Cody had moved.  He squeezed in beside Stacey, when her glass was empty, and said, “What are you having?”

It was a free drink, and he didn’t look too awful.   And she was standing right there and could watch the bar staff pour it.

They stood there for a moment.   The guy said, “Hi, I’m…”

“I wouldn’t,” Stacey said.

He looked confused.

“Just stand there,” she said.  “Seriously, dude.  It’s your best chance.”

He did.  He seemed to get what she meant.  That talking would just spoil any good impression.

After a while, unfortunately, he started dancing.  Kind of dancing.  Swaying a bit to the music.  Badly.

“No,” Stacey said.  “Go away.”

He realized as soon as she said it what he’d done wrong.  He stopped moving.  “But you…” he said.


The guy looked at Cody, and said, “But she took a drink.”  Like he could appeal.  Like Cody could over-rule Stacey’s decision on the grounds of unfairness.

“Not her fault if you can’t close, dude,” Cody said.  Cold.  Competitive.

The guy looked confused.

“Close,” Stacey said, helpfully.  “Like in sales.  Get me to fuck you.  You can’t do it.”

The guy looked like he couldn’t decide what to say, or whether to be angry, so he just left.

“Can we go?” Stacey said.  “Seriously.”

“Just wait a bit longer.”

She leaned there, and looked at Cody, and thought about how much she wanted to leave, and how beautiful Cody was.  And how there was no way Charlotte was turning up, and what Charlotte was probably missing.

“I’ll give you a handjob if we can go now,” Stacey said.

Cody looked around at her like he hadn’t heard right.

“Handjob,” Stacey said.  “If we go now.”


She thought about that.  She might have been joking the first time, so she stopped and made sure.  She’d never happened to fuck Cody before, but only because she’d never happened to.  Because he got laid enough he wasn’t usually around at the end of the night to take home.

Which didn’t mean she didn’t want to, if the opportunity arose.

Which it seemed like it just had.

“Yeah,” she said.  “Sure.  If you do me.”

“Like fuck you?”

“Like get me off with your hand.”

He grinned.  “Shit, yeah, of course.”

Stacey was a bit surprised.  But actually not.  She picked up her coat, folded down beside her feet.  “Let’s go.”


It wasn’t the first time Stacey had thought about sleeping with Cody.

Cody was so beautiful that Stacey would have sucked his cock whenever he wanted, just to have it in her mouth.  She said that to Nikki once, then Cody’s girlfriend and still Stacey’s friend.  Stacey had been fairly drunk, and it just came out, and she’d been shocked at herself.

Nikki had laughed and said she knew.  Everyone would.

Nikki and Cody hadn’t been that serious.  Not then and not later.  They’d fucked and had fun and eventually broken up just because they both got bored.

On the way to the breakup, after a party at Nikki’s at few weeks later, Nikki had pushed Stacey into her bedroom.   Cody was lying on the bed watching them.

“Did you mean it?” Nikki said.

“Ah,” Stacey said, even though she knew.  “Mean what?”

“About how beautiful he is?”

Stacey didn’t answer.  She stood there, wondering what this was.  She was expecting a threeway, and she almost wouldn’t have minded, if she didn’t have to get too personal with Nikki.

Nikki had half unzipped Stacey’s dress.  She’d pushed Stacey forward a little, and said, “Go on,” and then left the room and closed the door.

That was a surprise.

“She thought it would be too weird, you and her,” Cody said.

“Oh.  Did you know about this?”

Cody shook his head.  “She keeps suggesting it, though.”

“You with someone else?”

He shrugged.  “I think so then she can too.”

“Oh,” Stacey said, completely baffled by the strange world they apparently lived in.  She stood there for a while, then said, “So what now?”

“We do or we don’t,” Cody said.  “We don’t need to if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t think I do.”

“That’s cool,” Cody said.  “Just sit and talk for a bit.”

That had been the start of their friendship.

Stacey liked him.  She liked it that Cody found it so easy to get women he didn’t have to care when he struck out.  She liked that he didn’t nag and whine and pressure her.

They’d got a lot closer over the next year and a half, but this was the first time they’d come close to sleeping together.

Right now, she wasn’t quite sure why.


Once Cody had given up on Charlotte, he got a lot more interested in Stacey.  In kinky games with Stacey.  In having fun.  He focused on Stacey like she’d seen him focus on a lot of other women, over the years.  She knew it was part of his thing, part of his play, but she didn’t mind.  It was kind of flattering, and better than standing in that awful bar.

Although Cody did try it on in his own weird way.

He’d wanted them to get each off in an alley behind the bar.  With the urine and rubbish skips and rats.

“Ah, no way,” Stacey said.

“But if we’re having sleazy pickup sex we should do it properly, in an alleyway.”

“And still no way,” Stacey said, and he heard her tone, and didn’t argue.

They went to Cody’s flat instead.  Stacey wondered if the alleyway had been so he could get off with her, and then go back inside and look for Charlotte.

She wasn’t impressed, either way.

They went to his flat, and stood face to face, in his bedroom, still dressed, and didn’t speak.

Cody looked like he didn’t know how to start.  Or he was letting Stacey decide, because that would turn her on more, and he was good enough he actually thought of things like that.

So Stacey started.

“Come here,” she said, and undid his pants, and got her hand on his cock, and held it.

It swelled in her hand.  It kept swelling, and for a second she thought she was about to realize what the fuss was about, and was surprised no-one had ever said.

Then it stopped.

It was just normal.  Which meant he was really all about being beautiful.

“Do me,” she said.

She had jeans, because she’d been out drinking, not to pull.  He unzipped them, and slid his hand inside her underwear.  Inside her.

She closed her eyes, and jerked him off.

He fingered her.

It was good.  It actually felt really good.  Calm and friendly and warm, just doing this for each other, but strangely politely.  Standing there.  Facing each other.  With a great deal of formally.

Almost like they were about to do some kind of old-time dance.

She liked that thought.  She closed her eyes.  She moved her hand back and forth, a little awkwardly, and felt Cody’s hand sliding and pressing its way into her.  She was drifting a little, feeling aimlessly happy, kind of free-associating, about to start a daydreaming fantasy.

Like when she wanked, she suddenly realized.

Even though it was Cody doing the wanking, not her.  Otherwise, it was pretty much the same.

She was surprised how good this actually was.  How well it was working.

“Hey,” Cody said suddenly.  “You know what?  I’ve never seen your tits.”

Stacey opened her eyes.  She looked at Cody, a bit annoyed.

He seemed stunned, a bit awed, like that was some sort of great revelation he’d just discovered.  An omission he couldn’t understand, now he thought about it.

“Thanks for breaking the fucking mood,” Stacey said.  “Dickhead.”

“What mood?”

Stacey sighed.  So perhaps Cody wasn’t as good as she’d thought, and any ability he seemed to have was just good luck.

“Well I haven’t,” Cody said, a bit defensive.  “Seen them.”

“Yeah, no shit.”

“So could I?”

She stood there, glaring.

“It’ll help,” he said.  “Make me quicker.”

Stacey shrugged.  “Fine,” she said.  She got her hand free of him so she could take off her top.  “You too, though.”

He pulled his shirt over his head.   She did too.

He was beautiful.  He was really, surprisingly beautiful.  Not cut like a weightlifter, but lean and hard.  Parts of him moved as he moved his arms, and Stacey suddenly got a lot more interested in this.

Because she already had her top off, and their clothes were getting in the way a bit, Stacey said, “Hold on,” and took everything else off too.

Cody did as well.

They stood there and looked at each other, naked.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” Stacey said.  “I don’t get why we haven’t done this before.”

“Just haven’t,” Cody said, and put his hand back on her hip, pulling her closer.

“You really are,” Stacey said, still looking at him.

Cody didn’t answer.  He wasn’t insecure enough to argue, or vain enough to actually say it was so.  He wasn’t a bullshit artist enough to lie and say Stacey was as well.

She didn’t really care.

She put her hand back on his cock, and stroked it.  Stood there, looking down, wanking him in both hands, watching its skin slide loosely up and down.

That had always fascinated her, how much the skin on a cock moved.

“I’m close,” Cody said, after a while.

“So get on with it,” Stacey said.

He did.  He came, and shot a sticky load onto her hand and tummy.  She wiped it off her tummy before it dripped down and got her pregnant or something.

“Taste it,” Cody said, looking at her all intently.

“Ah, no way,” Stacey said.  She kept rubbing him slowly, and used her sticky hand as lube on his balls instead.

“Finish me,” she said.

He nodded, and kept fingering her.  He was pretty good at this.  Teasing, pressing just hard enough.

She took a while.  She’d been close earlier, but now it seemed to have gone.  Now it wasn’t just a quick wank with someone else’s hand.  She was suddenly very aware of Cody being there.

While she was trying, he got hard again.  After a while he said, “How about head?”

Cody was so beautiful that Stacey would have sucked his cock whenever he wanted, just to have it in her mouth.

“I haven’t yet,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said.  “Exactly.  For you, you dick.”

She looked at him, surprised.  That was actually surprisingly thoughtful, for him.

“I’ll do you again if you want,” she said.  Because he was being thoughtful, and how she was here, she may as well.

He just shrugged, and nodded.

Because if you looked like him, being offered blowjobs was your right, she supposed,.

He sat on the bed and she knelt in front of him, and sucked him off.  Oddly, now she was, she didn’t especially enjoy it.  He was a bit dull, just flopped back and lay there, and came in a couple of minutes in her mouth, without warning her.

He didn’t give very good head back.

She made the most of him, touched him all over while he went down on her, but even while she was, she knew it wasn’t that good.  It wasn’t passion, or a connection, or something she’d remember.  It was never going to be more than wanking with each other’s bodies.

The wanking had actually been fun, though.  Using their hands on each other.  That had been different, and intriguing just for being different.

This wasn’t.

Kneeling down and sucking some guy’s cock, that was just every quickie she’d ever had.

She was bored long before she came, and pretty sure he felt the same.

She was glad they had, just so she could try.  To get it out the way.  So they could just be friends.

But afterwards, she thought that what she’d half-heard from Nikki and a few other friends was true.  Cody was too beautiful to be any good.  With someone who looked like that, it was as though him being there was meant to be enough.

And it wasn’t.

Cody was her friend, so she stayed after sex, and let him go to sleep spooning her.

Then slipped out in the morning before he woke up.  Slipped out, and texted him from outside his house and said, “We never do that again, and we never talk about it.  I mean it.”

And Cody never did.