So when I’m not writing smut, I sometimes write SF and Fantasy too.  Because why not?

And here is a list of it!

But also, um, vaguely a warning.  If you’ve got here off the internet looking for me as a fantasy author, this is basically a R18 warning page. Um, the rest of the time, when I’m not doing SFF, I write smut.  Like erotica.  So most of this website is kind of, um, rude.  Just so you know.  As in, pretty much everything else on this website isn’t suitable for anyone who needs to read warnings like this.  Um, basically.

Anyways, just to say that!


There’s SFFy two books.  They may even be the start of series.  Probably!


The Debt Collectors War is near-future mil-SF set after the collapse of nation-states, the US government, and most of the financial system.  It’s here on Wattpad to read for free, or here on Amazon.  The ebook is slightly different, but only because of later editing.

Yes I know it probably should have an apostrophe.  Except not, grammar-person, because that’s maybe colloquial or something.  And also, more important, it looks clumsy!


Islands or Islands in the Sky is a weird epic fantasy thing set in our world, but after an apocalypse in which magic and the gods reappeared and unleashed awfulness and then broke the world.  Into pieces.  Which float around in the sky.  And in which people make wardrobe-boats to sail around in out of the leftovers of our society.  Yep, seriously.  Oh, and also swordmasters and arranged marriages and pirates.  And politics.  So all of that.  That is also on Wattpad and on Amazon.

Islands is in Kindle Unlimited at the moment, as are it’s serial pieces, if you happen to subscribe to that and would like to try!

They’re both also on here, in part, if you use your google-fu, but no-one ever looked and it’s a nuisance to update them, so I, um, stopped.  Since no-one noticed.  So go use Wattpad because that’s easier for everyone!

So those two are the books.


There’s some older stories here, that turn up as a collection of three as an ebook some places…

The Prince of Fey
A Mote, Amidst a Tide of Darkness

There’s also some other shorter stuff that are kind of meant to be funny, like…

Reductionist Fantasy Novel
Full Moon
The Shortest Time Travel Story Ever
Time Travel Drabble
Offering the World
Also, slightly smuttier, is Peta and the Wolf.

And also, kind-of quite a lot smuttier, but also mostly a joke, FSM tentacle porn stories one and two!

Oh, and also, the older stories sometimes have covers as Trevelyan Cooper, because you’re supposed to use a male pen name for fantasy to be taken seriously, and um…  it’s a magnificent name.  That’s the actual reason.  And here’s a blog post from ages ago explaining, kind of.


Update: if you really, really don’t want to know about the smut, but want to see the SFF, there’s tags and categories for this.  Yay!  So there’s a SF tag, a Fantasy tag, and a SF/Fantasy category that will probably work.  There’s also a clean tag and category that should just show you the non-smut.  But that means clean like no smut, so there’s still swearing and iffy content maybe.  And thank you again for looking, and I’m sorry I can’t do more to sanitize things.  I really do want you to stay though!

Also, the ebook is Imperiata and Other Stories, with a fancy cover and everything, and you can find that at Wattpad, or Smashwords, or DriveThruRPG, or the other places like Kobo, I assume. These are all short stories, all are free forever.