Story of the Week(ish)

I’ll put shorter short stories up here, as I write them. Because I feel guilty asking you to pay for shorter things.  Or weirder things.  So here you go. These will eventually end up in a collection of their own.  Probably.  Maybe.  One day.

Update: It did!

And yes, I didn’t quite think this through.  Because if there’s going to be more than one, there kind of needs to be an index page.  So this is it.  And yes it is starting to get out of hand.  And also yes, then I also kind of started doing other things too, that don’t quite fit here, so for completeness, flash fiction here and stories that aren’t on wattpad are here, as well.  And now it’s really out of hand.

Also, with the books on Wattpad, Housemates starts here.

And the start of Evie’s Job is here.

Love Letters That Aren’t About Love is here.

Islands in the Sky is here.

The Debt Collectors War is here.

As Darkness Falls is here, but this isn’t smut.

Anyways.  This is all the stories-of-the-weekish, in reverse-newness order, so the newest at top for people coming back.

And everything here is gxg except where it says [bxg] beside it!  Complicated!


Watching the (Women’s) World Cup (Again)

Watching the (Women’s) World Cup

Valentine’s Day


Hotel Work-Outs

Catch Me if You Can

Looking Good Even When No-one Cares


Anonymous part 2

Crushing on Doctors

Tupperware Party


A Night for Natalie

Not-Sex on Not-Dates

Bridesmaid Duties

Buying Petrol

Inhaling Death


Ironic Games

Shopping for Kinky Things

Skateboards and Gowns

Buying Cars



Labels and Toys

After Work

San Fermin



Holidays in the Sun [bxg]

Sharing Amber [bxg]

Wingmen, also a graphic novel.

Size Doesn’t Matter [bxg]

Autofellatio [bxg]

Date Night [bxg]

Lauren Gaming

Comforting Friends [bxg-ish]

An Unfortunate Mistake [bxg-ish]

Old Friends and Speeding Tickets

Inappropriate Nudity [bxg]

Pick-ups and Helping Hands [bxg]

Erin’s Birthday

The Massage Guy [bxg]

The Washing Machine [bxg]

Suburbia [bxg]

In the Woods

Erin’s Anniversary

How to Hit on a Bartender  [bxg]


Making Up [bxg]

Shoes [bxg]

Erin stories in the correct order:


Erin’s Anniversary

Erin’s Birthday

Lauren Gaming

And also, again, flash fiction here and graphic novels here, in case you missed that up the top.   Oh, and this page and Flash and stories that aren’t on Wattpad won’t double up, like things will be only on one of them, not all three, just because that’s too much effort and silly :)  That because I said this page is the complete list of everything, so I’ll try to make sure it so it is.

But to be clear.  Read everything at Wattpad.  Read the Not on Wattpad stories.   Then go to the other website.  Look at this page if you’re worried about content.  Then that’s all of it, including the books!