The GxG and BxG Rules

Um, I’ve been trying to kind-of say this without saying it, and I think it’s all just getting more complicated.

So I shall now be clear.

Anything new that goes up on Wattpad, or which is on the pages here, or here, is safe for people who only want to read girlxgirl.  This includes all the new novels, at the moment.

But please be aware that those pages, and also Wattpad, do have some bxg or whatever stuff on them, because that was what I used to write more of, and it’s a bit too complicated to move it all.  So if that’s going to bother you, Wattpad has a list of which is what here.  But everything on the first page of Wattpad is safe.  And here, on this website, on the pages here and here, the older things on those pages are now marked with [bxg] if they are.  And I think I’ve done all of them, but someone say if I’ve missed something.  But I don’t think I did.  So anything not marked [bxg] should be safe, and absolutely, all the new stuff will be safe.

Oh, and there’s two pages of stories because one is longer short stories and one is flash fic stories, is why.

Anyways, so other than that, all the boyxgirl stuff or groups that include men or more obviously bi stuff or whatever is on this page on the website, and only there.  And dudes are only on that page, for the new stuff.

And safe means only women having sex, basically, although sometimes they may have male friends or whatever, and some are obviously implied to have been with men in the past, so maybe with the odd comparison or whatever, but nothing is actually depicted, and especially nothing sexy.

So hopefully that’s all clear and now I never need to talk about this again!  Because I’d really, really rather not get into why and why not and whether this is a good idea.  Just, some people care, and I get why they do, so we’ll do it this way, okays?

Thank you :)