Twitter Poems

Um, so I’ve been writing little poems on twitter, which means they can’t be more than 140 characters, so they’re like haiku or something but with different rules!  Yay I guess!


Twitter Poem

I wrote a little poem
for my twitter place
I thought I had something really important to say
but no, I just ran out of spa…



Your stubble is scratchy
under my tongue,
wet with the taste of you.
I lick, impatient,
you whisper
“slow down.”


I lie beside you and can’t sleep
I listen to your breathing
you sigh
you whisper
I press my face against your back and inhale your scent


Valentine’s Day 1

Hey dude where’s my flowers
You promised them last week
We said we’d buy each other stuff
And be little Valentine’s freaks

Valentine’s Day 2

I meant to buy you chocolates
I meant to buy you flowers
It doesn’t actually matter though
Cause you still make my heart go wows



In the bath
you sit
watching me

Wet and bare
slippery with bubbles
you reach towards me
Or perhaps just towards your wine


The air is hot,
listlessly thick,
impossible to breathe.
You lie on the bed, barely dressed,
barely awake,
but I want you.

More Valentines

Roses are actually spiky
violets are purple not blue
not that it really matters
‘cause I still rather like you