So yep, I found out about writing stuff on Twitter, and now I have several Twitter accounts, so this might get confusing…

@TessTheWriter is the main one, like for blog updates or whatever.

@AChickLitNovel is a twitternovel that’ll probably take forever to finish, but will eventually.  Jen takes her new girlfriend Mik to meet her daugher and stuff happens.  An archive of this is here.

@TessThePoet is for an ongoing twitter poem thingy, so like an epic poem from days of old, except in very short verses.  And about falling in love.  And possibly dirty, depending how twitter feel about that which I don’t know. So maybe not really like an epic poem from days of old.  An archive of this is here.

@TessMackenize is for 140-character flash fiction stories as I happen to think of them.  These probably don’t need an archive, since there’s nothing else on that account they’re self-contained.

Also, there’s weirdo poems I’ve been putting up on the main @TessTheWriter account, but those also go on Wattpad inside Sappho Made Me Do It, but there’s an archive page for these here too.

So there you go!