What I Write

So.  I write smut.  Usually.  Which is to say, I try to write slightly thinky, realistic, character-driven erotica.  That’s what I think I’m doing, anyway.  People do kinky stuff, but hopefully in the way real people might, when they’re having an especially good day.  There’s some stories about people in strong relationships trying new things, like bringing in new sex partners, and there’s some stories about relationships ending, too.  People change, and develop, and live their lives, and that’s tied into the sex they’re having.

So mostly its more literary or thinky or whatever, which you probably know by now anyway.  Which is to say, there tends to be a bit about, well, sex, but also a fair bit about where these people are having the sex, and why, and why right now of all times, and why especially with that particular person.  Instead of a whole lot about the sweaty wet dribbley mechanics, I mean.  So basically, I write about hope and desire and love and fears and about people finding themselves.  And that happens to be going on against a background of sex, rather than a background of spaceships or spy plots or falling in love with pirate dudes.

Um, I try not to describe the characters at all, because after a while, reading, I decided what happens is the author hits one wrong note and that makes the whole thing come to a screechy halt.  You give me a paragraph on exactly what the super-hot hottie looks like, and that’s wonderful, except how you like, say, ginger pubes and I really don’t, and then that’s all I can think about for the rest of the story.  It seems safer not to mention details at all, and then we can all get on with our imaginings in quiet satisfaction.  But if you really, really want to know what I actually think everyone looks like, you can look here, but I really don’t know if you should.

I also go on a bit about what words I use for people’s bits here, if you’re interested.  I’m mostly guessing what doesn’t seem too gross, so hopefully I don’t guess too wrong.  Because of, well, the hotties and pubes thing.

So also, I’m kind of shit at grammar and proof-reading, and I apologize for that.  I catch what I can, and fix mistakes when I see them, but I’m doing this all myself and copyediting really isn’t a strength.  So I’m sorry, and I am doing my best, and I will fix anything anyone tells me about, I promise.