What’s With the Weird Pricing and Free Stuff

So I’m trying to be a writer, and I’m also trying to work out a middle ground between being paid sometimes, and not being am asshole about being paid.  And also a middle ground between giving away stuff so people will try it out, and not making it too overwhelmingly hard for people to give me money if they really want to.

Basically. That’s what’s going on.

So this is like shareware and try-before-you-buy.  You haven’t heard of me, so fair enough you should get to read some stuff before you hand over money.  And also, some people might not have money, and it kind of sucks if you can’t read things because of that.

But please don’t feel you have to buy anything.  Like really don’t.  You can read everything here or Wattpad for free, and there’s no fuss with you doing that.  Just read if you want to, and get stories where you like, and I promise, I totally fucking promise, this is only meant to be the mildest of mild hints.  So a middle-ground between making it possible for you to buy a book if you want to, and not being a total dick about it.

So anyways.  That’s all that, about the big plan.

Thank you for looking!