Which Words I Use

I use the word cock a lot.  I don’t know why, but it seems like a better work than the other options.  I like the word fingered.  I like fuck as a word for fucking, and ass rather than butt, and I don’t really like any of the words for pussy, although that’s about the best, if pushed.  Instead I try and say he was inside her.

I’m tending towards tits for tits, or sometimes breasts.  I can’t think of any other word for them that isn’t like a slow-motion train wreck, and they don’t really get mentioned that often.  Usually only when someone looks at them, or they get semen on them.

I like the word semen, especially over spunk, man-juice, or cum.  I hate the word cum so much that I’m going to just say come and potentially have confusing sentences.

I’m from Australia, so they’re undies or underwear, thank you very fucking much.  I know of lot of you have panties on right now – or not, as the case may be – but where I’m from it’s undies, and panties is just this horrible, horrible cringe-word that instantly wrecks the mood.  I won’t say daks or swimmers though, because although you’ll work it out, it’ll just be confusing.

I say suck cock and blowjob because these aren’t elegant things to do, but I say people taste her (rather than tongue-fuck her clit until her eyes water) because that’s elegant.  Maybe it’s just me, but women should be elegant when things are done to them, even if the things they do to other people aren’t so much.

And everyone looks beautiful when they come, by the way.  No-one goes a funny shade of blotchy pink, or pants like a horny Chihuahua, or screeches as they get off.

I think mound is better than vulva, although I’m not that keen on either.  I’m not sure about the word clit, but there isn’t really anything else, so I assume you know what he’s licking and why she just came.  I’m also not sure about yoni, although I’m trying to like it.

I said perineum in one story because what the fuck else do you call it if that’s where someone’s tongue is.  I think blowing his load is a fucking brilliant phrase, but I’m trying not to use it because it seems a little abrupt.

I’m just mentioning this because these are the words I like, and you may not.  If reading cock rather than dick is an absolute horror, and you can’t get past it, do say so.  I’m new to this, and really am open to adjusting some of this stuff.  We can do a poll or something!

And when I say handcuffs, it sounds all metal and sharp-edged, even though they’re probably the cloth Velcro ones, being realistic.  Except saying her wrists were cuffed with Velcro thingys is a bit less sexy than her wrists were cuffed, so that’s what you get.

There you go.