Hey!  Thank you for looking at this!

And thank you for reading something too, which I imagine you probably did if you’re here in the first place haha!

Um, so I’m Tess and this is my website.  It mostly has lots and lots of short stories, which are mostly erotica.  Sometimes there’s actual blog posts too.  About, well, stuff.  Although actually, this is all becoming a bit less of a blog and more just, well, stories.  Which I suppose is nice if you’re here for stories!


So super quick summary to save people in a hurry some reading, there’s stories to read here and here and here, info about my books here, and about my collections of short stories here.  And that’s probably it for the vital information so go, have fun!


But also yay, if you’re still here reading.  And here’s some more waffling…

So I’m Tess and I write smut, and I have to say that because, well, it’s tradition now, never mind why.   So by smut, I mean I write erotic chick-lit, mostly about women hooking up with each other, like lesbian erotica or girlxgirl or lesfic or sometimes bi-fic about someone being with another woman for the first time, or whatever you want to call it.   And yes, sometimes this happens in shops.

And also, often I write about people in stable relationships or people who don’t want relationships at all, rather than actual, you know, beginning-of-the-love-story romance.  And I’m just saying that because I used to think I wrote romance, but lately it’s seeming like maybe not, and that maybe I find romance slightly difficult, and maybe I’d sometimes rather try and talk about more everyday things like trust and affection and sexiness between couples, instead of great once-in-a-lifetime loves.  Or at least, not the start of those loves, but instead, how that love is after months or years, rather than days.  But I’m still working this out so that might change.

So for now, though, think romancey, but sometimes after the usual romance finishes, like after the HFN, and about how they spend the rest of their lives together.  Um, if any of that makes sense?  So kind of romanticy, but also a bit different to what people usually mean by romance, so it seems like that needs saying.   Mainly because genres and shops and how I have to pick something, and so it seems like its more romance than anything else.  But maybe not quite.  So maybe think of it as chick-lit with love and sex and stuff, not romance.  But anyway, there’s a bit more explaining about all that here.

Anyways.  What else.

Um, mostly I write new things on Wattpad, and the new stuff is actually there, but I’m trying to keep this site updated too, so mostly everything should match.  Except that all the new novels get written on Wattpad, as in, posting chapters day-by-day until they’re done, and I’m sorry but it’s a lot of trouble to do that here too.  So those are only on Wattpad.  And also, everything ends up on Amazon and the other places too, eventually, if that’s easier for you, although I can get a little disorganized about that actually happening.

And also, and um, this is a bit tricky because labels and other dreary things, but I write both about women being with women and also about women being with men, and obviously that’s wonderful for me, but I get how some of you maybe particularly want one or the other, so I’m trying to keep them clearly separate for now.  So at the moment, anything about women together,  that’s on Wattpad, or here, or here.  And anything else other than that, like smut with dudes in it, or orgy smut, or whatever, is on this page on this website, and only here.  And dudes are only on that page, for the new stuff.  So if you want to avoid that, new things on wattpad are safe.

This is all explained properly here in actual words that make sense if you care, and sorry this is a bit vague but the whole thing weirds me a bit.  So yep.

Anyways, just quickly another aside to summarize all that…


TL;DR is new gxg stories are here and here or on Wattpad, new bxg stories are here, books are on Amazon and Smashwords.   Single one-off stories here and everywhere else are meant to be free, except where retailers make mistakes with prices, but anthology books and novels cost actual money!

And don’t look at this page if you don’t want men in your smut.  Basically.  But the NEW things going up here, here and at Wattpad are safe.


… and summarized, there you go!

Um, and now some other stuff, as it occurs to me…

So I’m Tess, and like it says, I write smut.  And here’s what I mean by smut, because people asked.  So um, mostly that.  So you probably found this because of how I do that, so again, thank you and I’m really grateful.  Like I’m totally, completely grateful that people out there are reading what I write, and for that just thank you a million times over.

So what’s here?  Well, here there are stories to read.  That’s probably the main thing.  That’s all of them, everything I wrote.  There is no short fiction being held back to make you try and pay, although those are on a few different shops and places and some have wrong prices, but if you see that, just try somewhere else.  Because basically, after trying different ways to do things, what I do now is put everything short here free when I first write it, and at Wattpad too, and then collect them into books later on.  And novels get written on Wattpad so you can read them day-by-day as they’re written, if you want to.

So that’s just completely confusing, right?  What?  Why?  Basically, I give all my short fiction away in the hope you might like it enough to buy something.  It’s terribly modern and post-internet and stuff.  Um, here’s more of an explanation.

And, well, that’s the stories.  There’s some other stuff around here too.   There’s a blog.  And also the blog without me talking about smut.  But still with swearing, sorry.  For reasons.  There’s the stories, like I said.  Um, there’s some DVD special features kind of stuff too, like a few deleted scenes, and explanations of why I write how I do, and also why I describe people how I do – or as the case may be, not – and other bits and pieces like that.  There’s  sort of notes on recent stories, and why they are how they are, and that kind of thing.  There a little more about me here.

So anyways.  That’s all that.  There you go and much shorter than it used to be!  Um, this is what it used to be :)  Oh, also I used to swear on here a lot, but now I don’t.  For reasons, I guess.  I said something about that here.

So yeah.  This is me and what I do.

Anyways, the main thing is just a big huge thank you for reading the stories, and thank you for looking at this, and I’m really, really grateful to all of you out there.  So now I’ll stop so you can go look at something more interesting, like stories!

Just, um, thank you heaps for being interested.  I’m really grateful.

Oh fuck it.  I’m really totally fucking grateful.  Just fucking thank you!

Tess x


Um, also, the older version of this page is a bit of a weird mess, with a lot of double-ups, saying most of this in different ways, which I’ve left up here just because it’s always been here and its a nice tradition, but it’s kind of a mess because I wrote it this way right at the start and before I had any idea how to write something like this.  But tradition!   So yep, if you care!